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TOPIC: What Lifetime Guarantee?!

"FREE eye tests for life" 10 Aug 2017 07:48 #11

  • Alastair Davies
  • Alastair Davies's Avatar
My lens replacement surgery has now failed and I am told I will have to pay a £1000 to put it right. I thought I was mistaken that they told me I had free aftercare for life.

Have you a copy of the brochure you could send me? You might be able to save me this charge.


admin: Please send your phone number :kiss:
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Risked grandsons eyes 25 Jul 2017 22:20 #12

  • Hildegard Turner
  • Hildegard Turner's Avatar
I had laser eye surgery about 2006 but after a short time I knew it went wrong. I had further treatments More laser then piggy back lens exchange also Yag, (I realise now OE were trying to keep me from a solicitors office). I was told aftercare was for life, so because I thought they cared with all my aftercare I paid for four of my grandkids to have laser 3 and a half years ago and was also told aftercare for life (otherwise I would not have gone ahead). Two of my grandsons are now having problems and OE want £50 for a checkup and £150 for a consultation with a surgeon. The youngest grandson was 18 and the other 19 (having problems) and I was assured they were not too young to have it done, but I'm questioning that now, I feel I have put my grandkids eyes at risk and feel absolutely gutted about this,

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 11 Jul 2017 14:37 #13

  • Jackie
  • Jackie's Avatar
I had my surgery in Feb 2011 - lens exchange. Having read all the stories on here I now realise that I am lucky - so far - not to have any problems with my vision. However, I do have a problem with the promised lifetime aftercare now being non existent.

I phoned OE a couple of weeks ago to book a check up and was told it would cost £50. When I queried this as I had never been charged before I was told all follow ups are chargeable after the first year. When I said this was news to me as I had had checks ups, eye drops and anti glare glasses for driving all free of charge for 3+ years at the Norwich branch, I was told "well you must have been lucky then”! Unbelievable!

I then started to doubt myself, had I dreamt this? Was I going mad? Fortunately my partner had been with me at almost every consultation and treatment and he had also heard them say on numerous occasions that all aftercare was free for life. In fact it was a key factor in me deciding to go ahead with the very expensive treatment knowing that I wouldn't ever have to pay for eye care again.

I emailed OE to query what was going on and received a very poor response just trying to fob me off. I had insisted upon them sending me copies of all the paperwork I had signed at the time, as they were trying to say I had agreed at the time to free care only being for a year. When all the copies arrived needless to say there were all the consent forms, dated and signed by me.
There was also an undated and unsigned copy of the Terms and Conditions which stated aftercare was free for a year. I took issue with all this and persisted until my complaint was escalated to Clinical Services Department and in due course I received a frankly appalling letter from Stephen Hannan.
Most of his letter was just a list of my treatments, appointments, my vision before and after the operation. He did not address at all my point about the now non existent free for life aftercare. I have today posted an extremely strongly worded letter to him, we will see what the outcome of that is….

My surgery was done at the Westfield Shopping Centre in London by "Professor" Jan Venter who I now understand is not, and never was, a Professor. A point that I made to Stephen Hannan.

I also pointed out to Stephen Hannan that his letter contained a blatant lie i.e. "I understand that you have recently been provided with a copy of the Terms and Conditions which were applicable at the time of your surgical procedures in 2011" NO they were NOT!!!

Never before have I had the misfortune to deal with such a misleading, untruthful, deceitful and unpleasant company as Optical Express....

Refusing free aftercare for RLE problems 10 Jul 2017 14:09 #14

  • Nicky
  • Nicky's Avatar
I had lens replacement surgery just over 2.5 years ago. Optical Express promised me lifetime aftercare which they have reneged on. I have white cell build up on both lens and have been told I am now short sighted and require varifocal glasses (OE told me me I'd never need glasses again). I've been advised not to drive and am struggling to work - I'm a designer so this is affecting my livelihood.

OE told me at a post op check up (not before surgery!) that I might expect white cell build up but that their aftercare would cover any laser treatment necessary. This was not true because this is what Stephen Hannan wrote to me recently

I was 45 when I had lens replacement and OE told me that I was the minimum recommended age for this procedure. I have subsequently found out that this was cataract surgery (I didn't have cataracts) and should never have been done before the age of 50!

On top of all of this I recommended this treatment to others who have had the same op, I feel terrible and am stressing that they will have the same problems I'm having.

How do I go about getting a refund and organise treatment to correct this?

May 2014 OE Brochure 27 Jun 2017 12:29 #15

  • mrs katherine willmer
  • mrs katherine willmer's Avatar
I had laser in 2008 with the life time after. I had 6 enhancements all paid for by OE. I have kept up with my regular check ups but now I am no longer getting the aftercare and my eye sight is going again.

I have also lost my paperwork. If any one could send me a copy many thanks.
admin:Pls email your phone number :kiss:

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 21 Jun 2017 15:34 #16

  • Clare Reames
  • Clare Reames's Avatar
Has anybody in Somerset, Devon or Cornwall had a bad experience with laser eye surgery through Optical Express? Please get in contact as I would love to hear your stories. Like many of you I am unhappy with (OE), on the basis of what I understand is a breach of my Terms and Conditions and surgery to my eyes!

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 31 May 2017 06:51 #17

  • Vicky Brownhill
  • Vicky Brownhill's Avatar
Same problem as everyone else. Please help! My eye sight is as bad as it was before the surgery. I need further treatment and was offered this elusive lifetime aftercare and yet now, Optical Express don't want to know! What can I do?

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 26 May 2017 10:52 #18

  • T Chandrakumaran
  • T Chandrakumaran's Avatar
Same here, had my treatment in 2010, paid over 3k. What made me choose optical express at that time was their after care package. I have had 2-3 further appointments since my treatment until 2012.

I now have some complications on my right eye and I been asked to pay for check ups and follow up treatment.

I have my papers and will pursue this legally.

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 20 May 2017 13:44 #19

Getting fed up with years of contact lenses and glasses, both myself and my wife Monica went for a free consultation at the Optical Express shop in Wolverhampton in January 2010. The assistant Anita handled our consultation and said that my prescription could be treated with Laser treatment and Monica's prescription could also be treated with Laser treatment even though she had astigmatism. Anita recommended the most advanced treatment at the time, which was Intralase WaveFront, but when we were told the price we had second thoughts and considered treatment abroad, a much cheaper alternative. However, what convinced us to go ahead was the free lifetime aftercare promise, so if any future complications we would both have the protection of free aftercare for life with Optical Express. This promise was the deal breaker.

We both had laser surgery at the Optical Express shop at Merry Hill on February 5th, 2010. After the initial euphoria that came with having almost perfect vision for the following weeks, both me and Monica experienced some complications. I had blurriness in my right eye and Monica suffered very dry eyes.

During the first year we were seeing the Optical Express opticians many times with provision of eye drops and other eye hydration medicines. Eventually in November 2010 I had to have an "enhancement" to my right eye as the optician said that some prescription had returned. So treatment carried on for a few years with both myself and Monica being continuously treated for dry eyes. Both of us were receiving free treatment and only attending Optical Express for eye check ups and taking the advice of the qualified opticians on when to return for our check ups.

We were never really told that our aftercare was considered at an end, since the optician told my wife that they could not effectively cure her dry eyes and to come back whenever she had any problems. Even with the Optical Express shop closing in Wolverhampton and the inconvenience of travelling to Merry Hill, we still went for our free checkups and eye drops. My right eye was getting progressively worse again with the last checkup in 2016. All these years we were both receiving free eye checks and eye moisture drops on demand.

In March 2017 I had to book another eye check up as the right eye was causing me problems. It was then I had the shock of being told that I had to pay for this, also the case for Monica. We were promised free lifetime aftercare and shocked that after almost 7 years of getting this to be told that we now needed to pay for eye checks and eye drops. I refused to pay for the eye check and the assistants at the Merry Hill store seemed quite sympathetic to our complaints and advised us to contact head office. We had retained both our Patient Information Folders that clearly had the Free Lifetime Promise statement included, however, I just wanted to experience first hand how head office would deal with my issue as it seemed that this would effect many thousands of other patients, many who might not have kept their documents.

My first call to head office was the following week, and they said that it would take maximum 28 days to retrieve our documents as they were archived in Newcastle. So after the 28 days passed, I again called the head office and was told that they had reminded clinical services again. I asked what that actually meant and the person said that she didn't know what was happening but she again wrote a reminder, so to me it seemed that no action had been taken.

I had to ring again a few days later, and again left holding on, but for only a few minutes - which was strange as I would normally be left holding for a much longer time. Then I was told that our T&Cs stated that we were only entitled to 12 months of free aftercare. It seemed that this was standard script that they would reserve for any patient querying this matter. I then asked for the email address to complain to head office, and scanned a copy of the Free Lifetime Promise from the Patient Information Folder that I had deliberately not mentioned during my calls to head office. That was on the Friday evening, and funnily enough I got a missed call on the Monday morning, followed up by an email asking to get back in contact with them.

When I told head office that I had both of our copies of the Patient Folder he asked for both hard copies to be sent for them to review and then they would determine if we were entitled to carry on with free aftercare. However, after looking at our records he did say we were in breach of the T&Cs of this lifetime promise as we didn't carry out regular sight test once every two years. It seems they now backtracked on the 12 month only aftercare treatment and went for our alleged breach of T&Cs. I do not think that this breach would have been an issue if we didn't have copies of our Patient folder. We were taking professional advice of the qualified opticians and how this breach does not make senses if we were receiving all these free eye tests? Would we really turn down free eye tests so that we are excluded from receiving free eye tests? Anyway, at this point i could tell that head office was reading from a script, even to a point that they said that they would write a letter within 20/21 days to give the reason that we are excluded from this lifetime promise as we did not have regular eye tests every two years. This is when we felt totally deceived and went on to seek further advice.

I look forward to highlighting our injustice and Optical Express retraction of their free Lifetime promise, which I believe affects not only ourselves, but many others.

May 2014 OE Brochure 16 May 2017 08:40 #20

  • Nigel West
  • Nigel West's Avatar

I am after a copy of the lifetime aftercare guarantee. I was promised this but a couple of house moves means I have lost the original paperwork. I wonder if you might be able to help by providing a copy of it?

Nigel West
admin: Pls email phone number :kiss: