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26 Aug 2013 21:25 #17


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It seems Optical Express have not changed their modus operandi one iota over the years!

1 Oct 2011
this is optical express, although we have asked on several occassions to be taken off their phone list they havent, so last time they rung they were told that to take this as final warning as the next time they phone they will be up on harrassment charges"

26 Aug 2013 21:16 #16


's Avatar

Is McOptom Scottish for Optom :silly:
26 Aug 2013 15:56 #15


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I received the '20/20 or your money back' flyer on 12 July 2013.

This is despite several formal requests to be removed from OEs marketing database!!

I received this message from Stephen Hannan stating that I had been removed from the database on 1 July 2013:

"Dear Mrs____
Thank you for your recent email which was addressed to our Chief Executive Officer.

I note from our records that our Marketing Manager sent you an email of response dated Monday 1st July. Within the content of the response email, an apology was offered and confirmation given that no further marketing literature would be sent to you.

As the most senior patient interface for the Optical Express group, I wish to take this opportunity to echo the apologies afforded by my colleague and to confirm that you will not be sent any further marketing communications.

We now consider this matter to be closed.

Yours sincerely,
Stephen Hannan MCOptom
Clinical Services Director
Optical Express

Yet I am still getting 'win laser eye surgery' offers - insulting and unacceptable!

Matter NOT closed Mr Hannan :angry:
10 Aug 2013 18:49 #14


's Avatar

Dr Schallhorn's title is US bestowed where senior university academics are often called 'professor' simply meaning 'teacher' with no value in the UK.

OE's bio refers to him as a "visiting professor of medicine at Harvard, USC, UCSF, and Baylor Universities."

"In the United States and Canada the title of professor is granted to most scholars with doctorate degrees or equivalent qualifications (typically Ph.D.s)"
09 Aug 2013 23:48 #13


's Avatar

Can anyone tell me if Steve Schallhorn's title of 'Professor' is UK or US bestowed?
05 Aug 2013 18:03 #12


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No doubt OE will spin those people out whom don't achieve 20/20, telling them, "give it time", "all patients heal differently", or "your old prescription still remains, we can re-treat you".

If OE are charging £50 for somebody to get hold of their own medical records, you can guarantee there will a a fat chance you will ever be refunded.