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EBAY ADS!! 13 Apr 2013 13:45 #11

  • Kali
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Details on Optimax Ruined My Life

These Ebay lsitings need to be exposed on OERML too!


"I would be happy to answer any questions you have about this offer or about eye laser surgery: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 07984579458"

Off piste contact 31 Mar 2013 12:20 #12

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A number of people have expressed their interest in actively protesting and of course it's not something we want to broadcast to the industry in advance. :angry:

Therefore, if you want to join the pro active campaign group please email with your details, including tel number.

Please also send an email if there's anyone posting here you'd like to contact in person and your details will be passed on to them.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Nick
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If you want to put a bigger dent into the Optical Express and Optimax trade, then we could consider an organised flyer campaign.

Produce a decent flyer, then in pairs simply stand outside branches up and down the country and hand them to customers entering the premises. Simple and effective, most sitting in the waiting rooms have never heard of this site, or Sasha, and believe these places have their best interests at heart and trust everything the Optoms tell them.

If you need to seek permission from the Police before hand, so be it.

Obviously surgery days would be best and I'm proud to say I've educated and alerted a few naive souls to the real risks during my time in waiting rooms.


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If they weren't selling a potentially life changing surgical procedure, you could almost grudgingly admire OEs refer a friend voucher scheme. The scheme works by offering vouchers to surgery customers - or anyone prepared to sell them whether OE employees or Joe Bloggs who wants to make a quick buck. When a patient books surgery using the vouchers, he/she receives a discount of £250 and the 'friend' who refers them receives a similar amount.
The description of the scheme as 'refer a friend' suggests some kind of link between the voucher donor and recipient and also suggests that the voucher is given by Optical Express to the donor following surgery as a thank you and to pass on to a 'friend, or 'family member' as an endorsement of their satisfaction with the surgery received.
Ebay is littered with OE money off vouchers. OE are playing on people's' greed to do their marketing and recruitment for them., a clever, low cost ploy because they would offer these discounts anyway!
I have come across one seller on ebay - staceyjo2011 - who has several vouchers listed. The interesting, and quite alarming, observation is that he/she sold 14 vouchers in the space of less than one month between 8/2/13 and 5/3/13. Presumably a large percentage of these purchasers would have been intending to go ahead with surgery, otherwise there would be no point in making the purchase : but if just 50% went ahead to book the surgery then staceyjo2011 would stand to earn £1750!!!
If this was Double Glazing, I don't think there would be the level of concerns....but this is eye surgery!!
OE recently have been advertising 30% off surgery, 50% off surgery and Half Price surgery. The irony for anyone purchasing money off vouchers is that they could well be paying MORE because the other offers most likely offer better savings!!!
So by using their 'unwitting employees' OE are actually saving money