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Russell Ambrose 13 Jun 2015 11:22 #81

  • Caro
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The ruined eyesight and constant pain have not been the only life changers for me, but also the lies that I have had to endure. I stand by Sasha Rodoy, who is strong, clever and kind, and works relentlessly to correct a corrupt and filthy industry.
Russell Ambrose should be ashamed of himself, because he could have worked with Sasha to improve the whole industry instead of fighting against her. I remember when Sasha was representing me in meetings with him she told me he had asked her how he could weed out the patients like me who would complain if they ended up with problems!

Fuchs dystrophy and corneal erosions 12 Jun 2015 19:57 #82

  • Ashley Richards
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Hi Amanda, you may be aware I too was crippled by surgery at Optimax and am so angry reading your story.

Briefly, my problem started on the third day after surgery on 8th July 2009 with Dr Imran Khurshed after massive displacement of the flap cut in my eye. This was directly after the contact bandage was removed earlier that day.
I have a problem sometimes find the correct term to describe the erosions because as you know the pain is disabling and like no other you can describe.

I have had up to 50 percent of the eye epithelia fall away, you could actually see it sliding down the surface of the eye like a rug slipping and over lapping.

I've had treatment at Moorfields to help with this and am going back on 14th July for more investigations before the next intervention. This will be the fifth surgery if needed, so far two lots in each eye.

My problems are bilateral. The second part of my cornea problem arose from the laser surgery in that my assessment was so badly done they missed I had a disease called Fuchs dystrophy, a contraindicator for the surgery I had. My cornea was dying and the cell count was reduced but Optimax described it as a ‘thinnish’ cornea to make me a candidate!! They just wanted the money, nothing else counted.

My reason for litigating against Optimax was that they failed me, and others like me, and the only kind word I heard was from the clinic manager who whispered in my ear, "get legal advice!”.

I hope we can speak at some point and I have asked Sasha to give you my contact details.


www.lasereyenightmare.com 12 Jun 2015 18:17 #83

  • Jan F
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Hello all, my name is Jan Fearnley and my eye was permanently damaged by surgery at Ultralase - now owned by Russell Ambrose, CEO of Optimax. My story, or part of it, can be found here: www.lasereyenightmare.com

I'm aware that Sasha is facing the prospect of 2 days in court with Mr Ambrose, and that many people who have had awful, terrible, life-changing experiences at the hands of these people have been 'gagged'.

Sasha, I want you to know that I have not been gagged, nor were the people I spoke with before they were pressured to accept money for their silence. So, if you need me, I will be right there by your side in court, and I will tell my story to the press, and the stories of the others who have been bullied into silence.

I am here for you and I will speak out for them too. They will not silence me!

We all know that it can be a very difficult battle to obtain justice against these huge soulless, greedy companies - especially when one can barely see - and I have been following your campaign and wish you all the very best.

Ultralase were a total disgrace, as were my solicitors. Thank you for shining a light onto the grubby world of high street eye surgery clinics, and for all the support you offer the many people whose lives have been adversely affected by these *******s.

When my eye was ruined, I felt completely isolated, and very, very frightened. But thanks to you, others who have had their lives ruined by these negligent and ruthless companies can now obtain information, support and understanding.

Thank you for reading, and I wish for everyone reading this that their eyes will improve. I know, but we can only hope...

See you in court Mr Ambrose :)

Optimax Patients 05 Jun 2015 19:50 #84

  • Caro
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My Optimax records said that my complaints were "vague" when in fact I was describing classic symptoms. They didn't want to know because they'd had my money so Malcolm Samuel did not want to waste his time on me. I only saw him on my 3rd post op visit, even though I had explained that I was having very worrying problems, when he told me that I should be grateful that I am not blind, and if I did not like the result, I should have thought about it before having the treatment. He told me that there were no such complications as mine, which is nonsense, and that the treatment would not cause the symptoms that I described - he was talking about my loss of contrast sensitivity. He also played down all the other complications I suffered.

A few people (including Sasha who represented me at meetings with Russell Ambrose) know that my records contain some truly shocking and untrue comments about my personal life, which I believe were put there to try and silence me. Even Russell Ambrose cringed when he read them. My husband and I met him after Sasha arranged a meeting for us.
Malcolm Samuel told the GMC that he was shocked that the optometrist had written these comments, but she told the GOC that he knew about it.

Optimax Patients 05 Jun 2015 18:49 #85

  • Ashley Richards
  • Ashley Richards's Avatar
These are my notes from Optimax - ring any alarm bells for those who've been fobbed off?

Tese are my actual notes obtained by my acting solicitor.

Operation day, 8th July 2009: first major erosion 11th July flap fell away the very same day they took away my contact bandage felt like nothing I could explain!!

Reviewing medical records from Optimax

16/07/09 - optician says cysts on the eye and px quite concerned. Micro-cysts, nothing abnormal.
22/07/09 - LE uncomfortable this am. Vision variable. Unusual cornea appearance. Lacrilube at night both eyes.
27/07/09 - Suitable for epilasik with MMC due to thinnish corneas
26/08/09 - Some corneal haze, scar interiorly form epith erosion.
08/10/09 - Not good, can see scar tissue when moves eyes and feels sick. Can be quite dry. Some mild epithelial disruption. Cannot explain syptoms, quite vague. Should see surgeon.
04/11/09 - Over corrected left eye.
10/12/09 - Pt insisting eye drops caused a stroke. Doesn't understand
03/03/10 - was in severe pain, keep eye moisturised, a+e visit due to pain, hes epthilium very unstable, feels has messed his life up. briefly advised px dryness causing most problems
21/04/10 - feels risks of dry eye not explained
Consent form - reversal results, dry eyes
03/03/10 - consultation in London: Dry eye symptoms are better and vision improving - whose eyes was Dr Malcolm Samuel looking into?

Bullsh*t every day experiencing same problems, will say more later. :angry:

Health & safety issues 05 Jun 2015 08:37 #86

  • The Truth Fairy
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Cornea Surgeon not OE wrote: • The surgeon's gloves are supposed to be sterile, but at 1:00 (minutes in) and again at 1:48 he touches the patient's head, which has definitely not been sterilised, and continues surgery without changing gloves.

OMG! Of course this seems obvious now, but when I had my surgery at Optimax the surgeon Malcolm Samuel rested his 'sterile' gloves on my forehead while working!
Do these cowboys have no respect for their patients' precious eyes?
admin: See General Chat topic to read review from 'Cornea Surgeon not OE' :kiss:

Nidek laser machines 03 Jun 2015 11:03 #87

  • Caro
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Hi Ashley, I'm so sorry that Optimax ruined your eyes too! I don't really know your whole story, but I think that you should put it right here for everyone to read, because people need to know what kind of treatment they might get from Optimax. I'm guessing the Nidek laser caused a problem? Am I correct in thinking there have been problems with these? I had Epilasek and wavefront with an Optimax Nidek laser 8 years ago, and my eyesight has been dreadful ever since, and is now getting worse. I'm also getting even more sensitive to light, which was only a slight problem at first. I am very interested in your story, and I've no doubt everyone who reads these posts would be!

Nidek laser machines 03 Jun 2015 09:45 #88

  • Ashley Richards
  • Ashley Richards's Avatar
Nidek state that specifications from country to country will vary, so there is no benchmark that can be relied upon.


The CQC need to look into this!!!

This is the balloon I wish I'd never seen at Optimax!


Optimax ruined my life... 26 May 2015 20:22 #89

  • Ashley Richards
  • Ashley Richards's Avatar
Nice to hear from you Jane one of the best corners I turned was to the RNIB. I recommend some of their services as I had emotional support from trained counselors which have really helped pull me back from this troubled place.
I have asked Sasha to share my email address with you so I can talk about it in more detail if you would like to.

Optimax ruined my life... 25 May 2015 19:23 #90

  • Jane
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Hi Ashley, thank you for your words of support.

Like you, Optimax has taken away my quality of vision, quality of life, and total well being, thanks to lasik surgery. I feel so tired with it most of the time, but somehow I keep going. But I have to, I'm 33 with two very young children.

I long for the day that Optimax and the rest like them are closed down and no longer able to carry on destroying other peoples lives.

I would like to read your story.

Thanks again for your support.