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PROTEST 30 Jun 2015 20:05 #71

  • Jane
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Manchester - count me in!

PROTEST 27 Jun 2015 13:19 #72

  • jOHN
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OPTIMAX CRAPPED ON US ALL 27 Jun 2015 13:09 #73

  • Ahmad
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:( Is it true that Optimax are closing their clinics all over the place which means that as they have cocked up on my laser eye treatment, i dont have a remedy. I am getting fobbed up and being told that I have to go to the NHS? Is this legal? Optimax did my operation and now they are passing me off to the NHS. I cant believe this. I want to know why?????I am in PAIN. I was getting my drops and aftercare free but they decided to stop it because one of the manager told me that Beata McManus and Russell Amrose has advised this. Who are these people? Are they suffering too? They have now threatened to get rid of all their staff and clinics so what happens to us - Optimax patients? The complaints people at Optimax are rubbish. Ihave already contacted Mrs Nahida Khan and a Pushppa Patel but they have done nothing. The Southend staff told me to contact these managers - Beata McManus abnd Russell Amrose immediately and see if they can help as they are mangers and owners. They are hiding but they cant - can anyone help me.

Optimax Aftercare Complaints 27 Jun 2015 12:58 #74

  • A
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I am shocked that Optimax Hull and other clinics are closing. What about my aftercare? I can't travel and have severe dry eye problems and Optimax have totally given me **** service. A friend of mine demanded her deposit back but the Optimax staff told us that it was not possible and we should complain to Russell Ambrose and Beata McManus. I was told to write to the London office and make sure that I get my money back. Please help Sasha. Or should we all start a protest....What the hell do I do my my treatment? Optimax said they won't pay for my drops and staff said that if the clinic closes we are stuffed - write to the Russell Ambrose and Beata McManus.....or can you help Sasha???

Optimax Patients 22 Jun 2015 10:45 #75

  • Ashley Richards
  • Ashley Richards's Avatar
Jane this advert says what we all need to now about this insidious crippling industry DO NOT TRUST THEM WITH THEIR LASERS !

Seriously?? 15 Jun 2015 21:57 #76

  • Jane
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They must be having a laugh, one would think that my details should not be on their mailing list!


Damaged by Optimax! 15 Jun 2015 19:41 #77

  • Jane
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Add me to the long list of people damaged by Optimax. I have suffered everyday since Lasik in 2012.
Optimax are an utter disgrace and need to be stopped.
I am very willing to talk to the press about my terrible life changing experience with Optimax!
I too will be attending court to see Sasha take on Russell Ambrose.

Optimax Patients 14 Jun 2015 22:48 #78

  • Ashley Richards
  • Ashley Richards's Avatar
Lost sight again with a bilateral corneal abrasion attack, spent much of my early morning writhing around in pain!
This is seven years and six operations since my surgery at Optimax.
What a cr•p deal we all got... the countdown has begun!

Lies on my records 14 Jun 2015 18:28 #79

  • Caro
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When Sasha exposes Russell Ambrose in court it might be just the right time to reveal to the press what Optimax wrote in my records; the press should love it, but I don't think anyone who reads it will ever have their eyes treated by Optimax!!!

Optimax Patients 14 Jun 2015 17:04 #80

  • Amanda
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It's beggars belief that this guy has no sympathy for any of us damaged victims. Like Jan, I’m another who will not be silenced and I will never go away, I will tell everyone about this sick industry. What kind of company sees a person walking around the house blind after another serious corneal abrasion attack, yet makes no contact to try and help in any way? Optimax!

You mean nothing to them, they want your money and it’s tough if you end up damaged. Did I sign up for this life changing experience? No I didn’t.
After I did an interview for the Daily Mail and put up a YouTube video Optimax offered to pay for all the eye drops and medication I’ve needed over the past 8 years IF I gave them the receipts and took down the video!!!
It's OK though Mr Ambrose, you can sit smug for now but just remember I’m a firm believer in what goes around comes around.

I’ll be another one attending court to see Sasha take on Russell Ambrose and I will talk to the press and show them all the photos of my damaged eye.
See you in court!
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