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Please Help!!! 27 Aug 2014 21:48 #391

  • Areeba
  • Areeba's Avatar
Update re our deposit refund.
Optical Express cancellation department rang my mum yesterday. A lady called Diane Yeoman informed her that we would not be receiving our deposit back. My mum was understandably quite upset and had started looking into trading standards regarding this.
Later that afternoon we received a phone call from head office to say that it has been passed to "higher management" and they had agreed to make an exception and that we would receive our deposits back. They explained that it would take 28 days which is way too long. They said that we could get it done between 7-10 days. However we have not had any further contact from the department to confirm the transfer.
I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Sasha for all her help. Without her we would have not been in this position. At times it did feel like being David and Goliath but she gave us hope.
Thank you ever so much.

Kept deposit! 27 Aug 2014 10:31 #392

  • nerys lee
  • nerys lee's Avatar
Hi my 20 yr old daughter Nerys Lee arranged to have laser eye surgery with Optical Express and went to all the appointments to make sure she was suitable.
She booked her surgery and paid £400 deposit, but the day she actually went for surgery she was told she was not suitable - but they would keep hold of her deposit just in case she became suitable in the future.
I think this is wrong as I think she was missold the treatment and should get her deposit back
‎I just wondered what you actually thought about this?
admin: Pls email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :kiss:

Decided Against Surgery! 25 Aug 2014 15:23 #393

  • Jennifer Wyatt
  • Jennifer Wyatt's Avatar
After reading the stories about surgery at Optical Express gone wrong I am now not intending to go ahead with it. The risks were definitely not explained to me.

I paid £400 deposit at my initial consultation at Merry Hill clinic and was told I had to pay the balance 21 days before surgery.

I was booked in for idesign Intralase Lasik surgery with Mr Wassim Aziz on 5th September .

I was asked to try out monovision contact lenses before surgery, which I did not get on with at all, and although my vision was OK without glasses my vision was not perfect and a bit hazy.

I paid the £2,995 balance the day they fitted the trial contact lenses.

When I had the lenses taken out I asked the optom if this was normal. I didn’t get a satisfactory answer as all she said was that the lenses were quite thick, probably why they were uncomfortable and I should have had them in longer - even though I was initially told I only needed to try them out for a couple of days.

I also said that my right eye (for reading) felt a bit 'weird' as the bottom of the eye felt like I had jelly in it, which went when the lens was taken out. She also told me that my eyes were a bit dry, but I have never been told this by the optician when I have had my eyes tested regularly every 2 years.

I was asked if I wanted to try contact lenses that I could take in and out for a while to see if this was any good, but as I hated having these things in my eyes for just 2 days I said no. She didn’t seem bothered about this.

She then asked if I had any further questions. Because she’d been unable to answer my other questions I said I’d speak to the surgeon, who I wouldn’t see until the actual day of my surgery! This is a point of no return as if I did not go for the surgery I would be losing £2,995 which I cannot afford to do.

After a conversation with Sasha, I phoned Optical Express this morning at 9.45am to cancel my appointment, but instead of the Merry Hill branch I had phoned I was put throughout to a call centre. I told the person that I was cancelling my surgery and he said he would put me through to the cancellation department.

After a while he came back and said that they were all busy but he would send an email for someone to call me. I waited for 2 hours then decided to phone back. I spoke to a different person who told me it would take up to 48 hours for someone from the cancellation department to get back to me. I find this very strange as they managed to call me very quickly to get the £2,595 balance off me when i was still going ahead with surgery. This is another black mark against them.

Not impressed at all and I will let you know when the so called cancellation department get back to me - they must be having a lot of cancellations if they are so busy on a Bank Holiday!

Thank you for your help so far Sasha.

Please Help!!! 24 Aug 2014 14:48 #394

  • Areeba
  • Areeba's Avatar

I recently booked a consultation with Optical Express at the Shaftesbury Avenue store for myself and my mum. We waited over an hour to be seen despite both having appointments. Everything was rushed when we went through the checks. Both my mum and I have an extensive history in regards to our sight and none of this was really addressed. The ophthalmologist, Dr Patel explained that I was suitable for the Lasik and my mum the lens replacement surgery. Our concerns over the side effects were skated over and were not discussed in depth.

We took the decision that all surgery has risks and agreed to go ahead with it. A lady called Rome organised the finance and booked the surgery appointments. She offered me a deal for Optical Express’s 21st anniversary which reduced my surgery to about half of the original price quoted. My mum and I agreed to the price that was offered and we both put down deposits. My mum paid £500 for RLE and I paid £400 for lasik. We were shown the Hitachi finance paperwork which allows 14 days cooling off period. At NO POINT was it explained or our attention drawn to the Optical Express conditions only allowing 72 hours to change your mind.

The next day we saw Sasha on the BBC London News about Optical Express. It created doubts and we did some more research and were unhappy with what we found so took the decision to cancel. We rang up on Friday, 4 days after we had gone to the consultations. We spoke to head office and were informed that the lines were busy in the cancellation department so there was no one to speak to. Then they said only one person was working and had gone home, so they'd send an email and someone would ring us within 48 hours. I phoned up the next day (Saturday) and was again told there was no one to take our call in the cancellation department.

It was only when I asked for a supervisor that I got through to Robert, who worked alongside the cancellation department. But Robert did not have the authorisation to cancel. He was very unhelpful and it was almost like going through rounds in the boxing ring. He accused me of lying about the cancellation policy not being explained to us on the day and said that someone would call me on Monday. He could not even confirm if we would receive our deposits back.

I believe they are just playing for time, and the way they have conducted themselves has confirmed what was said about them on the BBC news . The fact that there are only two people working in the cancellation department with the lines constantly busy is unacceptable and completely unbelievable for such a big company.

Due to our total frustration my mum and I decided to go to the root of the issue and visited the Shaftesbury Avenue branch where we had originally booked. We had previously tried to contact them by phone, but the number they advertise actually gets redirected to their call centre in Scotland. We arrived and spoke to Rome who apologised for what we had been through and expressed confusion about the number of calls we had to go through simply to cancel. She got the store manager Meena Dino involved who also could not help us. The most she could do was send another email as cancellations are apparently only accepted at head office level. No time was given for someone to call us and she could not confirm whether we would receive our deposits back.

The service that we have received has been absolutely abysmal. I would strongly discourage ANYONE from having surgery at Optical Express. They are fast to take your money but when issues arise they show their true colours! I find it unbelievable that “one of the leading” laser eye surgery providers that operates in the UK, US, Ireland, Croatia, Germany, France and The Netherlands could not simply get someone to cancel our appointment and give our deposits back.

Could you please please help us? We simply want to cancel and get our money back!

Decided Against Surgery! 23 Aug 2014 14:12 #395

  • Brian
  • Brian's Avatar
I don't want to proceed with surgery at Optical Express. I paid 3,000 euro in full to get
the surgery done. The first time my surgery was scheduled the surgeon said I couldn't have it done that day as I had dry eyes and it was a big risk. I was surprised my dry eyes were not detected at my initial screening.
The 2nd time I was scheduled I was too nervous and the surgeon said I was not ready for the procedure.
I think I am not suitable for this procedure and have decided not to have surgery at all but Optical Express are insisting that they will not refund my money.
They say my only option is to go ahead with the surgery or lose the money.

Any help appreciated Sasha.

Help me! 20 Aug 2014 13:14 #396

  • nadeem
  • nadeem's Avatar
Please help me.
My surgery is due 25th. I have paid £400 deposit to have lasik iDesign surgery. What I found out by another medical professional are the risks which I was not told by Optical Express. They told me I will never have to wear glasses again. I told them I drive at night for living. They told me my night vision will be super better. The risks such as dry eyes and night vision problems were not explained.
At my consultation on 5th they told me they could do it half price. But said there is only one slot left this month to get it at that price and if I left it after this month I would not get it half price. So the next day I quickly got it booked not to miss the deal. It's a shame they hid the truth of the side effects becuase I lost my faith in them. I ask Optical Express to please cancel my surgery and agreement and return my deposit. I am very glad I have found this site.

Deposit refunded! 13 Aug 2014 19:43 #397

  • Jane Harrison
  • Jane Harrison's Avatar

Finally I have my deposit of £400 back in my bank account.

Sasha, I can't thank you enough for everything you've done over the past two weeks, it would have been so much more stressful without your support. You are an absolute superstar. We so need people who are prepared to stand up and fight big corporations like this who otherwise will unscrupulously screw anyone and everyone in the name of profit.


Optical Express T&Cs 12 Aug 2014 14:25 #398

  • Aurora Allen
  • Aurora Allen's Avatar
I don't understand why Optical Express are refusing to refund my payment when their own Terms & Conditions say they should!


Decided Against Surgery! 12 Aug 2014 09:58 #399

  • Aurora Allen
  • Aurora Allen's Avatar
Scheduled for surgery on August 7, at my pre op check the day before I was told surgery would not go ahead as planned because the prescription in my left eye had changed.

I was very upset and asked to speak to my consultant* but they refused to call her, questioning why I wanted to speak to her. Eventually they did and I told her the situation.

The next day she explained my options were to have surgery in one eye (unacceptable to me) or switch to soft contact lenses and carry on with pre op checks until my eye settled down, with no expectation of when that would be.

I am off on holiday in a week's time so decided to put off surgery for now.

I requested my £400 deposit back but was told that my file has been reviewed and I am suitable for surgery, so my refund is non refundable.

I also called Hitachi to cancel the finance agreement and they told me they cannot cancel it because it is past 14 days and the authorisation must come from OE. Even though I am not having surgery!

I wasn't suitable for the surgery on 7 Aug yet OE are happy to keep my file open, and my money, and keep checking my eyes indefinitely until I am suitable.

I am not happy or comfortable with any of this and would like my £400 refunded and walk away from OE.

I will also take this up with Consumer Affairs and Which?

Aurora Allen

* admin: Not a consultant, a 'Refractive Technician' aka Salesperson

Decided Against Surgery! 11 Aug 2014 22:38 #400

  • Mick S
  • Mick S's Avatar
Will do, thanks ;)

Mick S wrote: admin: Cancel appt and ask for full refund. If they refuse please contact me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.