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19 Feb 2021 13:28 #356


jnt's Avatar

I had multifocal eye surgery on 12/9/20 and it cost me £6090.00 but it as not work very well and now the surgeon said that I need them replaced with monifocal lens for safety. The cost of monofocal surgery is £3990.00 so will I be refund with the difference of £2100.00. I have now got a phone consultation on 25/2/21 to make an appointment for my replacement surgery.
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16 Jan 2021 09:54 #355

Paul robinson

's Avatar

Hi John
I have just read your blog and I am in the exact same situation and have surgery booked for next Tue. Did any one reply to you you have already had the second surgery. Thank you Paul
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08 Jan 2021 14:12 #354


Elliegrace's Avatar

I had lens replacement surgery 3 months ago at Optical Express Sheffield and over that time my sight has deteriorated to become worse than it was before surgery. I have also developed dry eyes and my eyes are sore and red all the time and despite a number of consultations with Optical Express and several different types of drops they are worse. I have halos when driving at night and I feel this surgery has ruined my sight and my eyes, I have insisted on seeing a consultant and have an appointment next week. I am worried that as my eyes are getting worse there will be very little they can do to correct this. I don't want to give to much more information in fear it may infringe any legal proceedings at this stage.
Any advise would be welcomed.
admin: Pls send your phone number :kiss:
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30 Nov 2020 10:56 #353


scantechnics's Avatar

Had a bifocal lens implant.... just over 18 months ago. followed by other correction in dec 19.
I could see far but had to where glasses to read.
The surgeon told me that I would be able to see short and long distance...and to jusy have one eye done, glad it was the one eye.
after 4 months I could read small print but my long distance was very blurred... more tests Eye examinations and told I need an enhancement, which in December 2019. this didn't make any difference.
After waiting months I decided to get a second opinion... which I was told I had slight pigment on the lens and needs removing (skin over the lens), and I need an enhancement just a small adjustment.
After contacting optical express they told me that I can have an appointment at Nottingham with the surgeon, however at a cost of £200, and another £750 to remove the skin.
I was totally disgusted when I have already paid over £3300 to have it done... I can’t believe I’ve got to pay that just to see the surgeon to have a slight alteration when it’s not right in the first place.
They told me I get only one year treatment, not sure where the 10 year after care went. so I have to pay the £750 or go to my doctor and ask about using the NHS to get it removed.
its been another 10 months where I have dry eyes and pain.

This is the last letter I sent, which haven't had a reply.

I want to make a formal Complaint regarding the customer care since my lens replacement, April 2019, followed by correction in December 2019.
After the surgery, Nadeem Aslam was looking after me with my appointments at Sheffield.
First want to make a complaint of his rude and negative brain washing when things wasn’t right.
If it wasn’t for me time after time telling him I had discomfort and very burly vision he wouldn’t have put me forward for the correction, instead telling me it’s the best we can do and nothing can be done.
This has been an ongoing problem from the beginning and because Nadeem was telling me nothing else can be done I had to get a second option, which I did in July 2020.
After the test I was told my vision has slight Rx in distance and PCO developing, and go back to Optical express to have it removed.
I think Nadeem lied to me and hid this from me when checking my eye, now I have been told I have to pay £750 to get this lag removed, by optical express.
So where is my 10 years you give, and the best care ever as advertised?
You leave me unwell and in pain, with the discomfort and skin forming over the lens.

Its took me 6 years to save for my eye lens replacement and now you don’t want to help me.
I also know that other people who had eye correction had the lag removed free within the 10 years.
Im still waiting
admin: I don't know if you've already contacted me, but if not :kiss:
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29 Oct 2020 07:13 #352


John's Avatar

Hi all
I’m new to this forum and my story and query maybe a bit long winded, for this I apologise. Hopefully you can get to the end and someone with experience can give me some advice.

I had Refractive Lens replacement in April and May 2014. Initially I was happy with the result and accepted the halos and loss of distance caused by the procedure, that they warn us about. However over the years my vision has steadily grown worse resulting me struggling in the dark, and a constant blur effect as though I am looking through what may described as a smoke effect, like a light fog around the subject I am looking at. I went to my own optician last year and they suggested that the lens were fogging and a simple laser treatment should clean the lens. However that didn’t work. I then contacted Optical Express and had a consultancy with one of their specialists, a Dr Alex George. He informed me at the time that Optical Express had used what may be classed as faulty lens in their procedure and offered me a free reverse operation but advised that due to the laser treatment it could result in losing my sight. He then gave me a large document to sign, effectively removing any liability from Optical Express for either the faulty lens or the potential permanent damage to my eyes if something should go wrong with the reversal procedure.
I have spoken with a couple of solicitors that I found online who have looked at this for other clients and basically they have said that if I go for the reversal I will most certainly revert back to wearing glasses as all clients of theirs suffered this. They also said that there is no class action against Optical Express at the moment and Optical Express are accepting zero liability. This would result in me personally taking action against Optical Express which will be expensive and very long winded.

I have been chasing Optical Express for about 6 months to try to speak with somebody regarding my concerns but to no avail until recently where I have again received an offer of the reverse procedure providing I sign a document completely absolving them of all responsibility and as a final settlement. I have to reply within 28 days and have the procedure by the end of January 2021 otherwise their offer is withdrawn. This doesn’t seem fair and is totally lacking in any empathy with the risk I am taking or the fairness of the situation.

So as I understand it,Optical Express have had my money and implanted faulty lenses. They are offering a reverse procedure in which I have am forced to sign a waiver removing any liability from themselves. I will then end up wearing glasses and probably poorer long distance sight, so I am worse off that when I started. They aren’t even offering me my money back for the first faulty procedures.

I am wondering, looking at the numbers of unhappy patients, is there any class action against Optical Express or can you advise of anything I might need to understand before I make a decision on my next move.

Can anyone advice if they have had “corrective surgery” due to faulty lens implants please.did it work, did you have further problems are you better off immediately before the surgery, are you better off than before you had the original surgery? I have been offered this at no risk to OE as I have to sign away their liability. I’m worried I could lose my sight if the second operation goes wrong.

Again sorry for the length of the post 😋

admin: Pls check response to your email :kiss:
26 Oct 2020 18:28 #351

Siobhan Whitfield

's Avatar

Optical Express need to be STOPPED!!!
I had lens replacement surgery in February 2020 and I was made aware that there was a possible risk of slight night-time glare, halo's and starlights. I was NOT told that this would render me unable to drive at night-time and what definitely wasn't told to me was the fact that these starlights affect me DURING THE DAY!! Any reflection from the sun on objects or any kind of lights cause visual disturbance throughout the day. To me it feels like my lens is scratched and/or needs a clean however one of their 'top' surgeons told me the lens are 100% accurate and that it is my brain not adapting that's the problem! I'm so grateful to have found this site, Sasha and everyone on the MBEF Facebook group as I no longer feel alone and like a complete idiot for believing that everything would be ok. I'm so disappointed in myself for paying out £6500 to have my eyes ruined by these cowboys.
If you are reading this because you are considering having the lens replacement - PLEASE DON'T DO IT.
I often wondered why I was asked about my mental health at the initial appointment and that's because the problems I am having are really getting me down and it's a daily battle to think even a little bit positive.
I hope this post saves not just one but lots of people from suffering like I do.