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TOPIC: Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)

Multifocal lens 07 Mar 2018 21:45 #21

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To refresh your memory, and for those who have just joined us :kiss:

February 2015, Optical Express issued legal proceedings against Associated Newspapers Ltd over alleged libel in the Daily Mail article published on 5 January 2015, headed, ‘Blindness fears over eye surgery at High St clinic’.

The original and lengthy article about the problematic Oculentis Mplus X lens, written by journalist Daniel Boffey, was published in the Sunday Observer hard copy and Guardian online on 4 January 2015. (read history)

Sadly* OE suddenly dropped their £21.5 million claim in February 2017, and accepted a Part 36 offer of £125,000 that had been on the table since 2016.

*OERML lost guaranteed national media/press cover - though there was an upside when OE argued costs and the judge ruled in the defendant’s favour, costing OE approx £1 million!

On 5 January Other newspapers published a mini version of Daniel Boffey’s exposé, including the Daily Mirror.

And you might well ask why Optical Express didn’t sue the Mirror for libel too! I was told by someone in confidence that it was (allegedly) because of the Scottish connections.

And so the furore died down, with the press all too scared to report on anything remotely related to Optical Express...

Then, last year, a journalist contacted the MHRA, intending to write a follow up to this story, but he was told that there was no investigation into the Mplus X lens!


4 March 2015, I emailed the MHRA with these questions concerning their 'non existent' investigation...

• Q: What is the MHRA’s criteria for independent experts?

MHRA: The MHRA has access to a network of specialist healthcare professionals who are experts in their field. They are subject to confidentiality agreements and have to confirm any potential conflicts of interest. We also engage collaboratively with professional bodies as part of our mutual commitment to patient safety.

• Q: Have you contacted the RCOphth?

MHRA: The MHRA Devices Clinical Team is currently in the process of engaging with the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and other stakeholders.
(I trusted the RCOphth at that time, not yet aware of the corruption within the College)

• Q: Will the experts’ names be made public when the investigation is complete?

MHRA: Due to confidentiality names of external experts contacted as part of our investigation will not be published. This is to ensure they are not contacted by third parties who might seek to influence their opinions.

And from an email I received on 5 March 2015...

'Dear Mrs Rodoy,

As discussed, our investigation of the Mplus X lens is on-going.

Kind regards,
Ian M Smith
Senior Device Specialist
Biosciences & Implants
Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

1 April 2015, I had also again asked if the experts’ names would be made public when the investigation is complete - when it is too late to for third parties to influence their opinions.

MHRA: 'Experts contacted as part of this investigation may also be contacted for future investigations. Their names will not be published to ensure that they are not influenced by third parties during future investigations and to ensure that they agree to remain as independent experts to the MHRA. Inability to attract suitably qualified experts to participate in investigations would represent a risk to the agency’s ability to conduct its work and therefore present a risk to public health and safety.'

26 Nov 2015, I wrote, 'I have been advised that ophthalmologist Bernard Chang, employed by Optegra who have themselves sold this lens to many patients, is one of the experts investigating the MPlus X lens complaints.

You told me that you will not publish the names of the experts even after the results of the investigation, but can you at least assure me that all experts have disclosed their COI

24 December 2015, the MHRA response I received was vague, 'We can confirm that all external experts consulted by MHRA are asked to inform the agency of any conflicts of interest.'

Bernie Chang most definitely had an inextricable COI, so why was he allowed to be part of the investigation?

11 March 2016, to me from the MHRA...

'Dear Mrs Rodoy,

Thank you for your e-mail of 19 February.

Please see below responses to your questions:

• What is the current status of the MHRA's investigation into the Mplus X Lens manufactured by Oculentis?

• Is the investigation open or closed?

MHRA continue to monitor for any further incidents and signals that may add evidence to the investigation. It is for the surgeon to determine which patients are suitable to receive this type of lens based on the manufacturers’ instructions for use and their own clinical judgement.

• If closed, will a report be published on the MHRA's findings?

Reports are not published on individual investigations. The MHRA’s procedure for adverse incident investigation is to maintain any information in relation to a particular investigation on an adverse incident database record. This information is then subject to on-going trending and surveillance.

• Will such a report be publicly available?

Please see response above.

• How many reports ('yellow card' medical device adverse incident reports or any other reports) has the MHRA received relating to issues with the Mplus X lens?

As the manufacturer of this lens is still in existence this information is subject to the exemptions contained in section 44(1) (a) of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). In particular Section 237(2) of the Enterprise Act 2002 applies to specified information, which is defined in section 237(1) and section 238 (by reference to Schedule 14 and the regulations made under section 11 of the Consumer Protection Act 1987) to include information held by MHRA and relating to any business of an undertaking. Section 237(2) provides that such information must not be disclosed while the undertaking continues in existence. There are a number of exceptions to this general rule, in Part 9 of the Enterprise Act 2002. The MHRA’s position is that none of these exceptions apply to the information that you have requested.

As this is an absolute exemption it is not subject to a test of public interest

I then asked, if the MHRA is unable to share this information with me perhaps the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell could request the information?


So there's been a secret investigation into a dodgy medical device that has damaged so many people's eyes but the report will also be kept secret?! You really couldn't make it up!

Simply for the purpose of transparency and accuracy, two days ago I wrote to the MHRA...

'Can you please update me on the conclusion of this investigation as I am unable to find details on your website.

I am also concerned that a journalist claims that when he contacted the MHRA last year he was advised that there has never been an investigation into the Mplus X lens, only yellow cards filed.

I look forward to your response.

I will of course publish the MHRA response, 'within 20 days' as they advised me.

The stink of corruption oozes from every level of this sickening and unregulated industry, globally, and - quite frighteningly - extends to the government and EVERY single health organisation that the public are lead to believe they can trust!

PS: My next post will include an important message for anyone suffering post op problems with lens implants (IOLs), no matter who the provider, or which type of lens, because it's not just the Mplus X people are having issues with!

As Carl G also wrote, if you haven't got cataracts - don't do it!

Refractive Lens Exchange - Oh no it isn't! 27 Feb 2018 20:16 #22

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Hi Audrey, I've asked Sasha to pass on my email to you. To say 'happy to help' would not exactly be correct, but you know what I mean. Wow, that was a slippery statement you described there! It's probably fair to say that the surgery itself is relatively safe - and the side effects of surgery may well be 1% - but the side effects of wearing (sic) the lenses are far higher. Basic eye surgery is easy, any club-fingered monkey can do it; designing lenses that can supplant the human vision system is several orders of magnitude more complex, and the likes of Lentis have certainly not got it right.

Talk soon.

Refractive Lens Exchange - Oh no it isn't! 27 Feb 2018 17:06 #23

  • Audrey
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Carl G wrote: I wanted to put up a few notes on RLE for anybody a) contemplating it, or b) who has had it and wonders why their eyesight is not good.

So, having made the mistake of not doing enough research first time around I dived into PubMed and other literature sites to find out whatever I could about these lenses. This is some of what I found, and it goes a long way to explaining why my vision is poor, why your vision may be poor, and why despite whatever Optical Express say it is never going to get any better (advice: sue them now, do not wait).

If you don't need cataract surgery, don't have RLE. Do not do it, you will end up worse off.

And do not believe a single word the likes of Optical Express tell you.

Hi Carl G,

I am looking for any research data on IOL surgery and explantation and Sasha recommended contacting you directly. I was initially told that the risks of complications or side effects from any surgery was 1% but i have now been told that this is a lie, however i cannot find any research with specific figures to argue this point. Any guidance would be appreciated whilst i fight these cowboys!

My poor wifes eyes 21 Feb 2018 12:15 #24

  • John Wilson
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Don't believe a word Optical Express say about free enhancement procedure within 12 months. I had lens replacement back in June 2017 and I am still using the same glasses I had before the procedure Went through the enhancement route, even as far as getting contact lenses to show the expected outcome, only for their head office to refuse the procedure. Paid for original surgery with a loan from Hitachi who have been as much use as a chocolate fire guard. I raised a dispute with them to say OE were not complying with their terms and conditions and they wont do anything.
Have now lodged a complaint with Financial Ombudsman.

My poor wifes eyes 20 Feb 2018 15:54 #25

  • Deboarh
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Andrew wrote: Recently my wife had lens replacement on the 10th March 2017 at the immense cost of £6,600.00, done at the Westfield Centre Shepheards Bush. She hasn't been able to drive for the last month as her sight is now well below the driving standard, also because of the strain on her eyes it is causing headaches etc... the consultant told her not to drive obviously and advised that she could get some glasses that way she may be able to drive but optical express would not cover the cost for that and she should go to specsavers as it would be cheaper!!! I am starting to feel like that every appointment we go to we are just being given excuses fobbed off and turned away for a few more weeks! I cant express in words how much I regret doing this and how guilty and responsible I feel that I actually paid for this to be done to her, it is a nightmare and I do well up inside whenever I think about her poor eyes, I just hope and pray that I can find someone who can fix this mess!!

Sorry to hear about your wife, I had a consultation Saturday and am thinking of getting it done. They told us if there need any laser tweeks it is included in the cost and that they would correct anything that went wrong. Bit scared now. not sure what to do. Good luck to your wife.

Disaster surgery 05 Feb 2018 22:42 #26

  • Virginia
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I had my surgery August 2914, biggest mistake. The first eye was successful, the second wasn’t right from the start, I feel as if there’s something in my eye constantly, also had a lot of huge floaters which impaired my vision, went back and fore for about 12 months then insisted on seeing an independent specialist. That’s another story.
Since my vision has got worse, it’s like looking through thick fog with my right eye.
Told on my last optician appointment the lense is not fitted straight.
Has anyone else experienced similar and is there anything that can be done.

Saying It From The Heart 09 Jan 2018 21:12 #27

  • Guy From North Wales
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Can I say thank you to those of you that have replied, sometimes you can read stuff and think how can they get away with all this. We live in a country where so much stuff is questioned under wether its politically correct and yet here is a company getting people to sign with no idea what they are signing because they are so carried away with this idea of better vision, the quality of the establishments that yes most of us get dragged in. But this isnt our nails or bigger breasts, its not cosmetic this is one of the most important things our vision. So for me some replies have really really helped and I can see I am not alone and indeed reading through the forum can actually see I am probably quite lucky.

Claire Foley I am going to try the doctors, mainly because I have psoriasis which is also stress related and this isnt in anyones interest the fact I am worried about my vision and losing one eye sight and not being able to drive. I went private rather then asking the NHS so now it has gone wrong I am not going to be proud but ask for help.

Thank you as well admin for your reply, my email address is [edit] this is a great forum
admin: Not a good idea to publish personal email addresses on forum.
Contact me via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lens exchange by Dimitris Kazakos 06 Jan 2018 06:51 #28

  • Russ3376
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Procedure: Bilateral Monofocal Intraocular Lenses
Surgeon: Dimitris Kazakos (Westfields Branch OE)
Optometrist; Abha Devani (Reading Branch OE)

I had lens replacement surgery in 2016, as a police officer I thought it appropriate to replace my spectacles by having this procedure. Since then my near vision has deteriorated and reading prescription getting worse, my driving ability at night is so bad (glare and haloes) I have to get other officers to drive. When it rains the glare prevents me from driving. This was not explained verbally to me nor was a reading prescription. My night vision is shocking to say the least which is not good in my line of work! I have serious trouble seeing certain coloured writing on certain coloured backgrounds. My eyes are constantly tired and puffy.
I have contacted OE and received a letter from Stephen Hannan throwing my signed contract back in my face and providing me with copies! They state that they have dealt with the case satisfactorily and consider it closed, and then recommend that I book a consultation at £50 to £150 a go...
I don't want money back I just want the lifetime care that they promised but not at the cost they wish to charge.
admin: For advice send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :kiss:

Saying It From The Heart 05 Jan 2018 09:30 #29

  • Claire Foley
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Guy from North Wales

Don't despair. I had RLE in Dec 2013 and was blighted by blurs and haloes until Jan 2017, when Mr Peter Constable, an eminent and superby qualified surgeon (for me, the best surgeon in the world but don't tell Dr Duck as he thinks he holds the title!) replaced the OE lens with a nice new one on the NHS. No more blurs!!!!

I wear glasses and effectively I'm back where I started, but in a far far better place now the 'cling film' lens OE implanted has been removed and replaced.

Oh, and OE settled my legal claim!

Refractive Lens Exchange - Oh no it isn't! 04 Jan 2018 19:59 #30

  • Angela
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I had the same surgeon! [Julian Stevens @ Moorfields Private]

My op in June 2011 - YAG lasered both, no good as both calcified. Replaced only the right, took a year of back n forth, lasered twice, one LASIK to correct astigmatism. Still have the original defective calcified lens in left eye and no hope of exchange or continuing care.

OERML & My Beautiful Eyes Foundation rely on your support to expose the horrors of this unregulated industry.

Your help is very much appreciated!

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