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TOPIC: What Lifetime Guarantee?!

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 07 Dec 2016 12:35 #41

  • Melanie Wilson
  • Melanie Wilson's Avatar
:( I have dry eyes post lasik and have been told I have to pay £50 to see a specialist now because I signed up for only 36 months free aftercare apparently.
Ermm... excuse me, no I did not!! Was told it was lifetime aftercare!! Very angry
admin: I recommend posting your complaint here too :kiss:

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 07 Dec 2016 10:22 #42

  • Denis Korovin
  • Denis Korovin's Avatar

orangeiii wrote: I am a journalist researching a similar story. Would you be willing to talk to me about your issues with OE?

I will talk with any one no problem, and tell all the story.

December 2008 Lifetime Promise! 06 Dec 2016 15:59 #43

  • Denis Korovin
  • Denis Korovin's Avatar
Hi I had my operation in March 2009 and I was promised Lifetime Guarantee as well. Now I have big trouble with one of the eye and I need to pay for check up 80€ and for consulting with with doctor 190€. Not happy at all. Is any way you can email to me this promises of lifetime warenty I need that for my solicitor. My email address: [removed]

admin: Please email request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :kiss:

Liars and thieves 06 Dec 2016 15:09 #44

  • Paul Cartwright
  • Paul Cartwright's Avatar
My wife was told she would receive free aftercare for life when she signed the contract for Laser eye surgery some years ago.

She telephoned last week to order some eye ointment and was told she would have to pay for it. As she was in pain, she paid £32.97 for 3 tubes and was told it would come from Head Office within 2 days.
It has never turned up.

I telephoned today and was informed that Head Office has stated that they will not release the Cream until she has an eye test at a cost of £50. The Branch Manager informed me that she is not due for an eye test as she had her laser surgery so long ago.

I think this approach is tantamount to BLACKMAIL. She has been in pain for a week whilst waiting for this cream.

Liars and thieves 30 Nov 2016 18:39 #45

  • Pauline
  • Pauline's Avatar

yasar goraya wrote: Optical Express are liars and thieves, when i went for my consultation i was advised that aftercare was free - which i understood was for life - it wasn't made clear that free aftercare only lasted 24 months...

Same here. Rang for an appointment for after care because of dry eyes and was told I'd now have to pay £50

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 20 Nov 2016 13:07 #46

  • Clair O'Connor
  • Clair O'Connor's Avatar
I've asked for all my records & they are charging me a fee to provide them as I want the consent I signed to prove the aftercare. I can't use any of the drops but they had told me the next thing they would do would be to cauterise my tear duct shut to help the dry eye but now of course they are saying they'll do nothing without more money!

I'm awaiting my records for £10 charge

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 24 Aug 2016 14:49 #47

  • Joanne
  • Joanne's Avatar
I had eye surgery with OE in 2007, I was told that I would have a lifetime guarantee. I am now been told that I need to pay £50 for an eye test. In the past 9 years I have never paid for an eye test with OE but I am told on the phone that it only lasted a specific length of time. This is utter rubbish. I have even been told by one of the stores if I have my original paperwork they will honor this.

Liars and thieves 18 Aug 2016 14:42 #48

  • yasar goraya
  • yasar goraya's Avatar
Optical Express are liars and thieves, when i went for my consultation i was advised that aftercare was free - which i understood was for life - it wasn't made clear that free aftercare only lasted 24 months, they have done the same to someone else i know.

One word - AVOID.............................

2 Procedures and still need to wear glasses 09 Aug 2016 12:42 #49

  • Samantha Martin
  • Samantha Martin's Avatar
I had my first Lasik procedure just 3 days after my 21st birthday, on 8 November 2010, performed by Dr Khalid Khan.
I was told at the the time that all my aftercare was free and that if I needed more treatments then they would be covered by my lifetime guarantee. So, three years later, when my eyes had deteriorated, I had Lasek treatment under the ‘lifetime aftercare guarantee' on 19 September 2013.
Now again - only three years later - I still can't see properly. I called OE to make an appointment and was told that I would have to pay £50 for this as their aftercare terms have changed.
At this appointment I was told that my vision has deteriorated and that if I want LES again I would need to pay.
This is not what I agreed to because in 2010, when I paid more than £2000 for surgery, I was promised that I would get free lifetime aftercare. So now, not only have I wasted a lot of money, but the side effects I’m left with mean I cannot drive at night, have dry eyes - sometimes so bad that my eyelids won’t open, and I’m told I have to pay for more surgery or wear glasses again!

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 22 Jul 2016 14:55 #50

  • jen
  • jen's Avatar
Exactly the same thing has just happened to me. I had lens replacement surgery in 2012 and have complained of glare and haloes etc since. They always told me to be patient and things would resolve. Now they say I need Yag laser for post capsular opacification and want to charge me £395 per eye. I had always been led to believe that any tweaking would be free so have now asked to be referred to the NHS . I no longer trust them and regret having the surgery.