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What Lifetime Guarantee?! 21 Mar 2016 14:53 #101

  • Maria
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I can't quite believe so many of us are experiencing this problem.

I had my procedure nearly 2 years ago. The original sale was conducted in Oxford by a very loud aggressive sales assistant who pressured me to make up my mind there and then to take advantage of the special offer which included a lifetime guarantee. My companion during the consultation and I both asked for this to be clarified. The assistant said it was such a fantastic feeling, to be able to offer a total freedom from any future costs - your eyes will be perfect and you'll get free aftercare for ever. And if there are any problems in the future - we'll just do the top up procedure to correct your vision.

They saw me coming. I paid up. And that's when this nightmare started.

We were sent to the wrong location in Reading - finally found the right place after a couple of phone calls. Apparently the woman dealing with it had had a nervous breakdown. The office was crammed with people. Once it was done, I was in so much pain I felt sick. The nurse sat me under a bright light, among other patients, with no privacy, and gave me instructions.

Having got home, I was not only in pain for days - I needed reading glasses. Nobody told me about the risks of such developments. The follow up appointments were hard to get as the Oxford branch reduced hours without any notice. And to my great frustration the staff always prioritise the new customers and leave existing ones waiting.

As a result of the surgery I suffer from dry eyes. I tried to resolve this issue with the aftercare team but they left me to it in the end, promised to call back and never did. While waiting in one of the consulting rooms, I heard clearly the same assistant selling a procedure to another customer - he was asking for details as he wanted to treat someone to it. She told him all about lifetime guarantee, same story as mine. That was last year.

I went to my GP and have been prescribed drops, to use 4 times a day, on repeat prescription and funded by the NHS. That hardly seems fair. I have to pay for reading glasses. So much for the 'new you without glasses or lenses’.

I have also been suffering from blurred vision and headaches, and feel my vision is not as good as it was. Today I attempted to make an appointment for my 2 year check up as part of the lifetime guarantee. The assistant told me my free aftercare period was coming to the end and I was entering the chargeable aftercare period, £50 a pop.

I quote Stuart:
'Okay as I have said it is a lifetime of aftercare we offer but it does state that this may be chargeable after a period of time. This is outlined in the terms and conditions of your treatment.'

I looked at my paperwork and at no point it states that. I would never have paid for such poor and arbitrary deal. I may be naive but I'm not stupid.

I have asked to be contacted by the customer service to get a copy of the terms and conditions they are quoting from - and I understand there will be a charge for this.

I was promised a safe and generous package of services but received a substandard and limited equivalent. Can anyone help? I feel out of my depth!

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Not free anymore??!? 17 Mar 2016 13:32 #102

  • H
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I'm currently having the same issue with OE free lifetime aftercare now trying to charge me. I can't find my terms and conditions to prove my case though. Does anyone have an original copy of their T&C's that I could use?

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 15 Mar 2016 13:29 #103

  • Charlotte C
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I am going through the same problem at the minute, I had surgery 2 years 10 months ago and have just been advised by OE I need glasses again, I suffer with dry eyes to the point I have to put drops in at least once an hour every day and get woken up every night several times with sharp pain as my eyes are dry. I go to OE every month and pick up 3 bottles of drops and have just been told I know have to pay!!

I am devastated and so upset that not only do I have to wear glasses but I have to pay for drops :(

Can anyone on here recommend someone I can talk to about trying to get my money back or even my after-care for free as promised?
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What Lifetime Guarantee?! 14 Mar 2016 11:48 #104

  • Mr Grumpy
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Have been reviewing this site for many months but stayed quiet until now.

If just 1 or 2 people were claiming that they had been guaranteed lifetime aftercare, you could assume they may have misunderstood what they were told but with this many people all stating they were verbally promised this, despite what the T&C's state, surely they cannot all be wrong?!

Just under 2 years post-op RLE I need to book a follow up appointment as having problems with eyes again, and I am fully expecting them to say that they will charge me for this. I was also promised lifetime aftercare, and my partner whom had laser surgery several years earlier was also promised this. We were both in attendance at her pre-op consultations and mine, and we both recall the verbal guarantee. As many others have stated in their posts, it was one of the "securing" statements that assured us of peace of mind after surgery and that made us willing to go ahead.

There must be some come-back on this, OE cannot hide behind their T&C's when so many OE consultants are selling these operations with promises of free lifetime aftercare. And let's face it, none of us would have been convinced about this aftercare if we had been informed from the outset that it wasn't free!!

To both myself and my partner, back in the naïve pre-op days, this was one of the main selling points that distinguished OE from the other high street opticians out there.

Are there any legal eagles out there who could advise?
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What Lifetime Guarantee?! 12 Mar 2016 10:32 #105

  • Jimmy B
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Mr Singh, I would think you qualify for the 20/20 vision or your money back!


Oh but just one point, an Optical Express surgeon will decide whether you have 20/20, get it?

Not that it is much compensation for losing your sight.

These people operate like double glazing salesmen so I would not hold your breath for them to honour the money back guarantee.

Good luck.

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 10 Mar 2016 11:30 #106

  • Mr Singh
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Hi all,

This is my first time using a forum because I just felt like I had to respond!

I had laser eye surgery with Optical Express in February 2014.

Today, I woke up with blurred vision in one eye so thought I should book an appointment.

To my horror, I was told that since I am outside the "24 months T&Cs", I will have to pay for all checkups, eye drops and corrective procedures.

However, I am 100% sure that at the time this was sold to me in December 2013, I was promised free lifetime aftercare. This was the only reason I chose to go with OE.

I have now had to pay £10 to have a copy of T&Cs sent to me because I cannot believe that I have been duped into signing something but been verbally told something else!

I have also contacted Watchdog (and advise others to do the same). I am also searching for lawyers in this field to take legal action against OE.

Should anybody else have some ideas/tips, please get in touch.
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What Lifetime Guarantee?! 01 Mar 2016 12:21 #107

  • Jimmy B
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Optical Express invited me to an appointment in February 2015 as I’ve had terrible problems following Lens Replacement. I needed an explant but still have problems.

I am seeking further advice and have asked OE for a copy of my February examination results, for which David Moulsdale's despicable little lapdog Stephen Hannan wanted to charge me £50.

They hate me because I asked for a refund and to meet Hannan to discuss why I was given the wrong operation, and I won't just go away - I'll never go away!

You need to realise that Optical Express don't care about their patients, all that matters is pushing as many new customers through the system as possible to keep their cash cow going.

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 26 Feb 2016 09:03 #108

  • Kelly
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I have had three procedures with Optical Express - first in May 2008, then an enhancement in 2009 and a further procedure in 2013.

I have suffered terribly with dry eyes ever since the first procedure and have had enough! They now want to charge me for aftercare. I feel I have just been led on and fobbed off now - they sent me for further procedures knowing it would make my eyes worse, and telling me things would definitely improve as I was young.

Does anyone have a copy of the aftercare guarantee from around 2007/8/9?

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 22 Feb 2016 15:55 #109

  • GeorgeAmy
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Did anyone get any further regarding the lifetime aftercare??? OE are also trying to charge me £50 when I was promised free tests after surgery. Where do we stand?
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What Lifetime Guarantee?! 04 Feb 2016 19:08 #110

  • Ollie
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I have had a laser eye procedure from OE I called a OE clinic to book a eye test as my eye sight has deteriorated. Much to my surprise I was told I have to pay £50,
I then asked what about my life time aftercare? I was told that the 'terms and conditions' had been changed.
My question is, How can they get away with this? Its surely misleading and miss-sold, "lifetime aftercare guarantee" first point "lifetime" well I'm still in that period I'm not dead yet, second point "guarantee" ( Here is a definition from a business point of view of the word.... if a ​company guarantees a ​product or ​service, it gives a written promise to ​return the customer's ​money or ​repair or ​exchange the ​product if there is a problem with it within a particular ​period) the period that was stated was "lifetime", as guaranteed to me...
Well its not a guarantee if they can change their mind at their convenience. Under this they must be in breach of contract?
And something could surely be done to right the wrong in this for all the people they have mislead and let down.
Let's say I decided not to pay after my procedure, That would be a breach of contract and they would take me to court, so why is it ok for them to breach the contract?
If anyone knows were we all stand on a legal ground please let me know, maybe a class act is needed.
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