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08 Jun 2022 07:45 #612

Denise deAgo

Denise deAgo's Avatar

Dear Sasha

I would just like to thank you for all your help. I received my full £500 back from optical express

Thank you for what you do. God bless you

Kind Regards

28 May 2022 11:31 #611


Mutanthamster's Avatar

I booked in for eye surgery with Optical Express a week ago, then I saw this website and cancelled.

After another week of thinking things over I thought that the cases I’ve read here are most probably unfortunate isolated cases, much like what we have seen over covid and some of the apparent vaccine injuries.

I’m here thinking I’ve worn extended wear contacts for 20 years. Only had one infection in that time, my eyes are healthy, my prescription isn’t too bad -4 so I should be fine for LASIK.

But because of this website I keep thinking What if? What if I’m one of the unfortunate ones. My eyes are healthy, why have unnecessary surgery and slice it open.

So I’m cancelling again, I expect they will try to keep half of the deposit.

However I just want to say thank you to everyone for sharing their experiences and I’m sorry to read what many of you are going through. Losing my sight or having eternal eye pain is one of my biggest fears and it must be extremely tough to live with, not only the pain and visual problems but also the regret of having the surgery done.

Without this website I’m sure many more people would be signing up in droves without realising the potential implications and trusting in the word of the surgeons and staff.

We like to think that if something were unsafe it would be closed down by the authorities, however this doesn’t seem to be the case. The vast majority of people who have it I’m sure are fine, I certainly know several who sware by it which convinced me.

However why weaken the integrity of the eyeball for convenience?

Nah bonkers. I’m sticking with glasses and contacts, (must stop going in swimming pools in contacts though).

Thanks all and hope those who are suffering manage to find a solution.
admin: Your thanks appreciated, but this is a very underused site, and I can assure you that the cases are definitely far from isolated - many many thousands of people left irreparably damaged!

Meanwhile, they are not entiltled to keep any of your deposit, so if you want it all back, do email me
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
12 May 2022 17:19 #610


Daverich66's Avatar

Hi, I had the usual consultation and phone calls about having lens replacement treatment the advisor was in my opinion pushy but thought they would be helpful and ok. I paid my £500 deposit on 11th April but having read further horror stories and now with the cost of living and financial difficulties decided I couldn’t go ahead with it . I requested a full refund of my money which I paid on my cc yesterday the 11th may which was 30 days . But I was told via email I was only half in store credit for the future. I’m looking for help if possible to retrieve all my deposit. Please help . I’ve emailed to the Sasha email address with my name and number. Thank you for looking and hopefully I’ll be successful with getting my refund back. Thank you.
admin: Nothing received from you :kiss:
Pls send again: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
06 May 2022 16:11 #609

Denise deAgo

Denise deAgo's Avatar

I had a laser surgery consultation on 13th of April 2022 in Milton Keynes. After all the tests I was told that I was a suitable candidate for LASEK Idesign. I was told that to secure a date I needed to pay £500 as a deposit. The date of surgery was the 1st of June.
Since then I have found so many things that can go wrong with laser surgery that I wasn't told and it's irreversible.
Today I had a phone call with a clinician but I don't know their name or what their job is. The lady was trying to reassure me but in all honesty my gut feeling was saying no don't get it done.
I callied customer care to cancel I was told that I would not be receiving my full refund and that they would keep 50% of my deposit for admin fees.
I dont think this is right or fair because I was not told this when they took my £500. I didn't sign anything and I hadn't seen this at all until I cancelled.
Please can you help me?

admin: Please send your phone number to sasha@opticalexpressruinedmylife.
The company has no legal right to keep your deposit - and they know this
25 Apr 2022 19:25 #608


Gills's Avatar

My brother, Stephen, had a free consultation for lens replacement at Optical Express Glasgow on 2nd April 2022.

He only wanted information but he told me he was heavily pressured into going ahead and agree to surgery without any chance to do any research. He asked if they’d do one eye at a time but they told him both would be done on the same day because it would be easier for my brother and save him time off work.

He was informed that he would have a consultation with the surgeon on the day of the surgery but he wasn’t even told the doctors name. I find this to be very unprofessional he should have been booked in to see him well before the Lens Replacement surgery?

He has since read up on this company and has decided not to go ahead with the surgery booked 6th May he paid a £500 deposit on the same day.

Stephen contacted OE in Glasgow last week to cancel the surgery, but he then received a call on Sunday 24th April to discuss his surgery! He informed the woman that he had sent an email stating that he wanted to cancel the surgery and get a full refund, she simply said okay.

He has had no confirmation of the cancellation or refund in writing. Please can you help?
admin: Operating on both eyes on same day has nothing to do with saving your brother time, it’s to cut their costs, because if done on separate days they’d have to pay the surgeon twice!
Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further advice, because I can assure you that they have no legal right to keep Stephen’s deposit
19 Apr 2022 14:23 #607

Asif Ali

's Avatar

Good afternoon,

I was supposed to have LASEK surgery on Thursday 14th April but I cancelled on the day as I lost confidence in Dr Mani and the safety of the surgery.

My first consultation with Dr Mani at Optimal vision in Harley Street was good and he explained that I would need LASEK as my corneas are too thin to have LASIK.

I was worried and concerned after being told that so I went to Optical Express and asked the optician if I was suitable for LASEK and they informed me that my cornea is too thin "according to international law" and due to that reason I could not go ahead with any laser surgery. They did offer me lens exchange but when i did some research I discovered that I am too young for this as I'm only 37.

I told Dr Mani that I'd been told by someone else that my corneas were too thin for any laser surgery and he informed me that according to his system I could get surgery and it shouldn't be a problem but he did not tell me of the serious risks I found out later.

I was not feeling well on the day of surgery and my blood pressure was high and I was very nervous and worried after what Optical Express had told me so it was absolute luck that there was a demo outside the Optimax building where I was due to have surgery.

The people outisde gave me information that Dr Mani had not mentioned about how many things can go wrong. They also told me that a number of Dr Mani's patients are suing him. If I had known any of this from the start I would never have considered surgery. I also have a problem with my left eye and I have now been advised to see a specialist about this and wonder why Dr Mani agreed to operate without checking the cause.

I went in to Optimax and I was informed at the reception I would not be getting my £500 deposit back when i told them I was cancelling. I waited to speak with Dr Mani but he was busy and I was feeling unwell to wait any longer so I did not even speak to him and left.

I believe I am entitled to get my money back and would appreciate it if someone could please help me because when I was asked to pay the deposit I was very much surprised that Optimal Vision asked me to pay by bank transfer and not by credit card. I realise now that is probably to stop people like me claiming their money back under Section 75.

Thanks for your help.

admin: I find it in incredible that Dr Mani agreed to operate on you when Optical Express refused!
I think there may be grounds for a complaint to the GMC in regard to his not having addressed the problem with your L eye (that I saw myself - one of the people you met outside Optimax last week), and when you have seen a specialist I will advise you further :kiss:
In the meantime, please send your phone number to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.