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What Lifetime Guarantee?! 22 Jul 2016 14:55 #51

  • jen
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Exactly the same thing has just happened to me. I had lens replacement surgery in 2012 and have complained of glare and haloes etc since. They always told me to be patient and things would resolve. Now they say I need Yag laser for post capsular opacification and want to charge me £395 per eye. I had always been led to believe that any tweaking would be free so have now asked to be referred to the NHS . I no longer trust them and regret having the surgery.

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 12 Jul 2016 22:05 #52

  • Patricia Hackett
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I too had lens replacement under the care of Optical Express in 2013 and was happy with the outcome. I was informed that I might later require another procedure but there would be no further payment required.

Last year I had a YAG laser capsulotomy which took less than five minutes and restored my hazy vision immediately, at no extra cost, as I had been told. In fact, no cost has ever been mentioned for follow-up, etc.

At the time I was told there was a build up in my right eye which the surgeon may correct at the same time. However, this wasn't considered bad enough, and I was checked again earlier this year when the eye was still OK (no mention of money was made) and advised to return in six weeks.

I went this week, the eye has worsened and they want to see me again in a month. I'd never seen this optometrist before and he asked me if payment had been mentioned to me, to which I replied no, as I was told all aftercare would be provided without cost for life. I was quite taken aback as the initial cost was quite substantial (paid on finance) and and I assured him that I wouldn't have had the lens replacement done if further monies were to be paid as I certainly couldn't afford it.

I have spoken with Customer Services who have referred me to the original Terms & Conditions whereby it states cover for only one year. This is a disgrace as it was never pointed out to me and certainly I was informed, on more than one occasion, that no further costs would occur. I informed them that my left eye was corrected by YAG last year and no cost was mentioned and she couldn't answer how that had happened!!!

An advice would be truly appreciated. Thanking you in advance.

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 23 Jun 2016 12:54 #53

  • Jemma
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Had laser eye surgery twice, first time in 2010 then again in 2012 - i have been back so many times saying I CANNOT SEE CLEARLY. They give so many excuses, say I have 20 20 vision and that its just dry eyes, have had some many different drops and solutions over the years all of which have been a pain to use and also did nothing to help! I went back today and now they have decided my eyesight is getting worse, said I can buy some glasses or get laser again, they said it wouldn't be as expensive as last time, so i thought OK few hundred pounds i might just pay, but no they want £595 per eye - which is the price that some people pay first time around! If i do end up having to pay again I certainly won't be going back to OE - not getting another penny out of me!! :(
admin: Pls send email with your phone number :kiss:
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What Lifetime Guarantee?! 03 Jun 2016 17:49 #54

  • jaki
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This is a shortened version of my experience….

In 2003 I had lasik eye surgery at the NEWCASTLE branch of Optical Express
In 2005 I was back to wearing specs and had to have surgery done again - but in 2008 I was still wearing specs.
At the start of 2016 I had really bad headaches and was experiencing terrible vision.
I must admit I was very frightened and called OE to make an appointment for a check up. I was told the cost would be £50 - I thought I had free aftercare!!

On 22 March I asked for a copy of my contract and medical records to see if this was correct, because in 2008 I was so disgusted with this company I shredded all correspondence.
They told me I had to pay £10 for my contract and would send me an invoice. Two months later no invoice and when I called OE it turned out they'd sent it to a non existent address!
I finally received my medical records on 26 May - but NO CONTRACT!!!

Would you be able to help me please as I don’t know how or what to do to try and get my money back!!!

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 26 May 2016 18:07 #55

  • Anonymous
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I called Optical Express today to pay the £10 invoice they sent me for the release of my records only to be told that if I want a copy of my contract and T&C's that I need to pay £50. Not happy - again!

December 2008 Lifetime Promise! 25 May 2016 13:11 #56

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This was given to a patient who underwent surgery in 2009 :kiss:

Optical Express Lifetime Promise, December 2008:

'All necessary care and treatment following your laser vision correction procedure at Optical Express is provided free of charge and for life, subject to our Promise Terms'


What Lifetime Guarantee?! 20 May 2016 08:42 #57

  • Phill
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My surgery took place in Southampton in April 2012. I have been back and forth between
my home in Bournemouth and Southampton many times since surgery to try and sort
out my debilitating issues with night-vision, including halos and a 'starburst' effect when looking at lights.
In this time I have been told various things that it will improve with time, that its dry eyes, that I should increase my
omega 3 intake - and more recently an admission from an OE surgeon that I am suffering post laser surgery complications and told I may have to go to London for specialist treatment.
All the trips to Southampton plus the cost of eye drops are taking a financial toll.
No longer confident driving at night I have given up my car which has led to me missing out on career opportunities.
I am now also very worried that OE will also refuse me aftercare - such as it is.

Worst Experience ever 18 May 2016 19:26 #58

  • Donna
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I have had an absolute nightmare with optical express, they have not given me required after-care and have now told me that I must pay for care.
I had my eyes done in March 2014 and not only did it not work but eyes are always dry and sore and even the optician i saw at my last check up in Preston optical express told me that if he had been the one to do the consultation he would have advised me not to go ahead and he couldn't understand why I had even had the surgery (well I was talked into it by the guy who did my consultation that's why!)
My prescription was only slight and the reason I considered surgery was because a few years ago i'd suffered a broken nose and years later my glasses were still hurting my nose. this was the only reason, at my consultation I told him this and he went into full sales pitch, offered me discount but I had to sign up then and there (no going away to think about it, I had to apply for finance and pay the deposit right there on the day.) So I did. One of the things which persuaded me was in fact the free lifetime after-care.
The day after surgery my sight was absolutely amazing but within a month this was fading. At a check up a year ago he said something about my eyes are only .1 improved since before surgery and I do need glasses again, I can use my own glasses if I still have them he said! (As if I kept my old glasses! I had surgery so that I could throw away my glasses) He asked me why with such a small starting prescription I had surgery and I told him, he said that I should never been offered it...He said my only option now is to wait a few year and if my eyesight gets worse have surgery again but they wont do it again yet as it would be too much of a risk. (he assured me at this time that if I need surgery again I would NOT be charged)
My eyes are dry and sore all the time and I have to use 3 types of eye drops daily still....In September I had a check up at Manchester and I was told that I need to go and see the surgeon again and I would have an appointment but I had to call 12 times chasing up (I record all calls) each time being told that someone will call me back, sometimes I do get the promised call back and each time I am told that they are waiting for an appointment to become available at a suitable time for me. Only on the 4th February was I finally told that the only times appointments can be made are at 8.30am or around 4pm, I live 2 hours drive away and I have children in school, also I do not drive so have to get a lift, these times are absolutely not possible for me unless I take my kids out of school for the day which is against the law! They finally made me an appointment for the 17th February during half term. At this appointment I was told that I need large plugs fitted and I would be called with an appointment within two weeks. I have since then called 5 times but have not yet been given an appointment, the reasons given are that only one surgeon can do the fitting and he alternated between Manchester and Liverpool.
I emailed a formal complaint to Optical express and a few weeks ago I received a response telling me that my 2 years free aftr care was now up and that I would be changed for any future check ups and treatment. They included my contract signed which does indeed apear to state 2 years free after care, however this was NOT what I was told when I signed and I do not recall reading that (On the morning of my surgery I was a nervous wreck, shaking and it took them a while to do the surgery as I was too jumpy and almost backed out)
I called again to say that I was still awaiting my appointment and to enquire if I would be charged, having waited so long for appointments it is not my fault that it has taken more than 2 years to get things sorted but theirs. I was told I would get a call back...this was 6 weeks ago, I am still waiting.
I feel that I have paid thousands just to get sore eyes, because there has certainly been no benefit. I work on computers and I have had to take a lot of time off work due to me sore eyes. I went for an eye test at my old opticians and they told me that my prescription is exactly the same and that my eyes look like i've had surgery within the last 3 months! I am absolutely disgusted with the service and after care that I have received. :ohmy:

Which? Conversation 13 May 17 May 2016 16:55 #59

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If you were promised lifetime aftercare @ Optical Express please post here:

If all those people who've contacted me about this issue would take a few minutes to add their comment to the Which? conversation it will encourage press interest...

I can't do it for you :kiss:

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 16 May 2016 14:55 #60

  • Anonymous
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Having found out last Wednesday that I was no longer entitled to free aftercare and sight tests, I called Optical Express's Customer Care and had a heated discussion with them. Not satisfied with the answers that I was getting I requested a call back from a manager. Today I spoke to them and was told that they had gone through my file and that there must have been a cross over period at the time I signed my terms and conditions and that I was in fact entitled to 24 months of free aftercare. They finally sent me a copy of the Nov '14 T&C's which state 24 months of aftercare but only free drops etc for 12 months. I also noticed (remembered) that there is a space for a witness signature, on my original documents. Mine should be blank because I had no-one with me on the day of my surgery to counter sign.

Still not happy with this as the Nov '14 T&C's limit enhancement treatment to the first 12 months, which I do not ever remember being the case, and I would also like them to honour the Free eye tests for life as per their promotional literature given during the sales pitch.