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Lifetime after care no longer exists 20 Apr 2016 08:21 #81

  • Maria
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admin: Pls would you send your number as am confused about the names - are you Ruth or Maria?

Ruth M wrote: In 2007 I had laser eye surgery at Optical Express and was promised lifetime after care, including free eye tests, and until this year these have been conducted at Meadowhall branch in Sheffield without problem.

But on the 19th March, AFTER I had my test, they told me the policy had changed and I had to pay £30. I did not pay and walked out.

Below is the chain of correspondence I've exchanged with OE:

NB: Two letters missing here

Their claimed Terms and Conditions:

My informed consent - these are two separate documents with different codes (see bottom left of each)

Having paid my £10 for the copy of original Terms and Conditions signed before treatment I found myself enraged to find that I'd been sent the expected, signed and initial Informed Consent pages and an unsigned generic T&C page reflecting the NEW terms, not the ones I signed or agreed to. As the lifetime aftercare was the main reason I chose OE for my treatment - I was clearly mis-sold. This cannot be right. Does anyone out there know the best way to challenge this?

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 18 Apr 2016 12:38 #82

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Over the last few weeks I have been inundated with emails from people complaining that OE are now refusing to provide the lifetime aftercare they were promised when they were sold surgery.

If you have a copy of OE's written promise of lifetime aftercare please contact me urgently: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Even those who have received free aftercare for more than 3 years are now being told that this was a ‘goodwill gesture’ and it should only have been for 12 months, while one customer was shocked to be told that a free ‘enhancement’ promise was only valid for 3 months post surgery!

Horrifying that a new car comes with a 3-5 years guarantee while OE sell surgical procedures they obviously believe may only be good for less than 12 months! I’ve always compared the high street method of selling eye surgery with used car sales and this supports what I say as a used car will be lucky to get a 12 months warranty!

If you have same issues please contact me and post details here :kiss:

Lifetime after care - laser operation problems 14 Apr 2016 19:41 #83

  • Pooja
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I originally had LASIK operation in Jan 2011. My eye dryed out which eroded my vision. I then had LASEK operation in November 13 the enhancement. Both of the operation was done by Manek Patel . I have had such a bad experience as I have been trying to get surgeon appointment since I had these sharp pain after the LASEK operation. I had to see the local optician at my local branch so many times and they have tried their best for me to see a surgeon. I got a call saying I had a appointment to see surgeon in Shafsbury Avenue around July 14 but that was by error as optical express got mixed up with another girl called Pooja who was getting an laser operation . At this point I was going mad and I was not amused, I demanded to see a surgeon as I took a day off work. I manage to see Malik Patel, he said my eyes it like a finger nail being pull off that it will take time for it to get better, he said not to worry and carry on using the cream provided and there was no cost as lifetime care, also he then stress that there are other people worse of than me that he has been seeing for more than 5 years ! I was really upset that this can happen, I don't want continue to have this problem all my life, it was suppose to only be a week recovery, not a lifetime recovery. I eventually got a letter through the post and had an appointment to see Antonio Ucedes Montanes in Nov 14, it took about 1 year to get an appointment with a surgeon officially . Antonio Ucedes Montanes was very professional and reassuring and told me not to worry and he will help to resolve the issue and made me feel like there was hope. Also he was very clear and stated I do not need to pay for any creams or drops and the life care will be provided until this was resolved. I saw him again few months later and again very reassuring and I explained that my eye was and still have sharp pain at night / early morning and I was given the same sodium cream - oftalmosa cusi antiedema. I have been receiving the cream from head office. I then called head office spoke to a girl called Kerry on 24th March 16 who said I have to pay for the cream and previously sent was a goodwill gesture, so why stop now ? It optical express fault for the problem I am facing. I was told by all the surgeons I have seen that I don't need to pay for the cream. Kerry said I would need to speak to the surgeon in my next appointment. The last surgeon I saw was Jonathan Carr in August 15 who already put a note on my account to state I will be receive the cream from head office, but Kerry said he would need to state to continue the goodwill and not pay for the cream. I also asked head office I wanted an appointment with Antonio the surgeon saw in October 14 and she said that my records show no such person!!!! I was in shock at this point and I stated my records must show I saw him twice, how can he not been on there!!! She was then corrected by a staff member saying that the surgeon left the company. It worries me that they can delete my records showing which surgeon original saw me saw in October 14 was not on there records for the after care. Then I called a week later head office and spoke to Colin, who said he would send the creams to me and did not say I will need to pay at the same time I updated my address, a week later and I still haven't received it . Then I called 9th April 16 to see when I will be receiving the cream and a girl called Susie answered and then said she can't send the cream and I contact need to be with Stephen Hannan and surgeon. I am so annoyed and I have an appointment soon with a surgeon. I just don't know what I am suppose to do and it's causing so much stress and tension ! I have paid out £2500 for the surgery and the after care has been shocking and the fact Optical Express want me to pay for a cream that I have to put in my eye before I go bed due to there lack of explaining the risk I have suffered. I was told it a week recover and I yet still I have not recovered due to dryness whilst I am asleep.

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 14 Apr 2016 16:24 #84

  • John
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I have had similar experience at Trafford Park Optical Express...
I'm having the same run around from them and yes it's called Optical Express lifetime promise. I still have my paperwork but they are still trying to tell me it's time limited...
I had surgery 2009 with lifetime aftercare promise ... Yesterday I went for the fourth checkup since the surgery and was asked to pay £50 for the check ... I have never paid for any other test prior to this last one.
To make things worse there is apparently no record of me attending the previous eye exams. I didn't dream the visits and feel gutted at being treated this way. The £50 would be waived if I purchased reading glasses I was told.
Would I recommend OE ... Not any more they are reneging on aftercare agreements to squeeze more money out of clients.
Shame on you OE I thought you were a good company until you pulled this stunt.
admin: Hi John - pls send your number as I would like to speak to you :kiss:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 10 Apr 2016 18:48 #85

  • Browser
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"Customer Care
Aftercare includes free enhancement treatment, lifetime eye tests, comprehensive aftercare, and a 24-hour helpline."


What Lifetime Guarantee?! 10 Apr 2016 11:19 #86

  • PP
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Hello all,

Quick summary of my story: I had Lasik in 2009 and whilst being thrilled with the initial results, my vision started regressing a couple years later. After going for post-op check-ups I was told my vision hadn't stabilised enough for a re-enhancement surgery. Finally, after a couple of years (!) I was told my vision was stable and that I could have the re-enhancement. This optician told me it would be free of charge, which I expected as regression was my main concern when I had the initial surgery - it was an expensive procedure and I was worried that it wouldn't last (to which I was told about lifetime guarantee and permanent nature of laser). In any case, I cam back for the pre-op checks only to be told this time by another optician that it was not free of charge and I would have to pay. And that the cost would be almost the same as what I paid the first time (despite my power being a lot less this time round and only being eligible for lasek, not the more expensive lasik this time). I was told to take it up with head office and after a couple of frustrating letters from Stephen Hannan, I'm at a loss now. Is there no regulatory body covering Optical Express - it is the world of medicine so I would have thought there should be strict rules around misrepresentation and misleading statements to encourage people into an expensive surgery? I'll investigate and revert with any findings.

Also, was someone able to post a copy of the lifetime promise they received? Thanks!

URGENT 09 Apr 2016 18:48 #87

  • David Cantello
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I had replacement lens surgery Dec 2013. I have had misty vision ln one of the lenses. I have been told I have to pay a £50 fee and pay for aftercare treatment. I cannot find the terms and conditions . My wife keeps everything so I am thinking that I may not have been given the information.

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 07 Apr 2016 21:55 #88

  • Ginger
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I have had the same trouble had surgery in March 2013 and was told it was lifetime cover and am now being told to I have pay I feel like I have been ripped off would never of had it done if I had been told it was only cover for a year

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 06 Apr 2016 12:05 #89

  • Mr Grumpy
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Further to my post a couple of weeks ago and in similar vein to Ian's post below. I attended a appointment with the Oxford clinic that I had arranged as am having issues again.

On arrival, I queried why I hadn't been called back in for a post-op check up, being that it was nearly a year since I last visited and quoting the "lifetime aftercare promise" and was informed that it was my responsibility to ask for them and they didn't call up patients automatically. I was shocked at this although didn't make an issue at the time as was fearful of it impacting the consultation at the time. However, it sounds very much a case of "if they don't moan then leave them alone" mentality. My belief is that they carried out major surgery on my eyes and therefore have an ongoing duty of care to support. They even promised that but of course don't outline exactly what that lifetime aftercare consists of!

The other main high street stores send me constant reminders about getting my eyes checked and that's just for a pair of specs! Mind you, from a commercial perspective, I can see that they have the chance of revenue from this contact whereas with OE, they don't (currently) get any additional revenue and every consultation is so additional cost to them. However, my full and total understanding when I signed up to OE in the first place is that I would get full support post-op, not discharging responsibility at the earliest opportunity!

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 01 Apr 2016 12:01 #90

  • Ian
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I had laser eye surgery in 2011, I recently tried to book a routine check up as my eyes felt a bit dry only to be told I now have to pay £50, which I was concerned about as they offered life time aftercare. So I asked why am I paying, to be told that my T&Cs state it was only covered for 5years. That's good because I had my surgery done in September 2011 which means I'm still covered.
This was met with a wall of silence and not much more. I then rang my local Optical Express to book an appointment believing I was still under the lifetime aftercare seeing as I’m still living only to be told that I forfeited my life time after-care due to not having regular checkups so they have discharged me.
I asked why didn't they send me reminders about my regular checks that I needed. She said not for us to do you it down to me, so I said it sounds like you just wanted me to forget to get out of the aftercare. She replied with I have to take it up with customer services which I did. I'm now talking to someone that has been trained to deal specifically for this situation as she was very stern in me checking my t&c's. She very quickly explained that I was only entitled to 1 years aftercare as per my T&Cs.
I do not have my T&Cs as we have move house recently and I can't find them but being almost 5 years ago I’m not sure I would have kept it.
I'm know they told me it was lifetime aftercare because it was the reason I went with them for surgery. Any help or advise with this would be great.

admin: Hi Ian, please send email with your phone number This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :kiss:
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