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Mr Julian Stevens @ Moorfields 30 Jan 2015 10:29 #81

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Mr Julian Stevens has made me very, very angry.
In the past few days, it has been brought to my attention that he passed on my NHS records, directly to my non NHS surgeon, without my consent.
Who the hell does this arrogant man think he is? He passed them on under the pretence that my surgeon had referred me to him; this was most certainly NOT the case.
I am so angry that I need to cool down, before I decide what I want to do about it. This man was not only horribly arrogant and callous when he saw me on the NHS, but also wrote copious amounts playing down my injuries. In my opinion, he did this because there is nothing that can be done to help me (his advice was worse than useless), and most of these surgeons cover for one another's disasters, convincing themselves they have done nothing wrong!
While still on the boil, I would like to mention that another doctor has reported that the adverse effects I am experiencing are severe and numerous, and Mr Stevens would probably be whimpering if he had to live with them; but of course he won't ever have to, because he would never risk his own eyes. He is happy to wear glasses. Do NHS refractive surgeons, who also offer laser eye surgery privately, really and truthfully make their patients aware of the risks?

Mr Julian Stevens ruined my life! 28 Jan 2015 15:29 #82

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I find it morally repugnant that a surgeon 'filters off' a damaged patient from the NHS to their private practice, and has then profited greatly whilst leaving the patient worse off than before.

From all the complaints I've read about him, Julian Stevens appears to be no better than Optical Express!
admin: This is on the agenda for my meeting with the Health Minister next week :kiss:

Mr Julian Stevens ruined my life! 28 Jan 2015 13:53 #83

  • Zerin Denizer
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After I had laser eye surgery at Optimax in 2000 I later had trouble seeing the computer at work. in November 2010 I was referred to Mr Julian Stevens at Moorfields, via the NHS. He informed me that laser surgery had improved since 2000 and recommended that I had Lasik. He said he could do it at his private clinic for £4000.

I said I would be happy with that, and he told me to make an appointment.

Four months later in February 2011, after I had all the tests he told me there was nothing he could do for me. He didn't remember me so I reminded him that I had previously seen him via the NHS when he told me he could provide Lasik. He then asked for my file to be sent over and after looking at it said he could so something after all.

I wish now that I had accepted him saying he couldn’t do anything, because I wouldn’t be in the mess that I am in now.

I had to sign a consent form saying that he had explained all the risks to me, which he never did, not at any time. All he said was that it was a simple procedure and that I would see 7 times better. I believe he should also have explained the complications for a person of my age.

After the surgery my right eye had a red gash on the white of my eye, and to this day my right eye gives me more trouble than my left.

Before surgery on 8 April 2011 my distance vision was perfect, but the day after the operation it was blurred. Mr Stevens informed me that when the bandage lens was removed the blurriness would gradually go. After a week or so it was still the same, so he gave me Minims Dexamethasone sodium phosphate to take until my 3 month checkup.

Still blurred, so he gave me Cicosporin for dry eye. I used it for 6 weeks, but my eyes were getting worse so I stopped.

At every checkup I informed him that there was no difference and that I still had blurred vision. I told him that I felt like I had the wrong contact lens in each eye.

Six months later he handed me a leaflet on Blepharitis. Reading the leaflet I thought that could be the reason as I felt like I had Vaseline over my eyes.

I therefore went away thinking that the problem was Blepharitis, which after reading up on it, it can happen after laser surgery and especially in menopausal women.

Although since then I have found out that with Blepharitis some days you have perfect vision and other days you do not. I never had perfect vision, and Julian Stevens was aware of that every time I saw him for a check up.

I therefore followed a regime, which I do to this day, heating a pack for my eyes, pushing my eyelids, cleaning with suprettes and using eye drops, which costs time and money. I also take Omega-3 tablets.

Still no improvement, so I went back to see him in January 2012 and asked if there was anything more I could do. He told me the procedure was 100% successful, said I was doing fine and was sure I would be Ok by the summer. Said to come back in 6 months, gave me more drops for dry eyes, but after 4 weeks I stopped taking them as they were making my eyes worse.

I saw Julian Stevens again in May 2012, still with blurred vision. He recommended that I had Lipiflow, still claiming the laser procedure had been 100% successful!

In October 2012 his secretary sent an email asking how I was getting on and did I have the Lipiflow treatment. I told her that my symptoms were still the same, that I had seen another Moorfields consultant via the NHS, who wasn’t very helpful and had given me tablets that had made me feel sick and my blurred vision worse.

The reports I'd read on Lipiflow weren't great, costing £2,000, and after paying £4,000 for the laser surgery I told her that was a last resort. Said I was at the end of my tether as it had now been 18 months since surgery and asked if they could recommend a specialist. She said Mr Stevens was happy to see me on the NHS. Well as he hadn’t been very helpful up to then, I really didn’t see the point.

In 2013 I saw David O’Brart privately, who said I had mild dry eye and inserted punctal plugs in my lower eyelids. When I went back he said that my eyes were now normal, but I had no visual improvement. He said he didn’t know why I was not able to see clearly, and that it must be from the laser surgery.

Having blurred vision has affected how I live my life. I have glasses for the computer, which do help but I still feel like I have contact lenses in the wrong eyes, giving an unbalanced feeling. Much of my work is on the computer and I have to keep taking breaks as I feel nauseous if I work on it for too long.

My eyes have got worse, and I now wear glasses to watch television, which I never had before, but I still get an unbalanced feeling and can only watch for a short time.

Nearly every day now I get a headache, and I have dizziness, so have had to take days off work. I had a brain scan and have been diagnosed with migraine, which I am sure is from the blurred vision.

For the first year I didn’t drive or watch television. I listened to the radio and audio books. But after a year when it wasn’t getting any better, I wanted to watch television and be able to drive. I now watch television for a short amount of time, and usually record programmes so that I don’t have to look at the adverts and can stop when I start feeling nauseous. I haven’t been able to go the cinema since the surgery.

I drive short distances in the daylight, but can only drive for about 10 minutes when it gets dark.

Julian Stevens didn’t take my complaints of blurred vision seriously. He just fobbed me off with Blepharitis.

Thousands of patients suffer surgery failure. 25 Jan 2015 20:06 #84

  • Dani
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My husband had his eyes lasered in 2011 at OE Cardiff. One eye has healed and is perfect however the other has been left with damage which we are still waiting to be 'fixed' by Harley St Complex Case team.

After many many visits to Harley St we finally felt like we had an answer only for Jan Venter to retire - before 'fixing' hubby's sight.

Best OE quote to date was when my hubby asked why the complication he has was NOT in the small print.... JV's answer: 'the risk is so low that it didn't need to be in there' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angry:

Thousands of patients suffer surgery failure. 20 Jan 2015 17:09 #85

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I too, am mad with rage at his thoughtless comment; I have lost so much contrast sensitivity that I have to look at the world "through a net curtain" not ideal.

I feel as though I have been buried alive, and my hands are bleeding from trying to claw my way out! Cant any of these surgeons imagine what trashed eyesight does to someone? They make me sick!

Prof David Gartry @ Moorfields 20 Jan 2015 12:42 #86

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Mr Starburst wrote: "You can have quite significant corneal haze, and the patient will still get 6/9 or 6/7.5, hardly ideal, but not as bad as we might have thought"

Listening to David Gartry I wanted to punch his f*cking lights out, because he talks about eye surgery like it's a car or other consumer goods. You can get a better car when newer models come out, but you can't get new eyes. He describes problems from older techniques while neglecting to mention the permanent lifelong damage they've caused. He is nauseating to say the least.

Prof David Gartry @ Moorfields 17 Jan 2015 14:59 #87

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The dismissive comments regarding corneal haze made by David Gartry in this video should outrage any damaged patient, no matter what type of refractive surgery they had.

If I wanted my vision to be "similar" to looking through a net curtain, then I'd buy a veil from a bridal shop, and not pay thousands of pounds for surgery for the same effect!

"This is one of the classic slides from when I first started at Moorfields in '92, of significant corneal haze following a PRK surface laser treatment. You might imagine that the vision there would be extremely poor, but you have to remember, as some of you will know, that this is really very similar to a net curtain, and the vision is not as degraded as you might imagine, in the same way as you could look out from a darkened room into a brightly lit street, and you can see what is going on in the street relatively well This is the same idea. You can have quite significant corneal haze, and the patient will still get 6/9 or 6/7.5, hardly ideal, but not as bad as we might have thought."

Watch from 6.27 to 7.07.

THIS MUST STOP!!! 12 Jan 2015 16:13 #88

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Thousands of patients suffer surgery failure. 12 Jan 2015 16:01 #89

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Here is a very sobering youtube clip. The so-called 'health professionals' that ruin so many lives truly disgust me. They are nothing less than outright criminals in my opinion.

Harley Street - Unorganized mess & chaos 19 Dec 2014 15:20 #90

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OE had tear duct plugs ordered in from the US for my left eye. I received a call to say they had been received and I could arrange an appointment to have them fitted at my local store - Bluewater. However I had an appointment coming up at Harley Street so after a few attempts at contacting the Head office and Bluewater store I was assured that they were being sent from Bluewater to Harley Street, a simple request I thought.

I went to my appointment at Harley Street (yesterday) hoping to have the tear duct fitted, but not only was it not there, they had no idea that it was being sent from Bluewater, even though I was assured by the woman at Bluewater that she had contacted Harley Street to confirm it would be OK to send it.

At my appointment I waited about 20 mins whilst staff rummaged around trying to find these tear duct plugs. They even checked with Bluewater who confirmed they'd been sent.

It's not reassuring that people trust their eyes with this company if they can't even handle a simple request.