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26 Jan 2020 12:05 #495


Jud99's Avatar

The partial refund £350 deposit has finally gone back onto the credit card. The remaining money they owe me (£150), I'm certain will be joining it in due course!
24 Jan 2020 19:34 #494


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On 5 December 2019 i had an assessment at OE Norwich store for lens replacement surgery. I was told by the optician Suckbir Sangha that i could try some surgical contact lenses to see if i would benefit from the surgery (i am complaining about Suckbir to GOC given that i have a lazy left eye). I had to pay £500 deposit before they could order the lenses, which i did. I returned to the store on 12 December to try the lenses but it was quite obvious as soon as i tried them that it was not going to work. The optician said she would process my cancellation and that i would get my deposit back within 3 weeks. I have telephoned the Norwich store several times in the last few weeks but still have not got my deposit back.

A couple of weeks ago i spoke to Bob at the Norwich store who looked into this, he left a message on my phone saying i should get my deposit back 22/23 January, i am still waiting. On 23 January i spoke to the Norwich store manager who said he had spoken to HO and they said my deposit was being processed. This situation is totally unacceptable.
20 Dec 2019 18:38 #493


's Avatar

So quick update.

Thank you Sasha you’ve helped a ton - two day’s after contacting Sasha I had ALL my money refunded!

Thanks again Sasha
20 Dec 2019 13:06 #492


Jud99's Avatar

Update: After tweeting Optical Express Care @OEcare on December 13th, I received a very quick DM and was promised that an email confirmation of the cancellation would be sent out. My tweet is still on their page. I heard nothing back and so today sent another DM and they promised they would get this sorted right away.
Into my inbox just now finally arrived the confirmation email. Very business like and to the point, helpfully attaching a copy of their terms and conditions, and reminding me again that, "When paying a deposit, you agree to the terms outlined within the terms and conditions" and advising me that they are retaining £150 of my £500 deposit and my partial refund will be made around the 9th of January.
As I posted on December 2nd I have no intention of leaving my £150 with this company and will fight for it to be refunded.
I have also made a complaint to the General Optical Council.
13 Dec 2019 23:53 #491


's Avatar

So the story is I went through the pre-consultation back in October and was told I was qualified so they scheduled me for Dec 11th to have Lasek idesign on both of my eyes for £5549 (I fully paid) I get to the appointment with Dr. Muhammad Kazmi and he was brilliant, explained everything to me the different portions of my eye, he also advised me my eyes were just to thin to proceed and extremely dangerous to get the procedure ultimately he advised against me going forward, so I heeded his advice and decided to not proceed.

I was told I’d receive a phone call the next day but still haven’t. It’s only been two days but after reading so many horror stories thought I’d ask Sasha what she thinks or what anyone else thinks. Have they gotten better at timely refunds or do they still try and keep them?
admin: They will do their utmost to hang on to the money for as long as possible, hence why you haven’t had a phone call. And if you don’t chase them they certainly won’t chase you!
I will respond to your email ASAP 😎
09 Dec 2019 16:27 #490


Vixkat's Avatar

Managed to get a refund in two weeks. I decided against the symphony IOL multifocal after seeing what can go so wrong. I dodged a a whole heap of problems. Thanks Sasha for your assistance and help.