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TOPIC: Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)

RLE and a LASIK top up with RA 15 Jan 2014 19:29 #301

  • Kay
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Hi all.

I suffer with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Dry Eyes.

Last year I approached Optical Express about laser treatment and was told because of my health problems I was unsuitable, but was suitable for RLE.

After further tests I was told it was ok to proceed and the only side effects would be dry eyes, which I had already, but I had to provide a letter from my consultant stating my RA was stable.

In July I had RLE performed by Mr Alex George in Bristol, my right eye first because it was the dominant one. As I live in Wales I stayed overnight in a hotel along with a few other people who'd also had the procedure done the same day.

The following morning we were comparing eyes and mine was very bloodshot. But at my check up I was told it was fine, that it was just where the anaesthetic had been injected and would fade.

The following week I went back for a check up on my right eye before having my left eye done. I was told right eye was fine and the bruising would fade.

While waiting my turn Alex George walked through and casually said as he passed, "I've just seen your notes. Don't worry I can sort it with a shot of laser". With pre surgery nerves I didn't think much about it.

The following day when I went for the first post op check up I asked what Mr George had meant and was told everything was fine, everyone heals differently, but laser wouldn't be decided for three months.

A few days later I was in agony and went to Cardiff where they told me it was a reaction to the preservatives in the drops they'd given me! They changed them to preservative free and also gave me drops for dryness.

After three months of regular check ups it was decided in October that I needed a laser 'enhancement'. I said I was worried about having LASIK as a top up having previously been told I was unsuitable for laser. They told me it was ok because the treatment wasn't as strong and didn't take as much time as a first procedure would have done. So I reluctantly had it done at Cardiff on the 7th January.

They offered me drops which I asked if were preservative free because of my previous problems which they didn't seem to know anything about! They changed them, but only gave me enough for five days which meant another forty mile round trip to collect more!

One week later my eye sight is worse since having the treatment! At my first post op check up today they said it was because of dryness, changed the drops and told me that by my next appointment in three weeks time there should be an improvement, but "don't worry we'll sort it"

But I have heard a whisper that Optical Express may go under soon so worry where will that leave me? :blink:

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) 05 Jan 2014 17:10 #302

  • Bobby2
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To anyone who may be concidering RLE/CLE surgery. BE WARNED! If you are reading this, you will possibly be aware of the phrase "don't lend anyone anything unless you don't expect to get it back". This is kind of how you should value your sight, (or quality of it) from my personal experience.

My journey started with the usual OE consult where you are told what you want to hear. Then the decision for multi-focal lenses was made for me as my best option. I was given the consent form and the usual patient information folder, with the only other information being verbal. This is where you need to be careful, did you remember it correctly? Were you told it at all? Were you really listening properly as you were perhaps bit overjoyed of the thought of fantastic vision without visual aids?

This information could be vital to your future!

Next is Pre Op at Harley Street, again confirmed fantastic vision was assumed post surgery, given all the good facts with some figures regarding failure rates again all verbal. What were they? Does it matter? Surely I will not be one of those?

Next was surgery, this is where it all went wrong!

If it goes wrong and you do become "one of those", be prepared for possibly the worst journey of your life, visually, financially and stressfull.

Be prepared to fight, you will have to to be heard and delt with and this is when you realise how much of an error you have made at those first two consults pre surgery. What did they say? was I told that? But now your life is in a different place to where you were then. Before you were given happy news, I guess stored in a different part of your brain. Now you are in a dark place, life is not good, can you really remember what was said to you all that time ago, from a part of your brain that seems very hard to access?

That point I made earlier about that information being vital, you may get asked to recollect that information to help you in the next part of your journey.

Please concider your thoughts on this surgery, its too late for me. To add to that, I have since been told by several other surgeons outside OE, that I was not a suitable candidate for the surgery in the first place, hind sight........

The name Brett Halliday has come my way, if anyone has any information regarding experiences with him, good or bad, please can you contact Sasha Rodoy .
The following user(s) said Thank You: HazelJ, Kay

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) 03 Jan 2014 19:04 #303

  • HazelJ
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Well today I went in an ordered my new pair of glasses :(
The only thing is they're for distance, which I didn't need before RLE :blink:
Thought I was supposed to be glasses free except for very fine print, more lies from OE :evil:

Dry Eye Syndrome 31 Dec 2013 19:39 #304

  • HazelJ
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Hi Sandra, I know I have dry eye syndrome OE tested them and there 5 in one eye and 11 in the other. I was also given the same drops and gel but they didn't help. OE where supposed to be putting plugs in to help but it took weeks for them to turn up although they've never measured my eyes and when I was due to go and get them fitted they cancelled the day before saying there was no one there to fit them. I have now severed all ties with OE and star legal proceedings in 2014. Eyes are still no better sorry I couldn't give you any good news x :(

Dry Eye Syndrome 29 Dec 2013 19:43 #305

  • Sandra
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Have you explored the idea that you have Dry Eye Syndrome?

From my own experience I know this can cause the symptoms you describe, including the greasy feeling and hazy vision.

I had RLE on 12 and 19 December and am having similar symptoms of hazy/greasy vision. Very distressing. I hope you can get some relief.

OE have given me eye drops, 2 x Hycosan Extra and preservative free gel to insert in my eyes at night. I began this regime on 26 December but so far there is little improvement. I am still hoping that I will get relief and some clear vision soon.

I go back to OE in three weeks so I live in hope, though after reading some of the stories on this site I regret having the surgery at all.

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) 19 Dec 2013 18:46 #306

  • HazelJ
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I am wondering if I am allergic to these lenses my eyes hurt constantly they are itchy and all I want to do is shut them. Its feels like when you get something in them like face cream just want to rub them, anyone else having these symptoms ? :pinch:

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) 27 Nov 2013 18:19 #307

  • HazelJ
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Just a quick update on my eyes. They are no good in the sun now even with sun glasses on. Only just managed to drive home the other day eyes streaming and very sore. Still waiting for my records to arrive from OE should make interesting reading. :S

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) 06 Nov 2013 20:50 #308

  • HazelJ
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Hi Ken R

I had RLE surgery just over a year ago I was 55 at the time. I was lucky my sight is or was ok, till I got larger floaters one in left then amonth later in the right. I was more or less told go away live with it it'll get better and you won't see them no still there no better! As for the halos never got any better and I can't drive at night as the on coming car headlights become blurred and I can't work out where they are. Sorry wish I could say it'll get better in time it won't like so many of us you've been screwed.

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) 04 Nov 2013 10:14 #309

  • Ken R
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Well, I had my 1 week post-op appointment on Saturday and I have to say I received no surprises. I've never seen the optom before - that makes 5 different optoms since my first appointment! I explained that I still need to wear glasses for reading and computer work and was given the standard reply that it will take time for my brain to adjust. He also recommended I go to a Poundshop to buy the new glasses I still need as they would charge me £15 per pair! He said if there was no improvement after 3 months we would need to contact the surgeon and see what he recommends.

Having spent some time over the weekend reading several online papers related to neuroadaptation, I feel OE may be right and that maybe I should wait a little longer to give the procedure a chance. I have to say, though, I'm not optimistic. Most papers I have read state it can take up to 12 months for the brain to adapt. I certainly wasn't told that at my initial consultation!

I am keen to hear from anyone else who has had RLE surgery just to get some idea of how long it actually does take for things to improve - if at all.

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) 30 Oct 2013 10:47 #310

  • Ken R
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Hi Everyone

I am 57 and I had successful laser surgery at OE Birmingham 5 years ago, and, as expected, I had to wear reading glasses following the procedure. Over the last 6 months or so I found it more difficult to see my computer screen and ended up having two different prescriptions of glasses; one for reading and one for the computer. I work in an office environment and having to repeatedly swap glasses was extremely frustrating. My distance vision also seemed to be improving.

I returned to OE Birmingham and after several scans and tests I was told I had actually become long sighted (I was short sighted before my previous laser surgery). I explained the reading/computer problem and it was suggested I went for IOL surgery. I was told I would no longer require glasses for reading or computer work but my distance vision may suffer slightly. I was Ok with that, so I decided to go ahead.

My right lens was replaced at Bridgewater Hospital, Manchester on 19th October and my left on 26th October. Following each procedure I had to return to hospital the next day for a checkup. On each occasion I was handed the standard reading card and I told the optometrist, after much toing and froing of the card, that I could just read it, but it was extremely blurred. I was told that would settle down in a few weeks. I was also told that I now had no distance prescription.

When I returned home and switched on my computer, I couldn't see a thing. Everything was just one big blur. I tried changing screen resolution, using high contrast text - no joy. So now in order to read clearly or use the computer, I am back to wearing 2 sets of glasses.

I also have very bad ghosting and nighttime glare. When I look at a streetlamp over 20 feet away, I see 4 images of the lamp. Again, I am told this will pass with time, but I am not confident. With these additional problems my sight is now worse than before.

I have a 1 week follow-up appointment in Birmingham on Saturday, so I'll let you know what happens. I think they have implanted the wrong strength of lenses but we'll see what they say.

Anyone know a good lawyer in the Midlands??


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