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£1000 deposit!!! 12 Jan 2021 17:12 #71

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Hello All
My husband and I are in our early fifties and both wear glasses for reading, mobile, etc but have almost perfect distance vision.
We didn't know much about lens replacement surgery but our son thought it would be a fantastic gift for us so he made an appointment for us on 7th January 2021 at the Bradford Optical Express store in Manor Row and said he would pay for it.
We went and an optometrist went through the details of the procedure and the side affects that could potentially come about after surgery.
We had the tests done and at each point we were asked to digitally sign on a black iPad type device. We’d had eye drops and didn’t see what we were signing but understood that we were agreeing that she had told us everything.
Both my husband and I have almost perfect 20/20 distance vision and have nice clear vision even at night and just need glasses for close up.
One of the questions asked was if we suffer from any anxiety or depression, which I thought was odd but said we don’t.
The optometrist said that the surgery would definitely fix our near vision but that my husband had dry eyes and they could become worse, and common side effects are that our distance vision might be affected with glaring lights, halos, starbursts, dim lighting, etc but this only lasts for maybe 3 or 4 months.
She said it’s more of a mind thing and you have to rationalise in your brain not to panic and to say to yourself that you have had surgery and that it will get better, and then your brain adjusts and it falls into place.
So we signed all the paperwork and each paid £500 deposit with a date for surgery at the end of Jan 2021. We paid cash and asked for hard copy receipts with a breakdown of the deposit and the outstanding sum to be paid 7 days prior to the surgery date. All well and good.
The same day I get texts that a leading clinician will ring and go through it all with me to check that we have both read the terms and conditions. So I did, but reading the side effects page made me very anxious realising that our vision is not so bad and it didn’t make sense to pay a lot of money to destroy and remove our perfectly good natural biological lens to replace with plastic lenses and risk the potential side effects that could happen. I don’t understand why these people push customers who have healthy eyes to do this.
I watched the surgery online and then I came across so many bad reviews, not only with the surgery but most with Optical Express!! This is when I realised why we were asked about anxiety and depression because many people must suffer this if the procedure is not what they were told they could expect. I know that not only would be in a state of breakdown but I would more than likely put my whole family through hell too (knowing the person I am) wanting it to go back to how it all was before surgery. I super panicked and thought maybe to have surgery in 10 to 20 yrs if cataracts occurred, but not now.
I called my husband and I explained my thoughts and that I wasn’t going to go ahead and his choice was his. We watched the surgery together later and looked at the reviews on Optical Express some really good and some not so good, some super scary actually. My husband decided to cancel because of the bad reviews for Optical Express alone!
So we went to the Bradford store on Saturday 9th Jan and talked to the same optometrist and told her about the really negative reviews we'd found, but she dismissed our concerns and said no-one ever prints their good stories as they are happy, but I said that there were good and bad stories and that we needed more time to look into it and research it.
We didn't even know the name of the surgeon we were supposed to be having but when she realised we were going to cancel the store manager (Faiza) offered to tell us but we declined.
We cancelled and ONLY THEN were told it will take 28 working days to refund our money and that head office would deal with it. I asked to be copied into the email the manager said she was going to fire off to head office about cancellation but she told me she would do it in front of me and someone would either call or email for my details as we paid cash.
Still waiting as no-one has been in touch and I have phoned at least 3 times every day but no one picks up.
Hmm what a mess and a scary thought if we had gone ahead.
Any advice would be helpful how I should go ahead to recover our deposit. Maybe going to the media? Or should we just go to the branch and refuse to leave until they give our cash back?
Thank you.
Mrs Hussain and Mr Rahman.
admin: You need to make a complaint to the GOC as they had no right to sell you lens exchange without providing the name of the intended surgeon!
Pls send your phone number and I will call you
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Refund Received 14 Dec 2020 17:08 #72

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Hi Sasha,
Just checked my account and the refund went in over the weekend. Thanks again for all your help.
Sean ?

Full refund agreed 09 Dec 2020 06:54 #73

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OE finally agreed to refund my full £500 deposit on 4th December. Said it will be paid in the next 7 working days. Thank you Sasha for your excellent advice on dealing with the issue and advising me to communicate with OE by email only. It took a while but worked a treat. Thanks again Sasha for your help.

Will update again when refund is received.

Keep up the good work.

Refund Refused 23 Nov 2020 16:26 #74

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Hi there,
On September 19th I had a consultation at Optical Express in Nottingham with regards to having eye lens replacement surgery. A consultant called Amy performed several tests on my eyes and after having an eye vision test with a male consultant I was returned to Amy who asked if I was interested in having the surgery. I said I was interested and immediately she wanted me to book a date for surgery. I said I would need to speak to my employer to see when I can get time off. She then kept pushing for me to book a date saying the appointments go really quickly so I booked for the 10th November because she said they are really flexible if I need to change the date. So I was asked to pay a deposit for the surgery which I did and I was given two copies of the terms and conditions to take home and read when I get the chance and bring one back on the day of the surgery. The following Saturday the 26th of September I called Amy to cancel the surgery after reading lots of bad reviews online and she said she would call head office and cancel. She also said that I might not get all the deposit back due to terms and conditions which I replied, I haven't signed your terms and conditions so I want the full amount refunded. I then waited until October 20th and called Amy again who said she would email head office to see what was going on. Didn't hear anything back from Amy so waited a couple of weeks and still no response. On November 18th I rang the Nottingham branch and spoke to the manager Sharon to put in a complaint about Amy. I explained everything to her and she said the same about the terms and conditions. I explained that I hadn't signed any. She then said that because I paid the deposit that I had agreed to the T&Cs. I told her Amy did not explain that to me. After telling me she would speak to Amy and call me back the next day, I wasn't surprised the call never came.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
admin: Send your phone number and I will call you :kiss:
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Cancelled surgery 23 Nov 2020 16:04 #75

  • Toby
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I attended the Optical Express clinic in Derby for a free lasik consultation last Saturday and pressured into paying £500 deposit there and then!
Having read loads of horror reviews all over the internet I have decided to cancel.
The surgeon, Dr Muhammad Kazmi, whom I was booked with, was claimed to have a 100% satisfaction rating. However just 5 minutes of internet searching turned up two negative reviews of him!
When I called to cancel I was told I would hear back. However I am yet to hear anything.
As a student, even £500 is a lot of money! I'm very glad I haven't forked over the remaining £4690 they wanted.
What should I do?
Thanks, Toby
admin: Like most OE surgeons, Kazmi has had many legal claims brought against him by his damaged patients. Send your phone number and I will call you :kiss:
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Cancelling surgery with David Teenan 25 Oct 2020 15:50 #76

  • Morag
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I attended Optical Express last Friday for remainder of specialist eye tests in preparation for lens replacement surgery in Glasgow.

As a recently retired nurse, I am aware of questions I should ask. One of which was about the surgeon Mr David Teenan and his success rate.

I was informed he was a world renowned surgeon who has successfully carried out lens replacement surgery for many years.

Today, I thought I would do a bit of research into the surgeon and the success rate of this operation.

Thankfully, I did, as I am totally shocked at the reviews I have discovered as well as some horror stories, many of which are detailed in reputable newspapers and some name David Teenan. My biggest shock is that OE is presently being sued by over 80 patients, which frankly speaks for itself.

Needless to say, I will not be going ahead with this surgery. My worry is, that I did pay a deposit of £500, despite telling the girl I was still unsure about going forward with the procedure, but she was keen that I make the appointment in Glasgow. She said I would have a full refund if I changed my mind. Having read so many reviews, I am worried this is not the case....please advise.
admin: Pls send your phone number and I will call you.
PS: 80 is a fraction of the number of patients suing OE and the majority of their surgeons :kiss:

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Full refund received 23 Oct 2020 19:32 #77

  • Sacha
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Received a text to call for my refund the day after this post. They were extremely polite and told me I’d get a full refund within 3 days. 1 day later received full £500 deposit refund. Thank you for all help Sasha, all the best! x

Optical Express Derby 20 Oct 2020 17:31 #78

  • Sacha
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I had a free consultation for laser eye surgery at Derby OE on the 30th Sepetmebr but was told I was unsuitable and offered lens replacement - at almost 3 times the cost I was prepared for! Badgering hard sell convinced me to apply for credit which I did not want to do as I had told them I recently stopped working because of my anxiery and depression. I told them that I had other health issues (fibromyglia) so they gave me a form to give to my GP to sign.
I went home to wait for my credit to be accepted and when it was OE phoned me to take my deposit of £500 to book my surgery date for the 17th Nov.
The next working day I spoke to my GP who refused to sign the letter they gave me and she explained the risks to me if I was going to go ahead with the operation.
I decided after speaking to my doctor and extensive research to cancel my operation before my due phone consultation with the surgeon (whose name I was not given) booked for 30th October.
I have been trying to contact them since the day after I paid my deposit to cancel. I have spoke to two people and also to someone in a live chat and they all said the same thing, that the cancellations department will contact me, but I’ve heard nothing from them at all.
I’m feeling very anxious that I won’t get my £500 deposit back and I am really upset!
admin: Pls send your phone number and I will help you get your money back.
They had no right to even consider offering you surgery, let alone take a deposit after being advised that you suffer with depression. However, as the optom and all store staff must meet sales targets to keep their jobs (also paid bonuses) they leave their moral compass at home.
This is yet another complaint for the GOC, as I will explain when we speak
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Optical Express Meadowhall 20 Oct 2020 16:52 #79

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An update on my refund: I had a call from the Meadowhall branch manager yesterday who said they will refund my £500 deposit after I explained that I felt pressured into paying it on the day of eye tests in order to get my slot "reserved". I explained it was a long visit over 2 hours and left me quite exhausted. He said it would take 28 days to return but I replied I really can't wait that long as I'm moving house in 2 weeks time and that would go a long way towards the costs. He promised to try to get it fast tracked but I have decided to go through the Money Claims Online route to get it back as a 28 day wait is ridiculous, especially given that it left my account within 24 hours of paying! Besides, there's no good reason for a 28 day wait - perhaps I should add interest!
admin: He omitted to mention that it's 28 WORKING Days :kiss:
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Refusing to refund full deposit 19 Oct 2020 14:40 #80

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My eyes were due to be lasered on the 23rd of September. I saw the surgeon on the day who advised me that I was very high risk (something I was not told at my initial consultation when I booked my surgery, which is why I believe I was mislead into a contract). As a result of this, I obviously did not go ahead due to the professional advice. However, I was within Optical Express’ guidelines so they technically could have operated on me if I‘d have ignored the risks highlighted to me.

When I was called the day after regarding my refund, I was told that £100 would be deducted from the total amount!

It has been 26 days now and I have just spoken to a lady on their phone lines who said that £500 deposit will not be refunded. They said that the surgeon never wrote that I was high risk in the notes, so they can not give me my money back.

I feel scammed. Any advice would be appreciated.
admin: They have no legal right to keep your deposit - any of it!
Send email with your phone number and I will call you
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