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20 Mar 2019 09:48 #4

Past patient

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Have you had any updates on reviews of this surgeon?
admin: Please email me with more detail as I don't understand the point of your question :kiss:
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22 Sep 2018 14:28 #3


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Catch up - originally posted 7 Sept!

Founded in 1899, world renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital has a reputation second to none :kiss:

But to be clear, I am referring to Moorfields NHS, not Moorfields Private!

I am regularly contacted by people wanting advice when they’re considering eye surgery, and I do my utmost to dissuade then from risking their healthy eyes, explaining that I will NEVER recommend these procedures for any reason other than being the only option to prevent blindness, or for treatment of cataracts.

And sometimes the response is, ‘But Moorfields is OK isn’t it?'

Then I have to explain that Moorfields Private should not be confused with Moorfields NHS, an oft made mistake, not least because the majority of surgeons use NHS email addresses in their private practices.

'As Moorfields Private (MP) is the UK-based private patient division of Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (MEH), we only provide services to consultants whose NHS practice is based on MEH.'

'These consultants are employed by MEH in respect of their NHS practice, but with respect to their private practice, they are self-employed practitioners who see and
treat patients under the terms of the MP Practicing Privileges policy

Julian Stevens has long been revered as one of Moorfields’ top surgeons, as he's blurbed on his own website, 'Mr Stevens is a highly skilled and specialist surgeon... highly driven to achieve the best possible visual outcomes… regarded as an expert opinion leader…


Unfortunately, not all of Julian’s patients would agree with these accolades, including Ms L, who I accompanied to her meeting with Declan Flanagan and Maria Dimmock on 8 August to discuss her complaint (posted in General Chat Topic).

Ms L has a number of problems as a result of lasek in 2014, including induced astigmatism and dry eye disease. And nor is she the only one of Julian’s patients who's contacted me over the years complaining about serious dry eyes post op.

I met Julian Stevens for the first time in 2014, when I accompanied another of his patients to a meeting. But Julian was more concerned with impressing me than addressing the patient’s problems. He also arranged for that patient’s GP to refer her to his NHS clinic rather than continue to fund the cost of treating her privately!

These two paragraphs are from Julian's 8 page ‘LASEK Consent 2013’, the only info Ms L had about MMC pre surgery.

Page 3, para 2: ‘Mitomycin C 0.02% may be applied to the cornea after the refractive laser treatment. This is a powerful agent that has been shown to greatly reduce the risk of post-operative scarring in the treated region. For this reason it is widely used. This medication is commonly applied for 10-15 seconds but for very large treatments this may be up to 45 seconds. It is then irrigated from the treated region. Though it is a powerful agent to prevent corneal scarring its use is very carefully controlled to avoid potential toxicity and long-term complication. Studies have documented safety with 3 year follow-up but very long term safety is unknown.’

Wow - ‘long term safety is unknown’!

Page 6 paragraph 2: ’I understand that LASEK treatment is a modern form of surface excimer laser photorefractive keratectomy and involves removal of a thin layer of tissue from the cornea.. The longest follow up of PRK treatment is 20 years. The very long-term effects of this treatment are not yet definitely known and this particularly applies where Mitomycin-C is used per op to control post op wound healing.'

At no time did Julian Stevens convey any of this info to Ms L in person, and even when she'd read it through, and asked for time to discuss it with him on the day of surgery, she was refused.

And until I told her, Ms L had no idea that MMC is not licensed for use in laser eye surgery.

Ms L was not fully consented!

Btw, a recent Confocal microscopy scan showed that Ms L has been left with damaged nerves as result of the surgery.

For the time being Ms L has asked not to be identified by name, as there is more to her story still to come.

Meanwhile, next week I look forward to meeting with Moorfields CEO, David Probert, and the new Medical Director, Nick Strouthidis, Declan’s successor.

Given the numbers of patients damaged by the private sector, and forced to seek expensive aftercare at Moorfields NHS, I hope to gain their support for My Beautiful Eyes campaign calling for government regulation.
09 Apr 2018 06:47 #2


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I had the displeasure of dealing with this idiot once before, OE sent me to him in an apparent attempt to find a fix for my eyes that were completely botched at OE, I found Julian Stevens to be one of the most arrogant and uncaring individuals I've ever come across, he's just a horrid piece of work really, it's no surprise he told me my issue was basic under-correction, obviously trying to hide the fact that OE had completely ruined my eyes and could not be fixed, but then he wouldn't want to tell the truth I suppose and bite the hand that feeds, OE did pay for the appointment after all.

Luckily I've never seen him since, I never will either, he really is just an awful excuse for a human being.
05 Apr 2018 11:52 #1

Julian Stevens Damaged Patient

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I had laser eye surgery with Mr Julian Stevens at Moorfields Private* and now have induced astigmatism and dry eye disease.

Julian Stevens carries out laser vision correction surgery on patients with anxiety/depression in their medical background, and then, when they develop dry eye disease, he claims that their "psychiatric disease" is what has caused their symptoms. At least this was his response to me and I'm guessing it is his standard response to complaints when patients who have anxiety/depression anywhere in their history end up with dry eye disease. He says the depression exacerbates the perception of dryness and that this is based on studies. He even says that the actual "tears" of a depressed person can also cause dry eye after surgery and that this also is based on studies (correspondence to be uploaded soon)!!!.

He does not tell you this before the surgery obviously, only afterwards (at least this was so in my case). On the contrary, in my initial consultation he said the fact that I was on a particular anti-depressant medication was a good reason to proceed with surgery even though I had dry eyes!!!

This could be considered highly unethical practice but Julian Stevens would not worry about this as he well knows that, the industry being unregulated, any surgeon can easily get away with permanently damaging patients' eyes on a regular basis and attributing it to other causes (and charging approx £2000 per eye for the privilege).

This is just one example of the multitude of highly dubious, if not criminal, techniques that ophthalmic surgeons employ on a large scale to negate responsibility for an inherently harmful procedure. And damaged patients have no recourse.
admin: *Not to be confused with Moorfields NHS Hospital :kiss:
30 Mar 2018 00:46 #0


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AVOID. AVOID. AVOID. I had Lasek surgery with Julian Stevens on one of my healthy eyes. I now have induced astigmatism, severe dryness, irritation, and photophobia in that eye. In addition to this, the whole service was absolutely appalling and below a decent standard in many respects. Before doing the surgery, he told me I had dry eyes, but said he was not worried about this and would go ahead anyway. Since then, he has tried to blame the bad result in my right eye on everything under the sun.

My GP refused to refer me on the NHS as he said the symptoms were clearly linked to the laser surgery and so I had to see the laser surgeon. So I was forced to pay Mr Stevens a further £350 for further appointments so he could look at the eye he had damaged!!!! He finally wrote a letter to my GP so I could be referred on the NHS.

It was truly a horrendous experience. I could tell from his whole attitude that he does not care about his patients. Will take your money and then abandon you when you have complications, and try to blame them on other things.

No one needs to pay good money to have this stress in their lives!