In January 2012 I launched My Beautiful Eyes Campaign, calling for the UK government to regulate the refractive eye surgery industry.
This resulted in a surprisingly high number of people asking for my advice, and so I set up MBE Foundation, a patient advocacy service...

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19 Jun 2013 17:01 #61 by Robin
I cannot help but feel let down by my Optical Express " experienced ophthalmic surgeon" who I held in such high regard. I am trying to reconcile myself to the fact that he is unable to provide the detailed care and attention for his patients in the way that a Consultant Led Clinic can. There must be a massive opportunity to develop a Consultant Led Centre in Scotland.
19 Jun 2013 14:42 #62 by adversary
What is the legal sanction for falsification of medical records?

I have irrefutable evidence that my records have been altered retrospectively.Why would Optical Express want to do this other than for the reason they had something to hide?
18 Jun 2013 20:29 - 18 Jun 2013 21:57 #63 by admin
In depth information about OE's scam will be posted on the Blog in a few weeks time.

Meanwhile Stephen Hannan is busily employed churning out countless emails (probably in his sleep too) in response to the ever increasing numbers of unhappy patients who've lost confidence in OE's surgeons.

Invariably he states, "Due to you currently being under the care of the clinicians at Optical Express and the fact we can facilitate a consultation with an experienced Ophthalmic Surgeon we respectfully decline your request for a paid referral to..."

He ignores the fact that every one of these patients suffers problems only BECAUSE they trusted an OE "experienced Ophthalmic Surgeon"
06 Jun 2013 23:23 - 18 Jun 2013 20:23 #64 by Nick
FYI and from what I can recall,

The missing posts related to the fact that, somebody suing one of the OE chains that was placed into administration was settled by another branch that has not been placed into administration, how nice of OE.

Then I posted, as it has been suggested to me:

If OE are placing themselves into administration to avoid potential legal action then you have the option of going after THEIR INSURANCE COMPANY.
15 May 2013 22:45 - 15 May 2013 23:02 #65 by admin
If you are suffering problems following eye surgery at Optical Express please contact OERML or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Countless damaged patients across the UK and Ireland are already taking legal action against Optical Express with the numbers increasing every day!

Don't be put off by the consent form you signed - or by OE employees Stephen Hannan & David Mungall's bullying tactics!

If Optical Express left you with problems they ARE accountable no matter how hard they try and persuade you otherwise!

DO NOT sign anything David Mungall may send offering a refund without contacting My Beautiful Eyes free advisory service before doing so!

You may be about to sign away all your rights with no recourse if you have further problems.
17 Feb 2013 20:31 #66 by Adversary
Hi Poppy
I believe that OE have changed the consent form recently but I presume that there will be a statement to the effect that if you have any questions re your treatment you should "ask your Surgeon BEFORE signing this form". HOw can you do this when you are required to sign it before you are let anywhere near him/her?
In the few minutes (seconds? ) which you had with your surgeon before your procedure were you given the opportunity to ask questions.Did he even review or discuss with you your consent form? Did he tell you anything about MMC ; for example did he tell you that it was UNLICENSED; did he tell you that it was HIGHLY TOXIC; did he discuss with you the potentially harmful side effects; did he tell you that the use of MMC was under a lot of discussion in the refractive surgery 'industry'; did he tell you why he thought it necessary to use it in your particular case??? The list goes on. Just read the GMC guidelines on prescription of drugs and informed consent , as reproduced on this forum topic and ask yourself whether you gave INFORMED CONSENT for your surgery?????

Interestingly the same consent doc probably (if its the same as mine) tells you that you should read it (ignoring the fact that you were probably quite nervous when you were presented with it MINUTES before surgery) in conjunction with the information documents AND EXPLANATIONS PROVIDED DIRING YOUR CONSULTATION PROCESS .......

17 Feb 2013 19:08 #67 by Poppy
MMC is mentioned on the Consent Form that I was PUSHED into signing minutes before the surgery.
17 Feb 2013 19:07 #68 by Adversary
Sorry Poppy....there's also the GMC. Surgeons are required to register with he GMC and so are bound by their guidelines. They will be fully aware of the GMCs guidelines regarding patient care including INFORMED CONSENT for procedures/drugs.

Particularly, although not exclusively by any means, the administration of MMC without consent is something which the GMC 'might be interested in'.

I presume the OPTOMs have professional indemnity insurance. They are required to abide by the guidelines of the GOC as regards performing their duties in he interest of he patients. I would suggest that OE OPTOMs could be falling short here.
17 Feb 2013 18:49 #69 by Adversary
Hi Poppy
Clearly there are Surgeons who are at fault and I think that there may be more than one avenue : clinical negligence or possibly criminal assault.
Did you have MMC without consenting to it ?
Is ill ring you.
17 Feb 2013 18:43 #70 by Poppy
Due to the unethical and unscrupulous tactics of OE does anyone have any view on suing the surgeon as an alternative to OE Ltd?
The Consent Form clearly states that the decision to perform surgery is made SOLELY by the surgeon following a detailed examination and discussion. I certainly did not have either.
I saw the appointment book and patients were booked at 15 minute intervals. Hardly allowing time for either an exam or discussion.
Is it easier to go after an individual?

OERML & My Beautiful Eyes Foundation rely on your support to expose the horrors of this unregulated industry.

Your help is very much appreciated!

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