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04 Mar 2020 14:22 #126


Kimiko90's Avatar

Can anyone help? My parted had laser eye surgery in 2009 and was promised life time after care! For a few years after he usto get dry eyes and he could just walk in and they would provide him with eye drop for this with no appointment made. He now is being told that his lifetime aftercare has been cancelled because they no longer offer this and they can just change this as it is in the terms and conditions. He has never been made aware that his aftercare plan had been changed or that they could just change this as this is what he paid for? His eyes have now deteriorated and now needs glasses.. surely it should be on his file somewere on the system that he has lifetime aftercare as he wouldn’t have been able to walk in and get free eye drops many years after? Can anyone help with this??
10 Apr 2019 13:28 #125

john Binnie

's Avatar

I was also promised free lifetime aftercare but since the operation have repeatedly been told that it was for 12 months thereafter.
My eyesight is a nightmare, I don't enjoy night driving or looking at screens. My eye has swollen up due to eye strain on a number of occasions since the operation and doing day to day tasks that I used to take for granted is now difficult. It's affected my mood and motivation.
I feel getting honest help with this is time-consuming and fruitless that in turn compounds my situation.
Has there been a class action taken against Optical Express?
Or does anyone have access to a lawyer that has previously had a successful result when dealing with this?
Finger's crossed,

John Binnie
03 Apr 2019 21:20 #124


's Avatar

Hello I've just seen your comments. Me and my best friend were also told we would get free after care for life I complained numerous times and they told me to phone customer care so they could check my documents they have on file for me. They lied then as well and said it isn't in the documents and would send me the paperwork so I now have to spend £50 for an appointment.
17 Jan 2019 22:00 #123


daftvader's Avatar

I had my eye surgery in 2011 and was also told lifetime aftercare and now I need it I cannot find the paperwork.

Does anyone have the paperwork showing what we were promised that I could get a copy of?

Many thanks.

20 Nov 2017 14:29 #122

Sally Weeks

's Avatar

After speaking to OE, they have confirmed my laser surgery was Aug 2008. My eyes have reverted back to my original prescription.
They have told me that because i haven't been back every 2 years since surgery, my lifetime aftercare is void. I was not told this at the time of surgery!
I have asked for a copy of documents i have signed agreeing to this, which they say they'll email me. (I'm not holding my breath).
Do I have a leg to stand on with this "clause" or are they within their rights?

Ps, i love the website, so helpful.
admin: You can send a Subject Access Request (SAR) for £10.
Contact me with your phone number for details :kiss:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
21 Oct 2017 21:13 #121

Angela Thomson

's Avatar

I had lens replacement surgery with Optical Express just over 3 years ago. Initially it appeared to be a success, then the sight in my right eye started to deteriorate. My local OE referred me to Barley Street where my eyes were examined and I was told my right eye needed a laser tweak which would be painless and take seconds. I attended the appointment and hell has followed. I suffer with excruciating pain and dehydration, it feels like wood shavings in my eye. Both eyes swelled, I couldn't see, and as ex Bunny Girl I missed our 50th Anniversary party as well as many other pleasurable occasions. I became depressed and lack confidence due to pain and poor eyesight. The aftercare at OE was abysmal, I have only been given drops.

Now its happening in the left eye. OE tell me I need a Yag laser and will charge me £495. I have a lifetime guarantee according to the optometrist who sold me the package.

I met a colleague and friend of David Moulsdale, founder of OE who assured me he would help as OE don't want any more bad publicity. He too is an optician who trained with David Moulsdale.

Tim Crompton has reneged on his offer of help. It certainly makes me concerned about the safety of our eyes with opticians and optometrists who seem to be far more interested in making money than our vision.

I certainly need help with pain, finances and trauma. Above all to get my eyesight as good as was promised when I was sold this £4.000.00 package with lifetime guarantee.
Regards, Angela Thomson