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Optimax Scamming NHS? 27 Aug 2014 12:34 #151

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I cannot understand WHY the government is allowing this to go on? I had to wait months to see an NHS consultant after my GP referred me with a serious condition (I am not saying the problems anyone is suffering from eye surgery are not serious). Then I waited another six months before I was able to have the operation I desperately needed.

There is an accepted shortage of funding and services within the NHS so why is wealthy businessman Russell Ambrose allowed to get away with burdening the NHS with the costs of treating his patients left with problems after being operated on at Optimax and Ultralase??

Russell Ambrose ultimately took the money for his obviously incompetent surgeons to operate on these patients and it is Russell Ambrose who should be meeting the costs for decent surgeons to fix the problems they've caused! NOT the NHS and NOT the tax payer.

I will be writing to my MP about this because it is not right by any stretch of the imagination!

Optimax Scamming NHS? 25 Aug 2014 19:31 #152

  • Mr Abs
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An NHS surgeon working for Optimax is unethically sending patients to the NHS for help with post op problems to save his employer (Russell Ambrose) money!!

A few weeks ago a young woman contacted me with details of the serious problems she is suffering after surgery performed by Optimax Medical Director, Dr Amir Hamid, who is also worryingly employed by the NHS!

Last week the woman met with Optimax surgeon Dr Samer Hamada - who is also employed by the NHS.

Dr Samer Hamada joined Optimax in 2013 and deals with their many problem patients who are sent to see him at the Ultralase/Optimax clinic in Harley Street.


Expecting help from Dr Hamada the young woman was surprised when he told her that Optimax do not have the expertise or facilities to help her any further!

Lifetime aftercare guarantee?

Instead, Dr Samer Hamada told the Optimax patient to ask her GP for a referral to an NHS specialist - and refused to provide any aids or treatment to help her chronic dry eyes and MGD because he said they wouldn’t give her long term relief and were TOO EXPENSIVE!

Would Samer Hamada tell his NHS patients this I wonder?

The scam works like this:

• Patient pays Optimax to have treatment - Optimax profits.
• Patient has problems - Optimax can’t or won’t help.
• NHS surgeon working for Optimax tells patient to go to NHS - at NO cost to Optimax.
• NHS pays for patient’s expensive reparative treatment + medication.
• Optimax save money - CEO Russell Ambrose is very happy with pet NHS surgeon.

Btw, the government also pays sickness/unemployment benefits to patients unable to work due to surgery gone wrong at Optimax and other high street clinics.

Russell Ambrose owns Ultralase Eye Clinics Ltd - which must not be confused with Ultralase Clincs Ltd because Russell put that into administration to write off millions in debt!

Sasha Rodoy and MP John McDonnell have advised the government that the high street industry is costing the NHS millions of pounds - but the government are listening to industry lobbyists!

Optimax CEO Russell Ambrose asked to meet with John McDonnell earlier this year:
"I have noted your interest in regulation of laser eye surgery. I would like to meet with a view to discussing how I can support you in this area."

John’s PA advised Russell that the MP was too busy and he should meet with Sasha Rodoy, who is working closely with John campaigning for government regulation.

Russell has met with Sasha many times, but the last thing he wants to talk about is regulation, so I wonder what he intended to offer John ;)

Optimax Offers Ultralase Patient Compensation 14 Aug 2014 09:43 #153

  • Mr Abs
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In January 2013 Cathy had lasik eye surgery at Ultralase Ltd, owned by Russell Ambrose.

As a result of her surgery Cathy has suffered endless pain and problems. In September 2013 she was diagnosed with Keratitis.

When Russell Ambrose bought Ultralase Ltd in 2012 he published a statement online that he would honour the company's ’Lifetime Aftercare’ guarantee. (No surprise that this statement has vanished from the Optimax site and elsewhere.)

When he put the company into administration eleven months later Ambrose told the same patients they would have to pay for ongoing aftercare treatment.

On March 17 2014 BBC Wales consumer programme ‘X-Ray’ featured one woman’s story about how she’d been left with problems after surgery at Ultralase and had been refused the aftercare she’d been guaranteed when she paid for her surgery. Russell Ambrose then gave a statement to the programme that he would honour all 'Lifetime Aftercare’ guarantees after all.

NB: I have been contacted by a number of Ultralase patients who have told me they are NOT getting free aftercare, not even eyedrops!

I can relate to this as Russell Ambrose has not provided me with much needed ‘guaranteed lifetime’ aftercare and I am about to start Small Claims Court proceedings. Even Sasha Rodoy has done this recently - and she has a binding legal agreement with Russell :(

I will be posting details at a later date for anyone else who wants to take legal action via the Small Claims court.

To avoid lengthy litigation Cathy told the Ultralase and Optimax CEO that she would accept an out of court compensation settlement. Russell Ambrose offered only £5,000, which Cathy reasonably argued was not enough!

Be in no doubt - Russell Ambrose is the “Senior Management Team”, the only person who makes financial decisions and decides how much he will pay in compensation.

Interested to see the terms of the agreement and what rights she was expected to sign away for such a paltry sum, Cathy told Nahida Khan to send it for her consideration.

This is very enlightening:[/b]

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My Personal Disaster Story

November 2013 - Ultralase was placed into Administration.

Optimax / Ultralase Scam! 09 Aug 2014 16:51 #154

  • Mr Abs
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In December 2012 Optimax owner Russell Ambrose bought "Ultralase Ltd” for an alleged £10 million. Less than a year later he put the company into administration and rid himself of problem patients and millions of pounds worth of debt - and presumably tax owed to HMRC.

But there’s a twist in the tale!

Companies House records show that "Ultralase Eye Clinics Ltd” was founded on 25 March 2013 by Mr Andrew Davis. No mention of Russell Ambrose becoming a Director until 1 October 2013.

Note that Ultralase Ltd went into administration on 30 October 2013!

A scam? It’s completely legal!


Optimax short of money! 08 Aug 2014 22:42 #155

  • Mr Abs
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Finding discrepancies between two copies of my Optimax Patient Consent Form, I asked Russell Ambrose to send me the hard copy.

He obliged - without paying postage! I had to collect from the Post Office delivery office in person and pay the £2.83 unpaid postage!

Money must really be tight for Optimax - imagine what it’s going to be like after the Which? report in September


LOL!! 03 Aug 2014 15:14 #156

  • Anionymosity
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I googled Imperial Staff and discovered Mrs Optimax owns a string of 'upstairs downstairs' type companies supplying nannies and household staff to wealthy families like her own.

I did chuckle when I saw that Imperial Nannies are offering £250 for referrals!! I wonder who thought of that :unsure:


Optimax Directors 03 Aug 2014 12:53 #157

  • LESlies
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Optimax is very much a family business. Mrs Sara Jane Ambrose is a Director of her own company Imperial Staff as well as Optimax. She was also a Director with Ultralase Ireland Ltd.



Allegations re Russell Ambrose 03 Aug 2014 09:05 #158

  • Mr Abs
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Dr Malcolm Samuel 31 Jul 2014 15:17 #159

  • Anonymous Coward
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Caro wrote: "Vast experience of dealing with all kinds of intra-operative and post-operative complications."


Definitely worrying - the complications were all at Optimax!

Dr Malcolm Samuel 31 Jul 2014 09:34 #160

  • Caro
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Well I think Malcolm Samuel looks much cuter with his glasses on, but having looked at his LinkedIn profile, I was horrified to read:
"Vast experience of dealing with all kinds of intra-operative and post-operative complications."
Am I the only person to find this worrying?