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My poor wifes eyes 20 Feb 2018 15:54 #41

  • Deboarh
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Andrew wrote: Recently my wife had lens replacement on the 10th March 2017 at the immense cost of £6,600.00, done at the Westfield Centre Shepheards Bush. She hasn't been able to drive for the last month as her sight is now well below the driving standard, also because of the strain on her eyes it is causing headaches etc... the consultant told her not to drive obviously and advised that she could get some glasses that way she may be able to drive but optical express would not cover the cost for that and she should go to specsavers as it would be cheaper!!! I am starting to feel like that every appointment we go to we are just being given excuses fobbed off and turned away for a few more weeks! I cant express in words how much I regret doing this and how guilty and responsible I feel that I actually paid for this to be done to her, it is a nightmare and I do well up inside whenever I think about her poor eyes, I just hope and pray that I can find someone who can fix this mess!!

Sorry to hear about your wife, I had a consultation Saturday and am thinking of getting it done. They told us if there need any laser tweeks it is included in the cost and that they would correct anything that went wrong. Bit scared now. not sure what to do. Good luck to your wife.

Disaster surgery 05 Feb 2018 22:42 #42

  • Virginia
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I had my surgery August 2914, biggest mistake. The first eye was successful, the second wasn’t right from the start, I feel as if there’s something in my eye constantly, also had a lot of huge floaters which impaired my vision, went back and fore for about 12 months then insisted on seeing an independent specialist. That’s another story.
Since my vision has got worse, it’s like looking through thick fog with my right eye.
Told on my last optician appointment the lense is not fitted straight.
Has anyone else experienced similar and is there anything that can be done.

Saying It From The Heart 09 Jan 2018 21:12 #43

  • Guy From North Wales
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Can I say thank you to those of you that have replied, sometimes you can read stuff and think how can they get away with all this. We live in a country where so much stuff is questioned under wether its politically correct and yet here is a company getting people to sign with no idea what they are signing because they are so carried away with this idea of better vision, the quality of the establishments that yes most of us get dragged in. But this isnt our nails or bigger breasts, its not cosmetic this is one of the most important things our vision. So for me some replies have really really helped and I can see I am not alone and indeed reading through the forum can actually see I am probably quite lucky.

Claire Foley I am going to try the doctors, mainly because I have psoriasis which is also stress related and this isnt in anyones interest the fact I am worried about my vision and losing one eye sight and not being able to drive. I went private rather then asking the NHS so now it has gone wrong I am not going to be proud but ask for help.

Thank you as well admin for your reply, my email address is [edit] this is a great forum
admin: Not a good idea to publish personal email addresses on forum.
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Lens exchange by Dimitris Kazakos 06 Jan 2018 06:51 #44

  • Russ3376
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Procedure: Bilateral Monofocal Intraocular Lenses
Surgeon: Dimitris Kazakos (Westfields Branch OE)
Optometrist; Abha Devani (Reading Branch OE)

I had lens replacement surgery in 2016, as a police officer I thought it appropriate to replace my spectacles by having this procedure. Since then my near vision has deteriorated and reading prescription getting worse, my driving ability at night is so bad (glare and haloes) I have to get other officers to drive. When it rains the glare prevents me from driving. This was not explained verbally to me nor was a reading prescription. My night vision is shocking to say the least which is not good in my line of work! I have serious trouble seeing certain coloured writing on certain coloured backgrounds. My eyes are constantly tired and puffy.
I have contacted OE and received a letter from Stephen Hannan throwing my signed contract back in my face and providing me with copies! They state that they have dealt with the case satisfactorily and consider it closed, and then recommend that I book a consultation at £50 to £150 a go...
I don't want money back I just want the lifetime care that they promised but not at the cost they wish to charge.
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Saying It From The Heart 05 Jan 2018 09:30 #45

  • Claire Foley
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Guy from North Wales

Don't despair. I had RLE in Dec 2013 and was blighted by blurs and haloes until Jan 2017, when Mr Peter Constable, an eminent and superby qualified surgeon (for me, the best surgeon in the world but don't tell Dr Duck as he thinks he holds the title!) replaced the OE lens with a nice new one on the NHS. No more blurs!!!!

I wear glasses and effectively I'm back where I started, but in a far far better place now the 'cling film' lens OE implanted has been removed and replaced.

Oh, and OE settled my legal claim!

Refractive Lens Exchange - Oh no it isn't! 04 Jan 2018 19:59 #46

  • Angela
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I had the same surgeon! [Julian Stevens @ Moorfields Private]

My op in June 2011 - YAG lasered both, no good as both calcified. Replaced only the right, took a year of back n forth, lasered twice, one LASIK to correct astigmatism. Still have the original defective calcified lens in left eye and no hope of exchange or continuing care.

Saying It From The Heart 28 Dec 2017 18:38 #47

  • Guy From North Wales
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I am pleased to have found this forum so I can share what has simply been 3 years of sadness even though I was so hopeful and much of the feedback you will see is praise because at the beginning it is similar to a miracle.

My story began in late 2014 when I researched Optical Express and saw total praise, I went to the Liverpool One shop and wow what an amazing place, I was learning what it was like to go private, wow. It was explained to me that much like dirty old window my eye lens had both seen better times and would be replaced with an artificial ones. £4190 this would cost but we can have a goodwill discount so just pay £3771, although because you cant drive and then after each op you need to go back to the shop in reality it cost nearer £5000.

The clinic again first class, returning to the shop first class, everything was amazing which is why I stupidly told so many people of how amazing this miracle was. Now we fast forward only 3 years to the month and anyone thats looked through the lens at a dirty telescope will know the blur I can see, I have to close my left eye to read with my right, it is so so dissapointing and is not going to get better it is going to get worse. At least before I could get glasses to improve my reading vision now nothing can clean the inside of this lens, which I would like to remove so I can have that clean vision back.

I am just speaking here as a normal every day person, I just want anyone considering of spending such a massive sum of money to consider that these people are going to do your vision, something that is so important, glasses are cosmetic you may not want to wear them BUT if it means you can see then thats priceless. I dont know where I will go from here this is the first forum I have come across after searching on a search engine, but if I can stop as many people from feeling as sad as I do right now then that is the answer, it has been a Christmas of total worry, I dont have cash for repairs and will probably have to see a local optician for their advice, if I lose my eyesight I then lose my driving, please everyone just think it through.
admin: Email your phone number if you would like help/advice :kiss:
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Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) 14 Dec 2017 13:38 #48

  • George
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Hi all - I had my surgery at Westfields, Shepherds Bush in December 2014. I was 50 years old at the time and was told that the surgery would remove the need for two pairs of glasses and would also take care of any future issues with cataracts. I was told that it was very low risk and that the success rates were extremely high.

I suffered greatly with my nigh time vision to the extent I had to stop driving for several months . I was complaining about halos, glare and other issues around how my eyes dealt with lights in the dark. The time for recovery kept extending. I was told 3 months there would be an improvement, then 6 months, 18 months until finally the two year “care period” ended. They then lost all interest in me and told me that I would have to pay for any further consultations!

I called and eventually wrote to head office who simply sent me back a copy of the consent form that had I signed pointing out I accepted that there were risks and therefore I was no longer their problem! If I wanted further help it would be at my expense even though at no point had I indicated that I was happy with the results and that they were seeing me regularly to try and understand what had gone wrong!

I have had further deterioration in the last year since I stopped seeing anyone at OE. I am struggling with reading and now have to use off the shelf reading glasses and my nigh time vision is very erratic. The latest incident, where cars beams were like massive lasers pointing skywards frightened me enough into seeking medical help. I have an appointment at Moorfields Eye Hospital next Tuesday where I am hoping they can advise me on what I can do.

I would never recommend anyone using Optical Express – unprofessional, greedy and unethical in their approach and after care.

Déja vu... 05 Dec 2017 23:59 #49

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Conversation with recent Optical Express lens exchange patient Charanjit Sandhar Patel.
If happy with results then it begs the question, what lead her to seek out OERML :kiss:

Visit OERML Facebook page for more...

Bubbles in my lens 12 Oct 2017 17:09 #50

  • Patty
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Peter Renwick wrote: I went back in September 2016 to get a top up of laser surgery on my left eye and now they are telling me i have bubbles on the right lens, and there is nothing they can do about it.

My name is Patty your story is identical to my mum's except she hasn't gotten the Laser but they've suggested it!

I want to know how you are? If there's been some improvement or you have had success in another form of treatment.

I'm sorry for you pain I understand my mama is going through the same it's debilitating! And so life changing! My heart goes out to you. A