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Negative Dysphotopsia 23 Oct 2014 11:07 #221

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Hi Heather, I am also in the difficult situation of trying to decide whether it is worth the risk of an explant (not with OE!!).

i have seen a good surgeon (sasha can give you my details) but I don't know what to do. Luckily I found this website before I let OE give me YAG laser which they wanted to do. The surgeon didn't tell this is a no-no for an explant. WHY would he risk making a bad situation worse ?? Wish I'd found OERML before I let the surgeon Dimitri Kazakos near me.

Negative Dysphotopsia 23 Oct 2014 10:57 #222

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Thanks Robin.

I haven't had any laser carried out, does that mean that I may be lucky and find that an extraction would be easier to do?

I would appreciate opinions on their results from anyone else who has also had an explant and change of lenses.

Also - how do I find a good surgeon that I can trust (supposing that OE agree to pay for me to go externally)?

RLE explant of multifocal IOLs 22 Oct 2014 21:27 #223

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The potential for lens explant and further lens exchange after lens replacement was on my consent form so I am sure it must be on yours? No statistics were given however. This was made to sound really matter of fact and did not highlight any increased risk. Nor did it explain that should you have had a yag laser that the difficulty and potential problems/complications would be much greater.

If you have had yag laser I would argue that your surgery would be best carried out by a vitreo retinal expert not one of Optical Express's RLE surgeons. Horrible situation to be in. They will want to offer you "in house" initial attempt at lens explant. Ask to see evidence of individual O.E. Surgeons outcomes on undertaking lens explant and further exchange.

RLE explant of multifocal IOLs 22 Oct 2014 19:58 #224

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Hi. I have varifocal IOL, with all the complaints I see lots of you have: glare, halos, ghosting, lack of contrast, poor sight in dim lighting, internal "rings" with glittery edges... All experienced whilst being told I have 20/20 vision!

Following many repeat visits, trial of dry eye drops, trial of pupil restricting drops, trial of glasses... I think I'm next to be offered an extraction. BUT... I am terrified of giving OE the chance to do even more damage.

I am 53, had only mild eye problems at the time of treatment (10 mnths ago), was told I was too old for laser (and would almost certainly be getting cataracts in the future). I've learned (I think) that the problem is having big eyes, and thus big pupils (the very same eyes that were tested and measured when the treatment was offered and given). The pupil restricting drops didn't work though!

The advice I have is to avoid ANY non-essential eye treatment.

The question I have is: has anyone had any treatment to rectify the problems noted above?? Does extraction and changing to a different lens actually work?

Very grateful for any advice.

Many thanks. Heather

NHS no better than Optical Express? 16 Oct 2014 23:38 #225

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William wrote: The NHS don't want to know.

"AN investigation has been completed into a series of botched eye operations at Taunton’s Musgrove Park Hospital – but the report isn’t being made public.

Patients and key members of staff have been told that “a number of factors” led to an “unusually high level of complications” during dozens of cataract operations carried out by a private firm.

The boss of Vanguard Healthcare Solutions Ltd, which was hired to perform the operations to cut waiting lists, says no problems have been identified with the mobile theatre used.

Musgrove has refused to release the report into what went wrong to the County Gazette, citing “legal reasons.

But a lawyer chasing compensation claims for some of the 31 of 62 patients affected says it is in the public interest to know why so many people suffered blurred vision and swollen corneas leading to the need for follow up treatment in some cases.


"Cataract operations carried out at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton in May left some with blurred vision.

The procedures were carried out on 62 people in a mobile unit by by private provider Vanguard Healthcare. Twenty-five of them had a "normal recovery".

Ophthalmology staff voiced concerns but operations continued, the report says.
Musgrove Park Hospital had initially refused to release its internal report citing legal issues with its publication.

But it was released following a Freedom of Information Act request by the BBC

RLE Explant 16 Oct 2014 22:59 #226

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Just caught the very end of BBC Question Time with Jeremy Hunt!

If only the likes of Optical Express undertaking lens replacement surgery on patients without cataracts was helping the NHS save money?! These poor patients when left with difficulties like needing lens explants or/and vitrectomy are in no mans land!

The NHS don't want to know.

Negative Dysphotopsia 14 Oct 2014 20:33 #227

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Wow, Mr O'Brart!

When I demanded that OE pay for me to see an independent specialist "of my choice" David Mungall agreed and said he'd book an appt with David O'Brart. But Sasha had warned me they would try to send me to O'Brart because he won't say anything against OE, so I refused and insisted I wanted to see a surgeon of MY choice!

I won, but only after a lot of arguing with David Mungall, which I recorded!

I wonder if O'Brart would have told me OE had done a great job on my eyes?

Negative Dysphotopsia 13 Oct 2014 08:56 #228

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Had lens replacement 12 months ago and to cut a long story short have been left with permanent negative dysphotopsia (I see black brackets). Had a consultation with Jan Venter in August and after all tests he suggested having piggy back lenses inserted to block up any gap letting in the light.
He referred me to David O'Brart at St Thomas's in London for a second opinion.

I attended last Friday, and after extensive tests Mr O'Brart told me that in his opinion, and if he was my husband. he would advise me to leave well alone. He told me my sight is very good and that OE did a good job in his opinion, so why tempt fate and risk more problems by further tampering. In other words, I should be grateful for my sight and put up with the infliction!

Two 'experts', two different answers, now I am very confused!!

admin: www.eyeworld.org/article-uncovering-the-...egative-dysphotopsia

RLE Explant query 13 Oct 2014 07:13 #229

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Hello fellow OE victims!

I would appreciate any comments from anyone who has undergone an explant (removal and replacement of IOL). I have consulted with an independent specialist (funded by OE) who recommended I have the M plus lens removed and replaced with a superior model.

OE have yet to acknowledge whether they will pay for this, but I am really interested in hearing from anyone who was in the same situation regarding the outcome of the explant.

I would also like to hear about your experience of dealing with OE, did they pay for the explant without the need for legal action?

Thank you.

My Refractive Lens Exchange Experience: 14 Sep 2014 15:17 #230

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My first contact with Optical Express was in April 2012. The RLE was done by Prof Venter in November 2012. Surgery went OK but needed an ‘enhancement’. This was performed by Mr Manek Patel on 10/12/12, who was rude, rough and surly.

I attended the usual check ups and I eventually attended laser clinic for treatment on 6/4/13, waited nervously for hours, only to be told by the surgeon he was not willing to do it. He said he was not happy with the treatment planned and wanted me to try a different prescription. Alas, no notes had been made on their computers as to the lenses I had been using or tried so lens after lens were trialled even though I could tell immediately they were no good until on 24/7/13 the best one was found. More delays to laser treatment followed.

0/10/13 I again attended laser clinic for treatment by Mr Jonathan Carr who had assured me he would carry out the procedure. After more hours of waiting I was called in to see the surgeon who turned out to be Mr Stefen Klopper not Mr Carr as expected, he told me that they were unwilling to perform laser treatment on my left eye and I was then referred to Prof Venter for other options. He said my best treatment was to have a ‘piggy back lens which he assured me was a simple operation which he had performed countless times and only took a day to recover and if I didn’t get on with it then it was easily reversible.
I trusted him.

29/1/14 I attended their Westfield store for the op. He said it went well and I was given some drops and sent home. I hadn’t got far when I got a phone call saying come back immediately as they had forgotten to give me pills to keep the pressure down. We went straight back and got them then continued our journey home. I took the pills.

I felt fine until about 9.45 pm when I got a slight headache and went to bed. Overnight I was violently sick continuously, nothing on their post op info relating to this, so I presumed it was food poisoning.
I was due to go for my 24 hr check up the next day but was still being sick so phoned Harley St to tell them, they didn’t answer and the call was forwarded to HO. I explained to them that I had been vomiting all night and still was and I thought it must be food poisoning, so I could not attend my check up.

This rang no alarm bells with them and he just said ‘its important you attend as soon as you feel well enough’, which I said I would. The next day 31/1/14, we managed to get to Harley St using a taxi, where I was taken for pressure check and then for a sight check. I couldn’t even see the giant letters or how many fingers she was holding up.

She called a surgeon in and he said the pressure was too high to register on the ‘puff’ test and gave me some pills and sent me home.

At approx. 6.15pm my mobile rang, it was Prof Venter, he said I needed to go to Westfield immediately and he would hold the operating team there until I arrived. I had no choice but to get out of bed and go, I was very concerned.

After a nightmare journey we arrived there, Prof Venter checked my eye pressure which was 56 IOP. I was put on a saline drip to rehydrate. Prof Venter decided to punch holes in my iris to lower the pressure, I was so weak I could hardly keep upright. He did that and I returned the next morning when the Prof examined my eye and said they must get the pressure down more before taking out the piggy back lens. They set up another drip and I sat there shivering with my head in my hands feeling dreadful.

He took out the lens and I went home.

After 6 more visits to see Prof Venter I told him I had noticed I was seeing wavy lines and expressed my concern. No iris was visible still.

6/2/14 back to Harley St, Prof said eye looked healthy and was improving, told me to keep taking the pills and using the drops which I have done religiously throughout. He told me the iris would take months to come back if ever, but if it didn’t come back he could make a fake iris. More worry. I asked why the wavy lines and was told it may be the enlarged pupil

17/6/14 Harley St, IOP16. Eye test according to Prof is 20/20 with most suitable prescription whatever that is.

18/8/14 IOP 19 so OK. Prof says eye has not changed at all this time and he can do no more except try to correct the astigmatism by laser procedure, he has done it lots of times and can do it tomorrow at 8.00am if I like, no recovery time. He also said the right eye which had the RLE is showing signs of slight clouding on the back, this happens to 20 o/o of patients, and it will need a YAG laser treatment when it gets worse. All perfectly normal and run of the mill for him. But I am not willing to chance any more treatment from them as I have lost all trust.
I sent him and HO a list of questions. HO promised a reply in 10 days but have not responded.

I am left with a fixed iris, wavy lines in my vision and poor vision in dark and bright light. I have no further appointments.