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TOPIC: Lasik/Lasek Surgery Complications

Hello 06 Feb 2013 09:51 #181

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Hi Have only just found and joined this site.

I am so pleased to discover that I am not alone in my fight against OE. I have had and still have so many problems with my eyes because of these people. I will be posting my story on here very soon just need to speak to Sasha first.

Please watch this space!!!

Thousands of patients suffer surgery failure. 28 Jan 2013 11:58 #182

  • Poppy
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OE's website boasts that surgeon Waseem Aziz has performed over 75000 laser eye surgery procedures.
I was unfortunate enough to be one of his patients.
He readily admitted to me that he had over corrected one eye and under corrected the other.
He offered 'enhancement' surgery.
When asked how many patients did he perform this attempted corrective surgery on he once again freely admitted 5% Of his patients (3750 to date then). This number obviously excludes those like me who would not let any employee of OE anywhere near my eyes again.
This man alone therefore is personally responsible for thousands of failed procedures. The number of failures throughout the OE Company is staggering.
OE's manipulated statistics are nothing less than criminal in my view.
Perhaps we should push for a revelation of the negative statistics which surely is not such an unreasonable request from such a 'caring' and 'responsible' Company trading in people's health?