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Dry eye/MGD post surgery - NOT minor complication! 16 Jan 2014 12:08 #221

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I am a Consultant anaesthetist and pre surgery my prescription was only -0.75/-1.75.

Like Mr Abs, I was also a patient of Dr Seethappa Madhusudan,

I had a couple of friends at work who had been reasonably happy with PRK and wrongly considered the main risk of dry eye as 'trivial', so I foolishly went ahead with bilateral PRK at Optimax's Manchester clinic in 2001.

I was then ignored by Optimax for 12 years whilst suffering with chronic dry eye. The only follow up advice I had was phone calls from Optimax optometrists telling me to use hypromellose drops.

The reality of dry eye is that it is disabling with unrelenting pain. Over 12 years I attended the local A&E countless times with painful corneal ulceration leading to scarring.

I had no problems before PRK, had perfect vision with glasses and no dry eye. (Funny how MGD just 'appears' after refractive surgery.)

It was only last year when I emailed my local MP to support the My Beautiful Eyes campaign for regulation of this industry, copied to Russell Ambrose, that I was contacted by Dr Malcolm Samuel.

At my wits end by this time I had already made an appointment at a private clinic, which Dr Samuel told me Optimax would fund.

I was put on doxycycline, along all the usual treatment for MGD / blepharitis (heat, lid hygiene etc). This helped for about 6 months but I am now back to square one.

I still have severe dry eye and blepharitis. I was back in eye casualty in March 2013 with another corneal ulcer (very painful) and also in November 2013 (see photo).

My eyes are permanently red and I have multiple scars from previous ulcers. Dr Samuel is now "available" for follow up appointments. However, I fully understand my condition and it's just a case of trying to mitigate blepharitis / dry eye in the usual way, combined with the occasional eye casualty visit with corneal ulceration.

Nothing more can be done.

Struggling at work in the operating theatre environment I have no doubt this will cut short my career as dry eye will get worse with age. Such a waste after so many years of hard work, studying and exams.

The take home message for potential eye surgery patients at Optimax (or elsewhere), is to be aware that dry eye is a common complication and should NOT be dismissed as a trivial one. It is NOT a case of just using a few eye drops as you might with contact lenses.

Imagine needles being stuck in your eyes, or having to lit the lid up with your fingers because it's stuck to the eye ball!

The quality of life for a dry eye sufferer will deteriorate considerably as the pain and irritation is continual, and the condition distracting. Before refractive surgery, you need to fully consider how disabling it will be to 'pause' your daily activities whilst applying eye drops just to gain maybe one hour's relief.

I fully appreciate that many of you have suffered more than I, but want to share my experiences becuase at the end of the day, we all want to avoid others making the same mistake we did.

ULTRALASE 29 Dec 2013 10:07 #222

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In July 2010 I had Lasik wavefront at Ultralase in Chelmsford. There was a problem during the procedure as the surgeon had to replace the suction ring on my left eye 5 times before treatment.

My eyes never reached the goals they promised me, particularly my left, which is my dominant eye.
After countless revisits at my expense and much bulls**t they finally agreed to perform lasek on my left eye in Sept 2012.

The result is worse now than before. I have a kind of mono vision, which I declined as an option from the outset. My left eye has a very narrow depth of vision from about 2ft to 4ft in front of me, and I have double vision in the distance, and a constant feeling of gungy eye.

I was told in January 2013 that Ultralase had been taken over by Optimax, and that my lifetime guarantee would still be honored.

The last talk I had with them was that I was to be referred for an artificial lens, which I don't want. I was to have a meeting in London with the Medical Director Amir Hamid, this would have cost me a further £250 in lost wages and travel expense as he only visited London from Birmingham one day a week during the week.

I declined the appointment, mainly because I did not want an artificial lens, and while awaiting a call from them to discuss other options, I learned that the clinic had closed.

I contacted Optimax complaints department and spoke to a woman named Jane who informed me that I would not get any refund.

I wrote to "ReSolve" who are handling administration for Ultralase, asking for a refund of my money. They replied with a letter basically telling me that my claim was not valid.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you!! 15 Dec 2013 20:53 #223

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Hi Sasha,

I just want to say a huge thanks for all your hard work helping to finally get my refund from Optimax. After hitting a wall trying to get some compensation for my deteriorating vision 6 years post op you've been amazing in fighting my corner!

Not sure I would have had the patience to keep challenging their arguments / obstructions. Good luck with all your efforts and I hope the government soon start to realise the severity of this issue.

Thanks again!!

Dan (York)
admin: Thanks for the flowers Dan, they're gorgeous!

Eye eye ;) 11 Dec 2013 15:57 #224

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"There is no additional charge for having your second eye treated on a different day."

But it would cost Optimax extra time/money which is why they don't offer to do one eye at a time unless asked!!!

Email marketing 10 Dec 2013 18:54 #225

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Whoever sent this should have gone to Specsavers!


Optimax Ruined Sasha Rodoy's Life! 08 Dec 2013 22:54 #226

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Mr Abs Dishes the Dirt! 21 Oct 2013 23:06 #227

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Nice glasses Dr Hoe!

Mr Abs Dishes the Dirt! 20 Oct 2013 21:30 #228

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Optical Express have complained to Nominet (again) claiming that Sasha Rodoy's OERML site is an "advertorial" for Optimax, its registration paid for by Russell Ambrose. Did they not notice the Optimax threads on the OERML Forum?!

Optical Express are presumably taking advantage of the legally enforceable 'gagging order' included in Sasha Rodoy's personal injury settlement with Optimax, a copy of which OE claimed to have in anonymous posts on a now closed forum.

Sasha may be unable to speak out, but I can tell you categorically that OE's claims about OERML are not only nonsensical, they are downright LIES!

I have in my possession copies of at least four recorded meetings between Ms Rodoy and Russell Ambrose where he is clearly heard in each one trying to broker a deal for Sasha to accept £200,000 from David Moulsdale to take down the OERML site. He tells her it is damaging Optimax as much as it is Optical Express.

Sasha may not be able to speak out publicly against Optimax, but I can! So let me assure anyone who might think otherwise, I know Sasha Rodoy personally and can tell you she has as much contempt for Russell Ambrose as she does for David Moulsdale - if not more!

"Advertorial for Optimax" - I think not! I will submit my own evidence to Nominet to discredit OE's claim.

Unlucky for Sasha when surgeon Dr Wilbert Hoe damaged her eyes in February 2011, but certainly lucky for the rest of us, because otherwise this industry would continue unregulated with free rein to damage the lives of 1,000s more trusting individuals!

More about OE's Nominet complaint here:

NB: Dr Wilbert Kok-Chwan Hoe retired in 2012 & is about to be sued by another Optimax patient he operated on only one month after Sasha! How many more we wonder?

www.optimax.co.uk/our_surgeons/laser_eye_surgeon_dr_hoe.aspx [/b]

Optical Express Saved by founder David Mou(l)sdale 26 Sep 2013 09:48 #229

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My eyes were ruined at Optimax in Leeds and I was sent to the neighbouring NHS hospital, where I was told by a young optometrist, not to worry, because they saw many patients damaged by the high street laser clinics!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say, it did worry me. In my opinion the sooner these places shrink and disappear altogether, the better. A rock to creep under, is all these people need.

OPTIMAX LASER EYE SURGERY - Russell Keith Ambrose 22 Sep 2013 13:34 #230

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My whole life was damaged after I decided to have laser eye surgery at Optimax.

Russell Ambrose, owner of Optimax and Ultralase, claims that laser eye surgery DID NOT cause MGD, or STARBURSTS and GHOSTING - none of which I suffered before laser eye surgery!

I am also left with yellow blobs forming around my eyes which I have to regularly prick with a pin.

Hear how my right eye was left with laser decentration caused by negligent Optimax surgeon Dr Seethappa Madhusudhan MD MS FRCS (Ed) MS Ophth

Two previous Optimax Medical Directors, Dr Malcolm Samuel and Professor Jan Venter (now @ Optical Express) were guilty of serious negligence. Both of their damaged patients were paid off.

Mark received approx 45k after surgeon Dr Malcolm Samuel programmed the wrong laser setting, and Myra a mere 200k after being left blinded for a year thanks to Professor Jan Venter, not knowing if she would ever regain her sight!

Russell didn’t care!

Optimax's recently appointed Medical Director, Dr Amir Hamid, is also in the midst of a negligence claim! If Optimax's MDs can't get it right, who can you trust?

My world has been turned upside down & my career destroyed thanks to Russell Ambrose and Optimax - also responsible for damaging My Beautiful Eyes campaigner Sasha Rodoy's eyes!

Dr Wilbert Hoe, the surgeon responsible, retired last year and escaped being sued - after Russell paid Sasha off, with a gagging order - or thought he did! But now another patient with similar problems caused by Dr Hoe is preparing legal proceedings!

More information about Optimax & Ultralase here:

Series of 10 YouTube videos with more to come soon:

I will be posting more information here soon and you're welcome to contact me:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.