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Dr Seethappa Madhusudan 21 Sep 2016 09:54 #31

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Hi Nick

So sorry to read your story. My eyes were also ruined, at the SAME clinic - Optimax Manchester, by the SAME surgeon - Seethappa Madhusudan. :evil:

I had LASIK on both eyes in November 2012. Following the surgery I suffered terrible depression for several years due to the damage to my eyes.

Right now, my eyes are no better, but I'm feeling ok, time has allowed me to find acceptance of what has happened. I've had to get to this point to stay strong for my two young children.

I try to live life normally again, but the horrors never leave me
- fluctuating vision
- light sensitivity
- dry eye
- ghosting
- eye strain everyday

I too travelled the country from Manchester, to Nottingham, to London, looking for answers.

I feel so sad, seeing time and time again more people going through the same horrendous experience.

Best of luck with getting more attention to your website www.optimaxruinedmyeyes.co.uk/


New website! Optimax Ruined My Eyes (ORME) 17 Sep 2016 16:04 #32

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Hi everyone!

My name is Nick Roberts, I'm 27 and unfortunately had lasik eye surgery at Optimax Manchester clinic in September 2015.

The biggest mistake of my entire life.

This is what’s happened to me in the last 10 months:
19 visits back to Manchester Optimax clinic (140 mile round trip)
1 visit to Optimax Leeds clinic to see a 'specialist'
2 visits to my local eye hospital
1 visit to accident and emergency
Thousands of pounds on drops/gels/ointments/humidifiers/eye packs/sunglasses etc
Depression and anxiety

I suffer from:
Dry eyes
Ghosting (double vision)
Severe eye redness and the growth of veins.

I recently went to a meeting with my surgeon Seethappa Madhusudan and the manager of Optimax Manchester clinic, where it was admitted that there is NO 'fix' for my eyes, the only option is to monitor them and try to live my life.

I actually cried.

My eyes have been ruined by Lasik, it has altered my life, my well being and I am going to pursue justice to the end.

I discovered too late that Dr Seethappa Madhusudan has damaged a number of other people’s eyes - including Ashley Bures aka 'Mr Abs' who used to own 'Optimax Ruined My Life.co.uk' website that vanished along with his Facebook page and review site!

I have set up a new website to warn prospective Optimax and Ultralase customers of the risks they face at these clinics - both owned by Russell Ambrose.

Twitter & Facebook too - please post your stories there!

Back with more about me soon! B)

Optimax Advertising 14 Sep 2016 09:53 #33

  • Caro
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Since my eyes were trashed 9 years ago I've had recurring nightmares, but now I've had a new one, because I cannot believe that I recently saw an Optimax advert with a girl supposedly painting/drawing at an easel!
5 years at art school taught me that the foundation stone for artists is to learn to draw and that this involves training yourself to use your eyes, really, really use your eyes, to observe and study.
Artists need to see really well, and cannot afford to have distortions in their vision, loss of contrast sensitivity, loss of depth of field etc., all common side effects, and to hide the high risks of all these is an outrage. People should not have to struggle to see over 3 different distances with useless varifocals because surgery has ruined their sight, and Optimax must know by now that anyone with artistic and creative careers or hobbies is NOT suitable for surgery.
When will they ever start caring and behave responsibly?

Thousands of patients suffer surgery failure. 15 Jul 2016 21:47 #34

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Hi Gav,
I can tell you why they treat us with such contempt; they want to wear us down to make us go away. I was lied to, lied about and bullied until I wanted to end my life. My Optimax records contain truly filthy lies about my personal life, which my surgeon Malcolm Samuel claimed he knew nothing about. The optometrist Leslie Hudson, who wrote the filth, claims that he told her to put it on my records. They left me with terrible eyesight (and getting worse), and in so much constant pain these past nine years, with no improvement.
Russell Ambrose said he would not give me any compensation, because I would want too much - although I never quoted a figure, and so I have to pay all my eye related expenses myself, while he wastes his money fighting Sasha in court.
Every day, and every night, I am sickened by what these people did to me, because for me, it feels worse than rape, and I will have to live with my injuries for the rest of my life.

Loss of colour perception etc 15 Jul 2016 10:34 #35

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I too had surgery with Optimax and I am also outraged that we were not informed of the loss of contrast sensitivity, along with lots of other facts which were withheld.

I'm not sure it's a case of them assuming we won't mind or notice. I think it's a case of them not caring. Of course we will mind and that's probably why they don't tell us. They don't give a f**k. The only thing they care about is getting our money and giving us the facts would affect that..


The truth!! 27 May 2016 13:31 #36

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Optimax Patients 20 May 2016 11:39 #37

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If Russell is offering a proper Dry Eye clinic, then he absolutely should be listing Laser Eye surgery as one of the modern day and very common causes of dry eye.

He doesn't mention it here www.optimax.co.uk/treatments/dry_eyes/

What a money grabbing idiot.

Optimax joke? 19 May 2016 17:37 #38

  • Jester
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Offered to patients (discount?) after they've had surgery I assume B)

Optimax Patients 05 May 2016 11:43 #39

  • J Armstrong
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3.5 years on and allowing Optimax to ruin my eyes with Lasik is still the biggest regret of my life. It's a daily struggle that so many of us have had to learn to live with. My vision is blurriest in the morning and improves slightly throughout the day, never good though, I get daily eye strain associated with this. I miss so much the comfortable consistently clear vision that I had with glasses/contacts.

I learned too late that eye surgery should only be done if absolutely necessary. Unnecessary elective eye surgery just makes healthy eyes sick.

Optimax what you and others like you are doing to people is inhumane.

Complaints - It is a farce 07 Mar 2016 16:55 #40

  • Abdul
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Nahida Khan has now left Optimax and is an adjudicator with the Financial Ombudsman. This is a farce. After giving out rubbish to Optimax patients who knows what kind of justice she is going to give at the FO.
admin: Much as I’d love to I am not willing to allow the rest of this post. Anonymity is fine, but please be honest about your interests as far as possible.