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Topic History of: DEPOSIT REFUND

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17 Jan 2018 15:17 #456


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I have not yet approved your post for reasons I will explain when we speak.
Please email your phone number and I will call you :kiss:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
21 Dec 2017 17:42 #455

Niall McGuigan

's Avatar

My story is a little different but I would like to share it if possible.
I attended the optical express clinic in Belfast and was told I needed surgery to one eye, but prior to surgery I would need to take part in a contact lens trial which I agreed.
I returned for the lens trial and was told I would have to pay the £1900 up front at the start of the trial which I found strange as they did not know if I was a suitable candidate.
After a few days I went back and the results were poor and I decided myself that my vision would be impaired with the surgery so I decided against it. That was early November and as of tonight 21/12/17 I have still received no refund. When I call they said 28 days, then it was 28 working days and when that deadline passed they just tell me they will be in touch. So I would advise anyone to stay well clear.
admin: If no refund by the end of today, send email and I will help you :kiss: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
16 Nov 2017 17:24 #454

Andy T

's Avatar

£535 just appeared in my bank today.
No email from OE. No phone call from OE. Just the same silence.
I make that 53 days from cancelling, or 39 working days.
They did pay the £35 court fee for the Money Claim Online but have decided to ignore the request for interest.
What a way to do business !!
admin: Fyi, go back to your Money Claim, click on the claim number and you will see an option to request Judgement for the outstanding interest.
There is no additional fee for this :kiss:
No matter how small the amount, bear in mind that the interest is the reason OE hang on to your deposit for as long as possible, so why shouldn't you do the same?
15 Nov 2017 12:40 #453

Andy T

's Avatar

This is where I am now at :-

25/09/17 - Paid £500 deposit.
27/09/17 - Found OERML and then cancelled surgery.

No confirmation from OE that my deposit would be refunded.

27/10/17 - Emailed Stephen Hannan asking when I would get my £500 refund. No response.
01/11/17 - Issued Money Claim Online = £500 + £35 court fee + 0.08% Interest
13/11/17 - Sent a copy of the Money Claim to Stephen Hannan by email. No response.
15/11/17 - Money Claim Online status shows as 'Issued'. But no response from OE at all.

In short - I paid a deposit, cancelled the contract, contract says I get my deposit back. OE is withholding my money and not communicating.

Bad business practice - and bad manners to boot.

I will post this on Social Media to warn others!
26 Oct 2017 22:24 #452

Andy T.

's Avatar

In short, on 25 September I paid £500 deposit… then found OERML site and cancelled 2 days later on 27 September. Now waiting for deposit to be refunded, but I’ve only had verbal confirmation that I cancelled. Happy for the money to turn up on the day but don't want it to over-run with all that it entails if it can be avoided
Anything I should do now?
Andy T
admin: OE's in house solicitors are apparently sick/on leave/quit and their emails diverted to Tweedles, so skip the middle man and contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ask him for confirmation of your cancellation and the date your refund will be processed.

Tell him that if you do not receive this info by return then you will issue a money claim online without further notice.

Contact me for details should you need them :kiss:
14 Oct 2017 18:14 #451


admin's Avatar

Optical Express have a new scam :kiss:

Theresa T issued a Money Claim Online (MCOL), and on the day OE were deemed to have been served with the claim they called and asked for her credit card details to refund her £500 deposit.

But even though Teresa had received her copy, OE claimed that they had not received anything from the court, and refused to pay her court fee!

Teresa emailed Tweedledum and received this response from Trainee Solicitor Rebecca O’Hear, 'I confirm that Optical Express has not received notification of any claim raised by you.'

OE can get away with this lie (as I allege it to be) because the court sends out letters via regular mail, not requiring a signature for proof of delivery.

Anyone issuing a MCOL therefore must be sure to scan/photo your court copy and email to OE the day you receive it!

Although she can now issue a CCJ for the unpaid court fee, don't get caught out as Teresa was!

Avoid engaging in any phone conversation with OE reps, and do NOT provide credit card details until they have confirmed in writing that they are refunding your deposit, plus 0.8% interest, AND the court fee!

OE's in-house solicitor David Magee has left (as I predicted he would in August when I met him at the GOC hearing for John Margetts), as it seems has his colleague Aimee Watson, emails to both bouncing back as undeliverable.

Any legal correspondence should now be sent to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (In-house solicitor)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Legal Support Assistant)

Also copy Tweedledum in, as I expect he'll be there until the OE ship sinks!
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Meanwhile, this is an extract from Rebecca O’Hear's email to Teresa.

'The cancellation policy, as set out within the Terms and Conditions document, states:

"Cancellation policy
a. If you cancel a booking for treatment within seven days of making your booking, we will refund all amounts you have paid.
b. If you cancel a booking for treatment more than seven days after making the booking, we will take the minimum deposit from any money you have paid, before returning the rest of the money to you.
c. We will set the amount of the minimum deposit at the time of your consultation.
d. If, for any reason, we have to cancel a booking for treatment and we cannot offer you an alternative booking in either the clinic of your choice or a different location, we will refund your minimum deposit.
e. If, following a consultation with one of our refractive surgeons, you cannot go ahead with your treatment for any clinical reason; we will refund all amounts you have paid, except for any refractive surgeon appointment fee.*
f. We will pay all refunds within 28 working days.”

You agreed to be bound by these terms by paying the deposit for surgery.'

* In my opinion this contradicts OE's advertised 'FREE
Consultation'! Regardless of which, when you are heavily pressured to pay a deposit, if you have not read the T&Cs before doing so you cannot be bound by them.
**I took legal advice from Counsel on this a few months ago and was assured that it would not stand up in court.

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