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Dimitris Kazakos 20 Jan 2015 11:06 #151

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Bobby, your post below is typical of what to expect from Dimitri Kazakos.

Several months after my surgery, in a meeting with Kazakos with me explaining the extremely poor
unacceptable level of vision he had left me with, he said “you look like you are looking for someone to blame

That is a disgusting way to speak to a patient, but does not surprise me however, as after tests and telling him my eye was blurred, he told me "we have just tested your vision and it's 20/20 "

Then he said “I told you there was a trade off”! He never said anything of the sort or I would have cancelled my op and ran a mile.

That's Optical Express for you, push as many through surgery as they can to line their pockets and when (as in my case) you won't accept that your vision is wonderful you get letter after letter telling you that you were warned of the risks.

The letters and emails I have received from Stephen Hannan are full of total LIES!!!

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) 18 Jan 2015 12:45 #152

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After reading the recent posts from Darren brookes and Janet I felt I had to post. I really feel for you both and all the other poor people in the same boat.

I too had the misfortune of unpleasant times with Dimitri Kazakos. He did my surgery and left me the same as you describe and I could only achieve clear vision if I tilted my head towards the floor and but looked up to the ceiling as it were with my eyes. So odd that OE must keep hearing the same issues from so many patients (victims), but do nothing to prevent future issues.

Several months after surgery in a meeting with Kazakos and me explaining the extremely poor unacceptable level of vision he had left me with, he said “you look like you are looking for someone to blame”. I told him without stating the obvious, that I had perfect, clear, undisturbed vision with glasses prior to him touching me. Now I was 6/20 +/- with glare halos starbursts and blurred vision, you work it out.

If Kazakos and OE are going to take on the responsibility of advising a patient their take on which surgery is best for them and choosing the option on behalf of the patient, if things go wrong they should grow some balls and take responsibility for their actions.

No one seems to know the true figures of OE’s failure rate, but if we believed it is only 1% and you are one of those, why do they toss you to one side? If they were admitting that it is unfortunate that you have a poor outcome, BUT were bending over backwards to put you right whatever the cost, and they would do their utmost to correct your vision, perhaps it would be easier to accept. Because OE act in the manner they do, all they show is denial that their problems exist.

Stephen Hannan told me over the phone “Dimitri Kazakos was an extremely highly regarded and professional eye surgeon” I replied I could not see him like that, he was all blurred!

MPlus MF30 4 weeks post op 18 Jan 2015 10:27 #153

  • should have stayed at specsavers
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I do hope your vision improves, mine hasn't and it has been nearly 2 years. I did ask the woman at Specsavers about being able to see crystal clear when I tilt my head right back, no halos, or blurred vision. She told me that I was still looking through my bits of plastic lenses. I don't agree with her and she sat on the fence regarding Optical Express.
They all seem to stick together.
Optical Express and Hitachi Finance are the best double act in history. I emailed Hitachi and got a letter from OE, email OE, no reply from them but got an email from Hitachi.

MPlus MF30 4 weeks post op 17 Jan 2015 19:00 #154

  • Darren brookes
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Can i ask the Forum readers for comments?

I am 4 weeks post op with MPlus MF30 lens. I can hardly see at night, in the house I cannot make out faces, focus on the TV, my life feels ruined!

I have written to Optical Express and spoken to them, and they've told me I have to wait, it's early days... but get this - if my eyes are still healing why do I get perfectly clear vision if I tilt my head backwards and look through the bottom of my eyes

Totally distraught with this situation!!

Lens Implant ID 17 Jan 2015 18:41 #155

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When asked, some Optical Express staff have told patients that they don't have a copy of their lens ID card, or are unable to access it.

They may not have the plastic card itself, but the information is legally required to be noted on your records - easily retrievable, and MUST be given to you on request.

Details of the lens model can be given over the phone while an actual copy can be sent via email. NB: There should be no payment demanded for this information.

The implant ID below shows what it is you are asking for. This patient had MPlus MF30 lens fitted in both eyes.

Please contact me if you have problems obtaining your information :kiss: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

RLE = car sales! 15 Jan 2015 15:53 #156

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An unhappy RLE patient recently attended OE's Harley Street Complex Cases clinic and asked for the ID card for their implanted lens, not provided after surgery.

At the end of a turbulent meeting, Dimitris Kazokos told the patient that he would ask Head Office to provide a copy of the “sticky”, which shows the ID number.

He told the patient: ”...in the same way that you buy a car there is a number there"!

It’s official! Optical Express sell eye surgery like used cars :kiss:

Complex cases clinic in Harley Sreet 14 Jan 2015 21:01 #157

  • Janet
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My story starts with a routine eye test at Specsavers in August 2013 where I was told I had early stages of cataracts. A couple of weeks later I was discussing my eye test with a girlfriend who'd had lens replacement and she told me about the procedure. My friend was still in the early stages of recovery and being told all was well and normal. She has since had problems!

Around that time, and quite coincidentally, I received a text from Optical Express advertising free consultations for laser treatment. As I didn't really know the difference between laser and lens replacement, I responded to the text, received a phone call and booked an appointment with Optical Express in Cambridge. This is where I was told I would never have to wear glasses again or worry about cataracts following lens replacement and that I would get discount if I paid £500 deposit and booked an appointment with Harley Street that day. I did not think it was a risky procedure, after all cataract surgery is performed regularly within the NHS, I was just having mine done earlier. I booked for Harley Street.

What I wouldn't do now to still need glasses and be on an NHS waiting list for cataract surgery!
From the start I had ghosting, glare, mistiness, visual distortion and despite being advised by OE that these symptoms would settle down in time once the brain got used to the new lenses, the symptoms are getting worse. I now have cells at the back of the lens causing blurring and I can no longer read an eye chart. (never a problem before)

YAG was offered and I duly visited Harley Street for this treatment. However once the procedure was explained and I discussed my problems with the optometrist, YAG was not for me. So from August 2014 until January 2015 I have waited, pleaded, cried and shouted to get in front of my surgeon to discuss the "way forward".

Needless to say I am no further forward. I still haven't seen my surgeon only a rather aggressive 'front' man, Dimitri Kazakos, who made me feel that it is my fault things are wrong as "(my) expectations were too high", Also, as he could not access my patient notes how could he discuss the way forward?

I should mention that the people with appointments before and after me waiting to see Dr Kazakos also had serious problems.

Before this procedure I was unaware I was entering into a risky procedure or that my sight could worsen. Failure to adapt to the lens seemed insignificant at the time. After all cataract surgery is successfully performed on millions and this is what I believed I was having. I now know I cannot trust OE.

Sasha, I am relieved to have contacted you and thank you for your help.


Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) 14 Jan 2015 13:46 #158

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I would like OE to comment about when surgeon Alex George put the wrong lens in a patients eye. When said patient came for a lens to be put in their 2nd eye, he told them he had to rotate the one in the 1st eye , but in fact removed it, and put another lens in. The patient was completely unaware of this, and DID NOT SIGN A CONSENT FORM ! A member of the theatre staff wanted to report on this to the GMC, but David Moulsdale and Dr Steven Schallhorn stepped in, and it was hushed up.
admin: Please contact me asap: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :kiss:

Oculentis to complaining patient... 13 Jan 2015 22:20 #159

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I like the reply from Oculentis sent to a patient below.

I am still waiting for "neuronal adaptation" to take place two years later, I am still waiting for the blurred vision to correct in my right eye and all the starbursts to go away.

It is also interesting that they recommend regular examinations at your eye doctor. Who will pay for this! I need this as I now have black clouds in my better eye.

Stephen Hannan will not even talk to me regarding my condition, in fact he will not even reply to my emails.

It is I suppose what you would expect from a company who, when I have arrived at their front desk and asked politely to speak with someone regarding my ruined eyesight, have had me removed by the Police.

I will say again that I was told by a world renowned eye surgeon that I should not have had this operation.

Optical Express are an absolute disgrace who push volumes of people through the system for profit.

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) 13 Jan 2015 15:05 #160

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Would people be told that they had to 'neuro adapt' to a bad pair of glasses or contact lenses ? I think not. Bad lens on a camera = bad picture, bad lens put in an eye = bad vision. It's as simple as that !

Clinics and surgeons know that there will be patients that simply can't cope with multifocal RLE, but they still perform these operations knowing this. They are gambling with other peoples most precious sense and not their own, so it's only the patient that will lose.

Multifocal RLE lenses are a 'compromise'.

"The expedient acceptance of standards that are lower than is desirable".