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Optical Express Lifetime Guarantee 21 Feb 2013 12:55 #131

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I had Laser eye surgery performed in August 2004 and told I had a lifetime guarantee.

I went for an eye test at Optical express MK on 15 Feb as I was having problems with my vision which I have had for about 6 months but it had been fine up until then.

They said that my left eye had weakened and I would have to comeback for a free consultation today.

When I arrived I said to the lady behind the counter, Eva Rogers, that I had signed a lifetime guarantee and she immediately went on the defensive, saying they only give 4 year guarantees not lifetime, which started to get my back up as she reminded me of one of those crooked double glazing salesmen who gave 10 years guarantee but the company normally folded after 5 years.

I then had to hang about for two hours until the optician gave me an eye test playing the good cop against Eva's bad one!

She said that I could do with finding my paperwork and that the surgery to laser the left eye would be £1300 but I would get a 10% discount as I have had it done before - whoopee!

I must say I left before Eva gave me her run down on further costs and I never thought that my eyes would feel like a used tyre at a Budget tyre company.

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