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Wrong treatment offered by OE 12 Nov 2014 17:02 #101

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I implore you not to go ahead with any elective eye surgery with ANY surgeon! Were you told that PRK/lasek permanently destroys the Bowmans layer (google it) of the cornea? I'll bet you weren't.
There are cases where Bowmans layer grafts have been put in to strengthen eyes affected by Keratoconus, so removing this layer must be detrimental. Also, do not underestimate the awful disruption to your life that the extended 'recovery' from these ops may cause, and that your eyes may actually never recover, and you'll be in a daily living nightmare like countless others. I had contact with a man in the USA who suffered horrendously (and may still be) from lasek. He said his surgeon was educated at Harvard, but I had to gently point out that that this doesn't really mean anything as far as to what the result of the ops could be. You have the benefit of viewing all this warning material that most damaged patients didn't, and remember this vital fact - once your eyes are ruined, they will stay ruined!

Wrong treatment offered by OE 12 Nov 2014 14:48 #102

  • KARL
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I went to OE and they told me I was suitable for LASIK surgery. Then I found this website and decided not to go ahead.

I went to an independent surgeon instead and had over 3 hours of extensive tests, on at least 9 different machines with other manual tests, compared to 3 machines at OE and all done in less than an hour.

The verdict was that I am not suitable for LASIK eye surgery due to the fact that my cornea layer is too thin and the risks of LASIK could result in a haze in my vision afterwards.

This was not picked up by OE who were keen for me to have LASIK eye surgery.

The surgeon has recommended PRK/LASEK surgery and was honest in saying that there will be some post op discomfort and the healing process takes longer than LASIK.

I have now booked my surgery with this surgeon at a total cost of £3550 compared to OE's quote of £4600 for the incorrect proposed treatment.

Thanks again

Argh! 10 Nov 2014 11:11 #103

  • hayleyolive
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Hi everyone,
I'm 27 years old and underwent Lasik surgery a month ago at Optical Express after being given the 'hard sell'.
I was concerned that I wouldn't be eligible for the surgery as my prescription changes every 6 months, but I was initially quoted £5000 which could be reduced to £3000 if I had the surgery within two weeks of the consultation.

£5000 was way out of my price range so I felt like I had to go with the cheaper option.

Mr Muhammad S Kazmi was my surgeon. After he'd done a few quick tests and I was walking in to the operating room he casually said that due to my unusual prescription there was a chance of the surgery not working as well as it should. I was really nervous about the surgery so didn't question it further like I would if he'd told me before that point.

A month later and I'm really struggling at work and socially. My vision is blurred, I find it hard to focus on mid/distance and everything seems to 'swim'. I come home from work exhausted and feel so anxious that i regularly have to hide in the loo and calm myself down.

At my one week follow up I was told that everything was fine and that I was just taking longer to heal than usual. Since then nothing has improved, if anything I feel worse.

I was also told after the surgery that I had a lazy eye (I didn't know this) so I'm really concerned that
a) I shouldn't have had the surgery
b) things won't ever improve
c) i've lost my life savings!

Does anyone have any advice for me at my next check up on Saturday?

Thanks in advance, and I'm so glad to have found this site :)

Third time lucky :( 21 Oct 2014 16:46 #104

  • Jo
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I originally had Lasik in December which wasn't very successful and had an 'enhancement' in July, which didn't work either.

This has also left me with a 'haze' in my left eye. I went for (yet another) check up today and left with a pair of glasses!!!!

They told me to come back in a couple of months when they would see if I was suitable for yet another 'enhancement'!

Do I take a chance on having surgery again our just count my losses (£3,000) and stick with glasses??

Or can I get my money back if it didn't work? Don't know where I stand on this one. Anyone have any suggestions?
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Seeing dots, Astigmatisms and misery 11 Oct 2014 09:19 #105

  • Ursula
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I've had surgery twice with OE and still need glasses , I was pressured into the surgery with explaining the risks to me.
I have spent £3500 with them and still I will have to pay for glasses for the rest of my life.
My eye sight is bad, I suffer from headaches due to my eyes and the stress of having to go in store constantly. Where do I stand? Can I take them to court for compensation for misleading and mis selling the surgery?

Thousands of patients suffer surgery failure. 07 Oct 2014 20:51 #106

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Dear Sarah, I do not know where you are going for surgery but I beg you not to do it wherever it is.
i worked at Optical Express and Optimax and wish I could show you the so many terrible things people had to live with because of this operation. Many mistakes by surgeons and nobody cares! They say you signed so you can not complain.
It is not worth damageing your eyes just not to wear glasses and you will need to wear them anyway later. PLEASE DO NOT DO IT!

Thousands of patients suffer surgery failure. 07 Oct 2014 13:59 #107

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Too right you should be worried Sarah ! Cancel your surgery, save your eyes from being utterly ruined, and ask for help from this site to get any money you've already paid out refunded. Most damaged patients had no idea of the very real horrors that these surgeries can inflict on your eyes and life, but thanks to this site, you do, so make the right decision. Once you get problems post surgery, there is NO CURE !

Thousands of patients suffer surgery failure. 07 Oct 2014 12:34 #108

  • sarah
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ok now im scared after reading all these complications. My appointment for Lasik is the end of November this year. I have paid my deposit. Do I go through with it. Very worried now :( x

Post iLasik Floaters and Cataracts 28 Sep 2014 07:18 #109

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Julie we need to talk please (re your post 18th July)
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Thousands of patients suffer surgery failure. 14 Sep 2014 21:15 #110

  • Stu
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I just found this site and I'm not surprised I'm not alone but I am shocked at the number of people with problems. The main motivation for myself other than not having to bother with glasses or contacts was the 99% plus success rate. I'm shoked that it is legal for them to claim this and out right con people when it clearly is not the case.
I had Lasik Wavefront treatment carried out last May at the Cardiff Optical Express branch. I was due to have surgery that morning with Mr Luca at the Bristol branch but when I arrived they told me that the machine was faulty and that I could have the procedure done at Cardiff by the same surgeon.
At the time of the surgery I remember the waiting room being very busy, it appeared that other patients had also made the trip from Bristol to Cardiff. I was in and out in a short time and told that everything had gone well and I booked a 24hr appointment at Bristol. Thats when I entered into Optical expresses hideous aftercare program. I turned up the next morning to find the branch closed. I waited across the road at a Costa for over an hour until a girl came to open the store and then waited further until an optometrist was ready. My sight was nowhere near perfect and I was told that my eyes were healthy and were suffering from the trauma of surgery, they would just need a few days to settle. I booked another appointment, this time I was told that the surgery was fine but the muscles in my eyes were tight and needed time to relax in which my vision would improve. I went back countless times in which they informed me my vision had improved slightly and everything was going in the right direction but whilst it was still improving I couldn't have an enhancement until my vision was stable. In the meantime I was given contact lenses and was happy that the numbers were reducing. In December I was told that my prescription had settled and I was ready for the enhancement. Due to work I could not take this and had to wait until May when my circumstances allowed. I booked a pre op appointment, carried out all of the scans and was told that a member of the surgery team would call advising of a date for surgery. After several weeks and no call I rang them to find that I needed to book in to see an optometrist. On arrival the Optometrist clearly had no idea why I was there ran me through the same tests. I was not happy and he told me that he would email the surgeon and would call me the next day. To his credit he is the only person in this organisation that actually did what he said, he called the next day to inform me that when they had put in the drops my prescription had reduced and that they wanted to give me glasses with a reduced prescription, I was back were I started. When I went in to collect the glasses they were not ready and they informed me I had to pick a frame, at this point I asked to see the prescription. It was higher than what I was over 6 months ago. I was told I couldn't see an optometrist but they could book an appointment. I went home and spoke to they're customer services, they told me that they would get someone to call, I have started asking questions that clearly make them uncomfortable and they are blatantly lying and fobbing me off. I have spoken to them 4 times and accepted several profuse apologies and yet had no answers. I have calculated that I have been to the Bristol branch over 10 times recently (100 mile round trip). I found this site and I am not surprised that I'm not alone in my circumstances with this company.
My vision feels worse than before I struggle to read the big letters, I am currently short sighted and require contact lenses or glasses for daily use and my vision fades in and out. I have looked through your forum and the sheer size of people with complaints worse than mine is daunting. I fear an enhancement from these guys could leave me far worse than my current misfortune. I am unsure were I stand legally, is there any way I can be refunded at this stage I was under the impression if they didn't achieve 20/20 you were refunded, I would like to cut my losses?
admin: Please send your number and I will call you :kiss: