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31 Aug 2020 09:38 #527


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Just got the letter saying the remaining £150 had been put back onto my husbands credit card.
As I'm in Scotland, MCOL doesn't apply, so Sasha advised that as OE is not legally entitled to keep any of the deposit, I should claim the money back via my credit card provider, which in my case is RBS.

Their phone number for retail disputes is: 0800 904 7015. After you phone them, they will email you a letter detailing what info they need from you to dispute the transaction.
You can email them back with the attachments.

The whole process was very straightforward and took about a fortnight.

Big thanks to Sasha for all her help!
15 Aug 2020 13:10 #526


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Although my deposit refund is delayed a week 'only' (not as long as most victims), I feel panic after reading the topics!
I booked the eye laser surgery and paid the deposit by credit card under the pressure after doing the eye test at the end of June. I have cancelled the appointment the day after by email, and received a call back said the deposit would be paid back in 28 working days. However I receive nothing so far. I emailed the customer care and called to them in this Wed, they told me 'related department' will contact me in 48h, but no one called me. So I tried emailing my consultant of the eye test, but the email is bounced back. I have no idea what's going on, and I need to go back to my country in two months. Could you please help me?
admin: Send email with your phone number to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :kiss:
27 Jul 2020 18:24 #525


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This is just to add that OE did contact me regarding the deposit refund BUT wanted to refund only £350 of the £500. I told them I did not sign any terms and condition and was not obliged to forfeit £150 out of my deposit...

They promised to check it but have not got back to me for nearly one and half month so far... it is very frustrating and I think I have to take legal action...

admin: Please email me for details to make a complaint to the GOC :kiss:
11 Jul 2020 07:28 #524


's Avatar


I’m relieved to say that my money was refunded from optical express earlier this week, following many months of contacting them regarding the matter. I’ve spoken to several customer service agents and Allan McEwan. The most recent one resulted in a a phone call (on a very broken phone line!) from Scotland confirming that it would be paid back within 8-10 days. At least that’s what I gathered from the call, again it was really hard to hear over the line. Anyhow, they seem to have repaid me on the same day as I got the phone call, 9 July 2020. A good 4 months after my initial consultation.

Many thanks to you Sasha for all your help!
09 Jul 2020 16:30 #523


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13 May 2020 20:13 Eric wrote: I am awaiting a refund from Optical Express for £7490 which is a lot of money. This refund is what I paid for Lens exchange surgery that was scheduled for 11th March 2020 which they cancelled on the day of the of the scheduled surgery as I have health issues that they knew about when they took my money!
I was already at Optical Express Bridgewater Wellness Clinic in Manchester when they cancelled this surgery. I did not even see the surgeon on the day of the expected surgery, who was Dr Pedro Muel-Gonzalez.
I was told that I had to pay a deposit which was for £500 which I paid on 31st January. I was also told I had to pay for the surgery in full before the scheduled date and I paid £6.990 on 28th February.
I have repeatedly telephoned and e-mailed Optical Express to no avail requesting a refund. I am aware they have given refunds to other customers but they still refuse to acknowledge when they will give me my refund.
I have advised them I am a vulnerable pensioner and I am experiencing hardship during the present Covid restrictions but they are still declining to pay back the refund due to me.

5 July:
I paid Optical Express by DEBIT Card and i have been distressed and anxious as I was unsure how protected my money was because I realise that paying by CREDIT Card is a much safer way of paying for goods and services as you have more of a redress/chance of getting your money back. However, as a last resort I contacted my bank to appeal to them for assistance to obtain a refund from Optical Express. I am pleased to be able to say that HSBC took up this dispute with Optical Express on my behalf and managed to retrieve all the monies owing to me.
I despair at the possible outcome of this situation without the intervention of HSBC. I would advise anyone who is awaiting a refund from Optical Express to contact their own bank and ask them to become involved in the dispute on their behalf.
admin: It should be noted that in cases like this the bank essentially loans you the money whilst they try to get it back from the company, but if unsuccessful you will have to repay the bank :kiss:
30 Jun 2020 04:35 #522


's Avatar

I am also waiting for my £500 deposit back..
Opitcal Empress’s head office told me the finance department was shut due to Covid and I could not have my my refund until it opened, which should be 1st July. Well that’s a lie, if you got refunded in a June. This company seems to say what ever they can to get your money.
I cancelled my lens replacement surgery due to being told conflicting advice my different members if their staff. Optical Express feels me with dread and cannot be trusted. I am so glad I made the right decision to cancel with them.