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30 Jan 2020 20:21 #56


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Xanthe Gilmore (VERY Creative Content Manager at AxiCom) ignorantly claims, 'In the UK along [sic], the procedure [laser eye surgery] is helping 18 million people a year say goodbye to glasses or contact lenses.'

The refractive eye surgery scandal must be even bigger than I thought, because there are only approx 66 million people in the UK - including children :kiss:

In fact this is total bullsh*t!

And Miss Gilmore shows her level of professionalism having also plagiarised the article on laser eye surgery from Which? magazine's December publication (equally unreliable, as I published at the time) without even acknowledging its source!

And the following paragraph warrants a complaint to the ASA, because its owner (Brian aka Zeus) sold the Lasik-Eyes domain in 2013, crowing that I had inadvertently added to its sale value because of my input on the forum which increased views (this was before OERML and the only forum available to us)!

The forum was soon taken down and it became yet another corrupt review site for advertisers!
15 Nov 2016 14:12 #55


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It seems that Optical Express are now sending their ‘satisfied’ customers to post on OERML Trustpilot review page!

Earlier this year I signed up OERML with Trustpilot simply to prove a point, and also to get a better understanding of how they allow biased and untrue reviews while deleting negative and honest ones.

Llewelyn1 was kind enough to give OERML a 5 star review this morning - but I didn’t invite him to post, and he’s not a verified reviewer because he has not used OERML services, nor did Trustpilot ask me to verify him!

Marketing info I received from Trustpilot included details about how they can repetitively bombard your customers with emails to post a review - these can be sent hourly until the customer gives in!

And, as Optical Express pay to use Trustpilot's automated invitation system, I find it hard to believe that Llewelyn1 mistakenly posted on OERML.

His post won’t be up for long however, as I have done what OE frequently do when they receive a seriously negative post - claim they have no record of the person (true in this instance)!

I'd love to speak to Llewelyn1 as he says that OE gave him back his eyesite [sic], so he was presumably blind…

OE are missing out on a serious advertising opportunity here - they perform miracles too!

Meanwhile, if you’d like to post a review on OERML Trustpilot page, please do :kiss:

And, if you're unhappy with the results of your treatment at Optical Express, Trustpilot claim they've changed things - so try posting a negative review and see (i) if it stays and (ii) how many positive reviews quickly follow to bury it!

Because this doesn't support Trustpilot's claim :kiss:

05 Jun 2016 12:10 #54


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Is this woman an OE employee or simply deranged :kiss:

As for it now being 'a frightening experience driving in the dark' - I think it could potentially be a far more frightening experience for pedestrians and other drivers!

28 May 2016 20:58 #53


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I may be a bit slow when stats are concerned - after all I only got a B in my maths A level, but I'm puzzled by Trustpilot feedback scores.

How can 100% x 5 star posts = 9.1
78.1% = 9.0

From my calculation100% = 10 (logical assumption)

Therefore 78.1% = 7.8 not 9.0

And 100% = 10 not 9.1

Or am I confused again, after all I tend to get confused a lot - like with the lifetime aftercare promise, eye tests for life, eye plugs etc...

11 Mar 2016 19:25 #52


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It seems I'm not the only person who works late, as this highly amusing and entertaining Trustpilot review was obviously posted by Optical Express!


If 'Brotherwal Frid' saw ‘Sara Rodney’ (spot the deliberate spelling mistake!) videos about Optimax (posted by other people) then he can’t have missed the OE videos!

However, I can't think of anyone still with OE smart enough to have written this, so I wonder if Brotherwald Frid may not be a Scotsman at all, but in fact OE's previous 'troubleshooter', who took on many different alter egos in days gone by, incl 'Anon' and 'RWI': www.opticalexpressruinedmylife.co.uk/ind...ick-james-green.html

I doubt that anyone left with problems is invited to leave a 'Verified' review. Proving why Trustpilot reviews should not be trusted!

I got it btw - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brother_Walfrid - 5 stars for humour boys :kiss:

Let's see some more 5 star reviews up for OERML people!
10 Mar 2016 20:46 #51


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If you can't beat them, join them :kiss:


Please leave a review, and remember you’re reviewing OERML not OE, so please leave 5 stars!

Of course, if you leave a negative review and I didn't send you a direct invitation to post then you're not 'Verified' and I can claim that I don’t know who you are and Trustpilot will remove your post...

That’s the way to play this game and how Optical Express keep a 9.1 average!

OE will now be aware that OERML has joined Trustpilot so it’ll be interesting to see how long before they find an excuse for Trustpilot to remove it tomorrow!

Meanwhile, please get posting, because I want to see 5 stars on my very own Trustpilot review page before they do!