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26 Oct 2020 18:28 #350

Siobhan Whitfield

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Optical Express need to be STOPPED!!!
I had lens replacement surgery in February 2020 and I was made aware that there was a possible risk of slight night-time glare, halo's and starlights. I was NOT told that this would render me unable to drive at night-time and what definitely wasn't told to me was the fact that these starlights affect me DURING THE DAY!! Any reflection from the sun on objects or any kind of lights cause visual disturbance throughout the day. To me it feels like my lens is scratched and/or needs a clean however one of their 'top' surgeons told me the lens are 100% accurate and that it is my brain not adapting that's the problem! I'm so grateful to have found this site, Sasha and everyone on the MBEF Facebook group as I no longer feel alone and like a complete idiot for believing that everything would be ok. I'm so disappointed in myself for paying out £6500 to have my eyes ruined by these cowboys.
If you are reading this because you are considering having the lens replacement - PLEASE DON'T DO IT.
I often wondered why I was asked about my mental health at the initial appointment and that's because the problems I am having are really getting me down and it's a daily battle to think even a little bit positive.
I hope this post saves not just one but lots of people from suffering like I do.
07 Aug 2020 13:47 #349


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Whenever I think I've heard it all, I discover that I can still be shocked by the behaviour of the refractive surgery industry, especially Optical Express, with 'the largest network of private clinics in the UK and Ireland’ - for now :kiss:

Yesterday I was contacted by Ms L, persuaded by a greedy OE sales person, aka ‘refractive technician’, and an unethical optometrist (both paid commission for the sale) to undergo lens exchange two weeks ago - at the age of 44!!

'For many people, lens replacement (sometimes known as refractive lens exchange) is the most practical option to improve their vision. It’s most effective for patients who are AGED 45 OR OVER.’

Contradicted on another page:
'Lens surgery, which can correct and overcome a distance prescription, aid intermediate or near vision across a range of tasks or treat a cataract, is often a better option than laser eye surgery for people OVER THE AGE OF 40. Our skilled and experienced clinicians are well placed to recommend the best procedure for you.’

Yet according to The Royal College of Ophthalmologists:
'If you are OVER 50 YEARS OF AGE and have a glasses prescription higher than the normal range for laser eye surgery, you are likely to be suitable for RLE.’

Bad enough that this woman was too young, with only a pre op -3.25 distance prescription and +1.25 close up, but what’s even worse is that Optical Express surgeon, Dr Aasheet Desai, inserted the WRONG lenses, with a prescription meant for someone else, which suggests a second patient was also fitted with the wrong lenses!

Not forgetting the General Medical Council (GMC)and General Optical Council, one for Care Quality Commission to check out methinks, and - in my humble lay person’s opinion - a slam dunk medical negligence claim!

Meanwhile, Optical Express were desperate to get this woman back in for explants today and tomorrow - performed by Dr Aasheet Desai, who has apparently performed only 10 explants in his entire career!

Explant surgery is highly skilled, not as simple as swapping brake discs on a car, and certainly not to be trusted to a man who fitted the wrong lenses in the first place!

I texted David Moulsdale yesterday afternoon, and told him to make sure these ops were cancelled, that he shouldn't be allowing Dr Aasheet Desai to operate on anyone's eyes until this has been investigated.

I spoke with Ms L and her partner at length, who then spoke with an OE patient also damaged by lens exchange, better able to advise her than I am, and she finally decided to cancel herself…

However, when I called this morning to let her know that last night I spoke with two surgeons highly experienced in this field (each with way more than 10 successful explants under their belts!), both willing to perform the ops next week, Ms L did not answer, nor reply to my emails, suggesting that Optical Express persuaded her to ignore my advice.

And this is the OE consent form Ms L will have to sign if she goes ahead with these ops (the first in less than an hour as I write this) absolving OE from any responsibility hereon:

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10 Feb 2020 17:23 #348


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Hi i am having trouble with Optical Express now I had multi focal lens replacement in April 2019 all seemed well at first then in may I had a vitreous syneresis in my left eye it looked like a detached retina, that has not got any better and every time i move my left eye i get this large opaque film move across , also I to cant drive at night as the halos are so large and bright ( they told me they would go in a few weeks) they are worse if anything also now i have a ghosting on vertical things in my vision so im not happy at all I keep phoning them but cant get to speak to anyone medical I have emailed the clinical team but no reply i'm at my wits end.
09 Feb 2020 10:06 #347


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These are quotes regarding cataract ops (procedurally same as RLE/NLR) from US ophthalmologist Tim Root's Ophthobook : 1 - "Who decides?
Ultimately, it’s your patient’s decision whether to have surgery. In an ideal world without operative complications everyone should have cataract surgery as soon as the vision drops to 20/25. Unfortunately, bad things can happen in surgery, and patients have to decide if they’re vision is affecting their life enough to take the risk of surgery. Our job is to educate and inform our patients about these risks and about their surgical options." It is absolutely scandalous that patients are aggressively sold RLE/NLR ops when removing and replacing the eye's own lens is risky enough for medically essential cataract ops, let alone purely refractive ones! : 2 - "Conclusion: Cataract surgery is not easy
Almost every ophthalmologist performs cataract surgery, so there is a tendency to view this as a simple procedure that only takes a few minutes. Some cataract cowboys are able to perform an extraction in ten minutes and may even downplay the risk." I wouldn't be surprised if there are cowboy surgeons who perform the WHOLE RLE/NLR procedure in less than 10 minutes! timroot.com/cataract/
08 Feb 2020 07:16 #346


Walki's Avatar

I am new to this forum and can see that there is a lot to read. I had intraocular sense fitted by Optical Express in 2013. All has been fine until now when suddenly my right eye seems blurry when watching TV and I am getting headaches above that eye.

I went to a normal opticians and had an eyesight and she said both my eyes had changed prescription, she also mentioned that I have cells growing behind my lens due to it not being cleared of cells when I had my surgery. I contacted Optical Express about my eyesight and they told me I would have to pay £75 for an appointment, Is this correct and has anyone else had this happen?
18 Jan 2020 22:05 #345


30391d43714a8d37bdef1febc41f5110's Avatar

Hi vma1977 I suffered retina detachment recently too all because of the lying and incompetent staff at Optical Express. They ignored all warnings about my eyes to get me to pay my money for surgeries. Anyone reading this please save your eyes don't go near them and get lured by their lying sales pitches by medical staff and optoms.

I am still struggling with the state of my eyesight because nothing can be done to stabilise it or reduce negative effects of their “state of the art” sh*t lens they put in .

They claim they are world leading eye experts but honestly don't have a clue when things go wrong, they don't care about checking for anything .They fool you into thinking the lenses will fix everything . and never tell you about any risks - nothing to do with training, they ignore it all deliberately then wave a consent form at you when things go wrong. Unscrupulous ruthless money grabbing bastards the lot of them who would sell their own mothers.

Scary so many poor victims suffering Retinal Detachments and other serious problems caused by these fraudsters.