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21 Sep 2019 14:51 #31


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It seems I was too generous excusing Bobby Qureshi’s absence from the MPTS hearing on Wednesday (read previous post) 😎

I’d assumed that he was in Dubai - as I expect the tribunal members did too - so was shocked to hear that Dr Muhammad Qureshi had been spotted on Tuesday at The European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) Congress in Paris, presumably peddling his wares!

Notified soon after 2pm on Tuesday, Bobby could very comfortably have made it to Manchester in time for the hearing on Wednesday, with plenty of fast planes and trains from Paris to Manchester and/or London!

This was a deliberate snub, as I’m sure Bobby Q was in little doubt about his fate, with no intention of thanking the tribunal for striking him off the General Medical Council (GMC) register or talking to journalists (though none attended, with one texting me for info).

I was personally disappointed because, during a conversation over the MPTS coffee machine last week, Bobby had promised me a photo and short interview, when he also asked if I was aware of the jealousy and back stabbing amongst ophthalmic surgeons that he claims to have been a victim of for many years.

Indeed, after more than eight years talking to countless surgeons I am aware, not forgetting that I listened to Niall Patton, the GMC medical expert instructed in this case, wallow in his lucratively paid opportunity to bitch about a competitor for hours at a time - whilst telling a few porkies himself!

I have now published all 9 pages of the MPTS 'Determination On Sanction’ on OERML website forum: www.opticalexpressruinedmylife.co.uk/…/12541-gmc-ge…

21 Sep 2019 14:41 #30


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21 September: Since posting the above YouTube link yesterday, video has been removed.
Good to know the industry paying attention :kiss:
Let’s see how long this one lasts!

20 Sep 2019 16:25 #29


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17 Sep 2019 22:57 #28


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Newsflash re Dr Bobby Qureshi :kiss:

Tribunal determination handed down a short while ago, erasure from the Medical Register (struck off)!

Because the MPTS gave short notice (yesterday afternoon) that the decision would be handed down this morning, Bobby was unable to get here (Manchester) in time, and Mr Davies conveyed his apologies to the Tribunal.

Yet again, other than the legal teams, I was the only person who attended the hearing this morning, with no journalists present.

I will update with further details in due course.
13 Sep 2019 18:57 #27


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Mr Christopher Rose (not Mr Simon Jackson as expected) made submissions for the General Medical Council (GMC) this morning.*

To maintain public confidence in the profession, and due to Dr Qureshi's 'lack of insight and persistent dishonesty', he said that the only sanction proportionate in this case is one of erasure from the GMC register.

Bobby Qureshi was present, and will be again on Monday morning when Mr Russell Davies makes his submissions to the tribunal. After which the MPTS tribunal members will go back in camera to decide on sanctions, which will be handed down by the end of the week.

*I will add Mr Rose's submissions here next week :kiss:

Meanwhile, as I've posted before, I find it unfair that Dr Qureshi's colleagues, including Saj Khan and Scott Robbie, are not sharing the punishment as they did the profits from the operations they similarly performed at the London Eye Hospital!
12 Sep 2019 18:20 #26


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Decision handed down early this afternoon before the tribunal retired for the day :kiss:

The MPTS tribunal has decided that Dr Qureshi’s fitness to practise is impaired by reason of misconduct. It will now consider whether it is necessary to impose a sanction on his registration.’

And as I noted throughout the hearing, so many of the proven allegations reflect exactly what OE are doing!

Mr Russell Davies (BQ’s counsel) apologised on his client’s behalf for Dr Qureshi’s absence today, but assured the tribunal that he will attend tomorrow morning when submissions in response to the impairment decision will be made by Mr Simon Jackson, counsel for the GMC.

On Monday morning Mr Davies will make submissions on behalf of his client.

Following this, the tribunal will presumably go back in camera to discuss the sanctions stage, which could see Bobby Q struck off and unable to practise as a doctor in the UK.

Of course there’s a slim chance he could be suspended for a period of time - in the same way the General Optical Council suspended Optical Express optometrist John Margetts in 2017, after he was filmed lying by an undercover BBC TV journalist in 2015. (Search ‘OERML l Sasha Rodoy’ YouTube videos for BBC West broadcast.)

To be cont’d...