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18 Feb 2020 19:37 #233

Sasha Rodoy

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This card is for Russell Ambrose, as I couldn’t let today slip by without reminding him that this is the NINTH anniversary of my laser eye surgery at Optimax - sadly a day more vividly remembered than most happier days in my life :kiss:

On a positive note, the greedy psychopathic businessman, and negligent surgeon Dr Wilbert Hoe, are the reason that My Beautiful Eyes Foundation and OERML exist.
27 Aug 2019 14:11 #232


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'42 procedures in one day' - and Optimax consider that something to boast about!

No wonder he (and Optimax) has a number of legal claims against him :kiss:

Shame on you Dr Ghassan Ayoubi!

31 May 2019 19:00 #231


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Hey Russell, for transparency and balance don't you think my ’touching patient story’ should be included in your Optimax article :kiss:


'It’s a classic case of “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”, but worsening vision brings a multitude of other health concerns with it – and not just physical health concerns.’

No Russell, I DID know what I had before I made the most regrettable mistake of my life and trusted your lying sleazeball of a surgeon Dr Wibert Hoe with my beautiful healthy eyes!

He irreparably damaged my eyes, and my life, by performing surgery that I should never have had - that you knew I should not have had (documented in Optimax internal emails obtained under my second SAR in 2017, dishonestly not disclosed under my first!) - so that I’m left to suffer pain and countless problems with my eyes, scared of what else may occur in the future.

Russell kept this from me and lied through his teeth (all recorded), knowing that I would NEVER have signed the settlement agreement if I'd found out.

'The link between failing vision and declining mental health has recently been brought to the spotlight. Research over the past few years has highlighted that people suffering from vision loss are twice as likely to suffer from depression as the rest of the population.’

No sh*t Sherlock!

I recently issued my SIXTEENTH legal claim against Russell Ambrose & Optimax (for breach of our Settlement Agreement), because Russell hates to be beaten, so makes me fight for what I am entitled to according to the agreement, bullying me with his very expensive legal team.

And my email to Russell's solicitor last night described his client as ‘sociopathic’, because I don't believe a normal human being could live with their conscience knowing that they are responsible for destroying so many people’s lives, while continuing to do so with zero remorse. (Whereas I think David Moulsdale veers toward psychopathy given what I know about him.)

But I thank Russell for this article, because it’s very helpful to all legal teams representing damaged refractive eye surgery clients, as one lawyer has already advised me.

And I have no doubt that Humpty Dumpty* will therefore be cursing Russell when he reads it.

Meanwhile, I apologise for the fact that I haven’t had time to write the next instalment of 'No More Ms Nice Guy’, which will include details of my secret meeting with Moulsdale in May 2014. But before you jump to conclusions, I assure you it had nothing to do with OERML, entirely about Optimax and Russell Ambrose.

And now I’ve teased you with that little gem, I'm going to have to get the post written soon!

*Russell’s pet name for David Moulsdale, because he hopes OE will fall off the wall and publicly ‘break' before Optimax does.
13 Apr 2019 00:30 #230


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'verb: need; 3rd person present: needs; past tense: needed; past participle: needed; gerund or present participle: needing; modal verb: need

1. require (something) because it is essential or very important rather than just desirable.'

Just saying :kiss:
09 Apr 2019 21:00 #229


's Avatar

Email Optimax CEO [admin edit]
admin: If you have anything constructive or helpful to post you are welcome to do so, but unsubstantiated and cryptic posts don't help my campaign or damaged patients.
Send me documented evidence
04 Apr 2019 12:42 #228


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I stumbled across this website while researching. I had lasik + wavefront eye surgery in 2013. It was successful at first but unfortunately deteriorated within a year. My prescription has changed 3 times since surgery, getting worse each time and I now have to wear glasses again 24/7. I also have dry eyes too now. I recently went back to Optimax for a consultation and they want me to return again in 3 months as the tests showed a change in prescription. I was hoping to ask for advice about the corrective surgery - which is free - what questions should I ask? Is it not advisable at all?
Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards

admin: If you developed dry eyes as a result of laser eye surgery, then it can only get worse if you have further 'corrective' surgery - to correct the results of the ops that you bought to correct your vision initially!
A refund is the only thing I'd want from Optimax - and artificial tears of course, which it's possible you will unfortunately need for the rest of your life