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DR LUCA ANTICO 02 Jun 2014 11:26 #131

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I'll bet Mr Antico still got a bonus for ploughing through as many patients as possible on the day this lady's eye was damaged.

DR LUCA ANTICO 01 Jun 2014 22:05 #132

  • Saul Chacon
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Last year my wife was tired of problems using contact lenses and decided to have laser eye surgery with Optical Express. We booked appointments and went through all the paper work for the credit agreement with Hitachi Capital finance. Then we booked the appointment for surgery at Cabot Circus in Bristol.

After 3 or 4 hours my wife was ready to go back home and as soon as we arrived she went to bed to rest while I looked after the kids.

She soon started complaining of intense pain in her left eye, which we both thought was probably normal after laser eye surgery. But all through the night she was suffering more pain which got so bad that she had to be rushed to Bristol General Infirmary.

They told her there was nothing they could do because the surgery had gone wrong as the Optical Express surgeon had cut the flap too much on the left eye and that we should try to get it sorted with the service provider (OE).

The next day I took my wife back to the OE clinic in Bristol but because it was a Saturday there wasn't a doctor available to help her. They sent her to Cardiff where they performed emergency surgery to correct the mistake made on the first surgery. We had to catch a train with my wife half blind and in so much pain all the way to Cardiff to have emergency surgery!

After countless visits to see the optometrist and only one visit to the surgeon who'd messed up the first surgery, Optical Express decided that my wife needs an enhancement. But they have really messed around changing the dates, passing the ball from one to another and unable to give a proper solution to this. My wife cant see properly through her left eye while every single month I keep repaying the full amount of the finance repayment to HITACHI CAPITAL.

My wife is epileptic and has serious problems with depression and this whole situation has generated a great deal of anxiety and stress affecting our entire family very negatively.

I am now really angry with Optical Express and considering speaking to a solicitor.

I don't think I should be paying Hitachi and now think my wife deserves some sort of compensation for all these problems and stress caused by the unprofessional and CR*P company that is OPTICAL EXPRESS

The name of the surgeon that performed the laser surgery at Bristol Optical Express clinic is LUCA ANTICO. The post care was negligent and my wife is having a really hard time.

So think twice before believing all the lies and having your life ruined by OPTICAL EXPRESS!!

Blinded after LASIK!!!! 04 May 2014 22:58 #133

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"Wide use of the LASIK procedure causes inevitable increase in complications, so the reports of post-LASIK infections increased in recent years...
Llovet et al., found that the incidence was 0,035% per procedure and detected the following risk factors: blepharitis, intraoperative epithelial defect, dry eye...
Some of these cases could not be prevented from the poor prognosis leading to serious sequelae, poor final visual performance, even loss of the eye, as in our case. Patients should be aware of this rare but possible infections and especially possible bilateral complications after LASIK.


Thousands of patients suffer surgery failure. 30 Apr 2014 21:08 #134

  • Ashley
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Many thanks to Sasha for her advice and Pat for taking the time to tell me more about her situation.

After seeing this website and hearing Pat's story in full, I have decided that I will not be booking the laser eye surgery I was considering as I wish to take more time to fully research and consider the risks attached.

I understand that some people are delighted with their surgery whilst others have unfortunately suffered complications. Until I could be sure that I would not fall into the latter category, I would not be willing to go through with it.


Why i wish I'd never heard of Optical Express 03 Apr 2014 14:12 #135

  • Brendy
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In 2008 I had laser eye surgery at Optical Express in Belfast and as I write this I am struggling to read the words on my laptop.

Before surgery I had average vision but since treatment from Optical Express a specialist had diagnosed Post Lasik Corneal Eurasia which is deforming the shape of my eyes.

I have contacted Optical Express on a number of occasions to retrieve my records for a NHS doctor as I urgently need an operation.

If that weren't bad enough they first asked for me to pay for my records (surely illegal) and since then all my requests have been ignored.

I am a hard working student and a decent human being. Life is tough enough without organisations like this one damaging your health for the sake of a few more customers, I say customers because i do not honestly believe that they see the people who come to them seeking medical help as patients.

Thanks for reading this.

Optical Express Ruined My Life Forum 14 Mar 2014 20:20 #136

  • Chris H
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Please advise re unsuccessful Lasik surgery on 27/12/13 at Bluewater.
My vision has deteriorated. I have had two different glasses prescriptions since the surgery.
Optical Express suggested that my eyes could be 'tweaked' after 3 months, but I'm loathe to return to them.
Am I obliged to give them the opportunity to repair?
Can I get a refund?
Paid £1,500 deposit with 10 months interest free credit to begin in April 2014.
However, a payment was taken in January and February.
Can I stop any further direct debits?
Worried about my sight and fearful of losing my job.
admin: First you should contact Hitachi to stop payments. Pls contact me for details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thousands of patients suffer surgery failure. 05 Mar 2014 11:15 #137

  • Paul F
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Yeah i think the problems are associated with the dryness as the corneal scans came back normal and the wavefront analysis didn't show any elevated HOA.
I have tried a lot of different lubicant drops a swell as temporary punctal plugs and steroid drops. i have recently started on ciclosporine and tetracycline which i am hoping will help as i believe my dry eye is called MGD.
i do warm compresses twice a day also and although they offer temporary relief i dont feel any long term benefits yet. i have heard about lipiflow but not sure how available that is at the moment? the most annoying part is the light streaking and daytime glare but only when blinking.
Has anyone else experienced this and is it likely to improve after 18 months?

Post Lasik problem 04 Mar 2014 21:34 #138

  • InthebusinessnotOE
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DES can be evaporative, underproductive or both. Suggest you have a proper evaluation to find out which and have this treated appropriately

Post Lasik problem 04 Mar 2014 18:35 #139

  • Not OE
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Sounds like your visual symptoms are coming from DES - a poor tear film and hence imperfect ocular surface, assuming HOAs (High Order Aberrations) are not overly elevated.
Dry eye symptoms are usually maximal 4-8 weeks after treatment so that could fit with the timing.
Best to be under care of anterior segment specialist to treat the DES. Options include flaxseed oil supplements 2000-4000mg daily (takes a few weeks to start to work), lid hygiene, tear punctal plugs (temp or perm), plus a course of steroid drops to tackle inflammatory component.

Post Lasik problem 04 Mar 2014 11:49 #140

  • Paul F
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I had wavefront lasik in August 2012 at the Newcastle branch and immediately after surgery suffered from dry eye (DES) and light sensitivity, neither experienced before when my eyes were perfect in that respect.
After about 2 months I noticed light streaking from any light source when I blinked, made worse if my eyes watered or I put drops in.
At first it was most noticeable at night but gradually become more noticeable during the day when looking at a mobile phone, or light coming through the window.
If my eyes are wide open i don't notice this, but any kind of blind or partial closure of my eyelids and the streaks appear and lengthen dependent on how much i blink,
i still suffer from DES and light streaking 18 months after surgery and tend to notice the light problems more when my eyes are irritated, so I think they may be linked.
i have been back to Optical Express a number of times and had all checks done and they say my eyes are fine and that I only have minor DES.
i have visited my local eye hospital and again they can't find any problems besides DES, so I am becoming really depressed and beginning to give up on hope it will improve.
i have read similar stories on websites and no one has been able to find an answer to the light streaking, although I've read some suggestions it's caused by the tear film and/or the pressure caused by the eyelid when blinking.
Does anyone have any advise or answers to my problems as I really don't know were to go from here?
Many thanks,