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Disgusted!!! 09 Apr 2014 21:28 #441

  • Tayyiba Malik
  • Tayyiba Malik's Avatar
I booked my appointment and decided to go ahead with laser surgery after being put on the spot and pressured to make a decision at my consultation.

i paid £750 deposit but later decided to cancel within the 72 hours cool off period. After numerous calls and a rather rude dealing with a member of the cancellation department - who said why did I bother to book surgery if I was later going to change my mind, I still haven't had a call back to discuss my refund.

It is now around 3 weeks later and I can say I would never trust or recommend Optical Express even if they offered the treatment for free!

Appalling customer service, so I can only begin to imagine how bad the surgery aftercare would be!
admin: Please send your number and I will call you: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Refund!! 09 Apr 2014 20:14 #442

  • Steven H
  • Steven H's Avatar
Alan, I see that Sasha has been working her magic again. Fighting for justice.

Refund!! 09 Apr 2014 10:06 #443

  • Alan
  • Alan's Avatar
Hi - would like to thank you Sasha, this morning had a call from OE to say they will now process my deposit.

They have taken my card details and said it can take up to 2-3 days and have sent me a confirmation email.

Once again Sasha. Thank you

Refund wanted 09 Apr 2014 05:48 #444

  • Rory P
  • Rory P's Avatar
Last Saturday I attended the Shaftesbury Ave clinic intending to have LASIK, but the surgeon said there had been a change and I would have to have LASEK instead. That was not what I'd paid for so I phoned to ask for my deposit back and was told that this was non-refundable. Looking at other people's comments here I feel I have been misled and tricked the whole way!

- Told in the Crawley store that I was fully suitable for LASIK and that they had done operations for many people with my prescription and astigmatism with LASIK.

- Quoted £5190 originally. When they rang back I said it was too expensive so they offered £3280 if I booked within 3 weeks.

- Paid £500 deposit.

- Hitachi Finance sent me 2 emails because the Customer Care Assistant opened 2 direct debits in my name.

- I was never told I would have to have LASEK so turned up to London and waited 5 hours and then never had it done!

Refund in full! 08 Apr 2014 16:49 #445

  • Anne C
  • Anne C's Avatar
Hi Sasha
Your site truly does have punch as a miracle has happened! As I walked in my front door the phone was ringing and it was OE offering a full refund and I won't have to wait the 28 days the normally takes!!!

She explained they had made an exception because I was so upset but I suspect it's because they saw I had contacted you.

Thank you so much and keep up the good work

Anne C

Mislead! 08 Apr 2014 12:22 #446

  • Anne C
  • Anne C's Avatar
I was booked in to have LASIK surgery on Friday but the surgeon looked at the scan and said I was not suitable, even though at my consultation I was congratulated for being suitable for LASIK.

The surgeon offered LASEK instead, which was more expensive but said they'd do it at the same price. I discussed Lasek with the sales consultant at my first visit when I told them this treatment was not for me.

I paid £2,995 in full for Lasik treatment and have been told I can not have a refund because I am suitable for Lasek treatment which they would kindly do for the same price.

Now I am thinking I have been mislead all the way. How many other people have lost their deposits or payments because of this?

I have sent a complaint by e-mail but this has come back with the response their inbox is full!

Any advice would be greatly received

admin: Please send your number and I will call you: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Decided Against Surgery! 07 Apr 2014 19:47 #447

  • Steven H
  • Steven H's Avatar
I had no luck with OE's refund team until I got in touch with the wonderful Sasha who helped me no end.

After following Sasha's advice and posting the email I sent to OE on this forum I final got a response from the cancellation/refund department (within half an hour).

I have been told I will receive a full refund in 3-5 working days which I could not be more happy with, as I was first quoted up to 28 days at first.

Once again THANK YOU Sasha for all your time and effort not only did you help me get my deposit back but you also stopped me making what could have been the worst decision of my life. Anything I can do to help you and the OERML team out I am more than willing to do.

Thank you OERML.

Want my refund! 07 Apr 2014 17:53 #448

  • Alan
  • Alan's Avatar
I have tried to contact OE's cancellation dept all day and left countless messages.

Guess what, no call back! All I was told from telesales is they have a 48 hr turnaround time.

I said I cancelled with sales on Saturday and she said "Oh. They are extremely busy."

I wonder why?!

I have also sent a e mail to Lynn Gilbey, Guess what, no response!
admin: Alan, pls contact me asap! :huh:

Decided Against Surgery! 07 Apr 2014 13:34 #449

  • Steven H
  • Steven H's Avatar
I am currently awaiting a call from OE cancellation team after trying to cancel my Lasik treatment.

I sent this email to OE customer services :

"I want to cancel my Lasik eye surgery and receive a full refund on my deposit of £395 (paid 05/04/2014 in Optical Express Newcastle Upon Tyne) for Lasik eye surgery. My deposit was paid to my Refractive Technician, I have also rang the Refractive Technician on the mobile number provided today and left a message requesting my cancellation and the refund of my deposit.

As I only paid my deposit yesterday I am well within my 72 hours full refund period as stated in your terms and conditions.

I feel I was not informed of the true risks of the surgery, these risks may have been worth it if my eyes were worse than what they are, however, with my current prescription I feel it does not warrant this procedure.

I will be calling into the Newcastle Branch first thing tomorrow morning (07/04/2014) to confirm all of this to the branch and ensure my refund is processed

I have also been to the shop and called their customer service team; however, I am repeatedly told I have to wait until their cancellation department ring me back... I am still waiting.

Decided Against Surgery! 07 Apr 2014 11:25 #450

  • Keith
  • Keith's Avatar

Call OE on Thursday last week and advised them of my intention to protest outside their store in Reading. The refund was processed the same day.

I still however feel people need to be aware of dangers of Laser eye surgery and OE's bad practices.

With kind regards