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TOPIC: Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE/NLR)

Where to start? 14 Feb 2015 16:05 #131

  • Elaine Hartley
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Hi Everyone,

Thank goodness I have found this forum.I was beginning to feel desperate and alone in my dilemma with OE.

I had MPlus X Lens Replacement Surgery three and a half months ago and OE say I need further surgery... maybe laser, maybe piggyback lens?! I don't think i can trust them with any more surgery.

I have problems with distance vision and severe sensitivity to light which i now understand is a condition called Photophobia also affecting my reading ability - I paid £3500 for this nightmare.

Thanks to Sasha for pointing me in the right direction. Lets get this sorted guys.

Mplus X Lens problems 12 Feb 2015 18:05 #132

  • Anonymous
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Unfortunately they tell everyone there are no problems before surgery, and those of us left with serious vision defects are 1 in 100 or even 1 in 200. They have nothing better to offer and once you have your natural lens removed you are on a slippery slope if you need further surgery.

It's sad and unjust that these people are profiting from others misery.

Mplus X Lens problems 12 Feb 2015 15:41 #133

  • Steve Sutton
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In September '14 I paid £5000 to have replacement lens surgery in both my eyes using the latest Mplus X lens. I have a friend who had surgery a year earlier and she was very pleased with the outcome, but she did not have the Mplus X lens. Her experience, along with the video I watched from OE at my original consultation, convinced me I should have the surgery.

After the first surgery on my weaker eye sadly I didn't experience the'wow' factor that my friend talked about. In fact it was quite the opposite. Although my very near sight had improved significantly my mid to long distance was poor and blurred. Also there was a lot of shadowing and halos etc.

The following week I was supposed to have the surgery on my stronger left eye, but when I told the surgeon I wasn't happy with the outcome of the first, he said, almost immediately, he would order a different lens instead of the Mplus X for the left eye. This took about another six weeks and I had the left eye surgery in early November.

Again, there was no 'wow' factor.

From September until now I have repeatedly complained to OE, but have been fobbed off with the same message: "it's just your brain taking time to adjust...".

There are 3 options I see that are open to me:
1. Have corrective laser surgery in one or both of my eyes.
2. Have the MPlus X lens removed and replaced with a different model
3. Don't do anything and put up with the blurriness etc.

I am going to see the surgeon again this weekend but frankly I don't know what to do for the better.

Cataract surgery is delicate AND invasive! 08 Feb 2015 14:49 #134

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A warning to anyone considering lens exchange (RLE/NLR).

This is in fact cataract surgery, sold by Optical Express (and others) to people without cataracts!

Listen to eye surgeon Dr Laura De Benito explain the delicate nature of cataract surgery @ 2.08 minutes: “(cataract surgery) looks straightforward, but actually, and I think that’s a bit the surgeons fault that we’ve given that idea to the patient that this is like nothing, and many patients come here as if they’re going to go have their nails done or something, and it’s actually an extremely delicate surgery.

So many thousands of people have been left with irreparable damage to their eyes after being persuaded by Optical Express sales staff to have perfectly healthy lenses removed and replaced with bits of plastic!

NB: Optoms and 'refractive technicians' receive higher commission rates for lens replacement sales than they do for laser!

If you’re one of the lucky ones who has found OERML before undergoing unnecessary eye surgery (laser or lens exchange), please heed the warnings, because too many others weren’t so lucky and desperately wish they could turn the clock back - including me!

More info here: www.theguardian.com/society/2015/jan/03/...-clinic-faces-claims :kiss:
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What isn't laser lens surgery?! 07 Feb 2015 00:06 #135

  • Robin
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The wording has been changed but the "non-invasive" adjective remains describing the femtosecond laser technology.

"All Laser Natural Lens Replacement Surgery is a method of performing your treatment which encompasses sophisticated non-invasive femtosecond laser technology."

If the femtosecond laser technology utilised was "non-invasive" it would be incapable of creating an opening in the front of the lens or of breaking up the natural lens prior to the ultrasonic removal of this lens material, before insertion of an artificial lens implant.

Femtosecond laser assisted lens procedures may offer a more refined method of lens surgery but the description of "non-invasive" is highly misleading and conveys the idea that this is a completely risk free procedure which it is not.

RLE nightmare! 30 Jan 2015 13:35 #136

  • Pat McGuire
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15 May 2013: My first RLE surgery appointment was at Optical Express Giffnock clinic.
16 May: I attended East Kilbride clinic for a checkup with the optom (Clare) who was quite happy with the surgery no problems.
22 May: My second surgery at Optical Express Giffnock clinic.
23 May: Clare told me there was some pressure at the back of my right eye, but this was normal after surgery and she would monitor it over the next few weeks.
6 June: The pressure had gone down and Clare said all would be fine but if any problems call back at the clinic any time.
26 June: I attended the East Kilbride clinic, as my eyes where very sore and runny, and light sensitive. Colin Berry checked my eyes and told me this was normal after surgery and would take time to settle down. He gave me more dry eye drops and told me to avoid bright light. This was June, and even in Scotland the light is bright at that time of year!
8 July: I had to phone Optical Express main branch in Renfield Street Glasgow for an appointment as my eyes were no better and I wanted someone more experienced to have a look at them, I was seen by an optometrist called Samantha Knight who did an eye check and found no problem. When I complained further she spoke to one of the surgeons and he agreed to have a digital scan of both eyes. The results showed pressure and inflammation behind both eyes. I was given Diomox tablets and more drops, Acular and Maxidex. They told me they would monitor me over the next few weeks.
11 July: A further scan at Renfield Street clinic, where I was seen by an optometrist called Vicky. This time the reading was down to 420 (not sure what this means) they were pleased with this and told me to return next week.
18 July: Another scan. The reading was down to 330, Vicky did a full eye checkup and things were going well. I was told to stay on the medication.
and asked to complete a customer survey on a computer. I did not have much good to say on that.
21 July: Another scan at Renfield Street clinic, as my eyes had flared up, watering, sore and unable to view daylight without sunglasses. Up to 520 I was given new drops, FML suspension, and more diomox tablets.

By this time I was totally frustrated by my treatment and losing time off work.

29 July: Back to Renfield Street clinic, by which time my medication was finished and my eyes had calmed a little. I was still very sensitive to daylight but with the use of dark glasses I could keep it under control. The scan showed a slight improvement and I was told to use the drops but the tablets where no longer required.
4 August: Another scan at Renfield Street clinic, as my eyes had flared up again. This showed an increase on pressure at the back of my eye sockets. I was given more Diamox tablets, which were very unpleasant to take with some mild side effects, tingling of the fingers and toes, and a general out of sorts feeling.
12 August: Checkup with Samantha Knight. A scan showed a decrease to under 300. I was told to stay on the Acular drops and the tablets were not required. She could not give me a reason for the repeated flare ups. just said that after surgery some people have some slight problems but given a little time it would be sorted out, and it may require some secondary laser treatment after the area had calmed down.
25 August: Saw an optom named Brian. He said I did not require a scan and gave me a puff test, advised I stay off the Diamox and use only Maxidex drops for a further week and we would see how thing where doing.
30 August: Checkup with optometrist Bernadette. Another scan and the results were left eye 329, right eye 311, pressure up again, advised to start on Diamox tablets again and given Acular drops x 4 per day and Maxidex drops x 4 per day.

By this time my patience had run out and I asked for an appointment to see a consultant. I was told this would be arranged for my next visit.

6 September: I returned to Renfield Street clinic and was introduced to Derek Hannan from Edinburgh who was described as the Senior Clinical Care Manager. We had a short discussion, then he asked if he could take an eye scan, told me to wait outside and he would call me.

I did not see the scan results as was the normal procedure, I was called into a consulting room and Derek gave my eyes the once over. I was not impressed with his manner as he was arrogant and abrupt. He told me I no longer needed the tablets but keep taking the drops and make a further appointment for the 13 September.

13 September: Another scan and the person asked me to wait outside as the results had to be faxed through to Stephen Hannan who would contact me very soon. Then she gave me 7 x Diomox capsules SR250. About one hour later on my way home Steven Hannan called and told me not to take the Diomox tablets as prescribed, but to take only one tablet halved.

20 September: Another scan by optometrist Jill, showing the pressure down from the last scan. I told her my Diomox tablets were finished and she told me to use only the Maxidex and Acular drops.

I asked if under the circumstances would they supply a pair of transition lens glasses as I was going on holiday in a few weeks. She contacted Stephen Hannan and he gave permission for me collect the following week.

I was again asked to complete a customer Questionnaire, which I did, highlighting the problems I was having and how unhappy I was with the lack of care I was receiving.

27 September: Another scan with optometrist Samantha Knight, showing the pressure down again. I was given extra drops to last over the holiday and collected my transition glasses.
13 October: Another scan with optometrist Samantha Knight, and the reading was still down. I informed Samantha my eyes were feeling a little better than they had, she asked me to continue with the drops meantime and she would contact Stephen Hannan and see if reducing the drops was advisable, she said she would give me a call soon.
26 October: Another scan with optometrist Lisa Webb, and the pressure was holding down. I told Lisa my eyes were not right but better than they were last month and hoped for a improvement over time, she advised to reduce the drops by half.
7 November: Another scan and check up with optom Lisa Webb. I explained that I was a bit happier with my eye sight but very concerned about the light sensitivity which was not getting any better. She said the right eye was up by three point from last time, but not a concern at this time.

She said she would contact Stephen Hannan and ask what could be done about the light sensitivity and that I should continue with the drops until further notice.

8 November: Lisa Webb called to say she had spoken to Dr David Teenan who had advised I should come off all drops and tablets and go back to Optical Express in two weeks.
20 November: Scanned by optom Neil and the results were promising, still down, Neil told me to stay off medication and return in four weeks.

Around this time I had gone to my GP and explained my situation. She contacted the local hospital and arranged an appointment with a surgeon at the Hairmyres Hospital ophthalmology clinic in East Kilbride.

27 November: Check up with optometrist Lisa Webb, condition improved but not cured. I explained my GP had asked for a letter to outline my condition. Lisa spoke to Dr Teenan and he gave me a hand written letter with my eye test results before and after treatment.

His letter states I had episodes of bilateral cystoid edema but no issue now, it also states monovision set up R distance, L near. I have copies of this letter and of my eye scan that day.

18 December: I attended an appointment at Hairmyres Hospital. I was given a scan and the consultant explained with this type of surgery there was some risk, and sometimes the lens does not sit flat, or some scarring causes a problem which can sometimes be sorted by laser treatment, and this would be his course if I wished him to do the treatment. or I could go back and let Optical Express do it. I opted for the latter.
20 December: Check up with optom Samantha Knight, the pressure seemed to be Ok, my eyes not right but better than before,.I was told Dr Teenan would arrange for laser treatment early in the New Year and I would receive a letter soon.
12 March 2014: Letter confirming appointment at the new 200 St Vincent Street Glasqow clinic on Tuesday 18 March '14.
18 March ’14: I attended the appointment at St Vincent Street clinic where an assistant gave me a simple eye check and asked me to wait to see the consultant.
Later I was taken to Dr Teenan’s consulting room and he told me would use a laser to flatten the lens and this would correct my sight after a few pops. He handed me some drops and told me I would not have to come back and showed me the way out.

I was lost for words he was so arrogant and unhelpful.

After again asking my GP to refer me to Hairmyres Ophthalmology clinic I have since had a scan and am awaiting an appointment in March.

I was not aware that I had attended OE so many times until I wrote this! It has highlighted to me what I have been through over the last 20 months, and things are still not right.

Sasha, I wish you all the luck in the world with your quest as no one should be asked to pay for being assaulted and abused. If I can be of any help please let me know.

Oculentis hiding the truth! 29 Jan 2015 14:21 #137

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Oculentis have still to update their news page with the latest facts :kiss:


Oculentis MPlus lenses complaints 29 Jan 2015 13:41 #138

  • Disgruntled
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The consent form I signed in 2012 actually states another brand of multi-focal lens, Tecnis, no mention of Mplus. The only mention of MPlus lenses is in the patient info folder. Why not on the form I signed? The consent form states "the multi-focal lenses may not be a good option for those who do detailed close work". I was never questioned by OE on this, but they were aware my job is based around close work using power machinery at close range and quality of sight for this is essential for safety and accuracy.

Once I realised OE were fobbing me off, I wrote to Oculentis in May '13, detailing my symptoms and unacceptable level of poor vision along with all the visual disturbances. They did reply, apologising for the inconvenience caused and explained that the side effects are due to the multifocal design. There was no mention of reporting my complaint to the MHRA and I have not heard from them since.

When phoning surgeon’s offices trying to find someone to correct me, I was told by Julian Stevens' practice manager from Moorfields, that he refuses to use the MPlus +3 which OE used for me, due to very high failure rates, but uses the MPlus +1.5 as it has a lower failure rate.

In 2013 I googled problems re MPlus and found just a few forum posts slating them, from patients with symptoms similar to mine, but I couldn’t find much from surgeons.

Oculentis & MHRA Guidelines 29 Jan 2015 10:48 #139

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Oculentis should have reported the problems they are aware of to the MHRA :kiss:


Email to Oculentis CEO Ben Wanders 28 Jan 2015 09:32 #140

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admin wrote: I invited them to meet with me, and complaining RLE patients, to discuss the issue.

Email to Oculentis CEO, sent yesterday - copied to concerned parties :kiss: