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The Truth (ex OE employee) 11 Nov 2013 02:00 #41

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Well it would seem as though Ken is not going to post again......

In the hope that Ken may still read the posts?

I believe I am a reasonable person, I also believe everyone else on this forum is a reasonable person.

Everyone expresses themselves differently however, whilst some use words to express their anger and heartache. I think think that when I meet some of these people of O.E. at higher levels I will probably have some difficulty in restraining myself to not throttle them to death :whistle:

I understand your wish for anonymity and respect it. I would suggest that you do support Ms Rodoy in her efforts as an ex employee because it will I'm sure be most helpful. That is of course up to you.

I will address your points in the hope that you may read them and for the others that visit here.

Your analagy of a person that works in a nightclub toilet is not essentially a great comparison, I appreciate they probably don't enjoy the job but the worst thing that they could do is perhaps spray you with an unpleasant aftershave. It might hamper you in seeking the company of a companion for the night but it wouldn't totally ruin your life.

A more accurate comparison would be a plastic surgeon. A good one basically immediately explains all the worst case scenarios to the point where you would actually question whether a procedure is even worthwhile. They rarely fill you with false hopes.

I'm afraid I totally disagree with you that staff are not as responsible as the surgeons or higher management.

It was the staff that recommended me for surgery, staff who told me I was an ideal candidate, staff who assured me that I would be without glasses etc. I could go on but I think you get the point.

I agree the surgeon didn't do their job either in terms of explaining the REAL RISKS.

If anything staff are the most at fault here alongside the surgeons.

You suggest postponing if you are not told the risks. I hope that you rethink what you have stated in this sense because how could you know whether you have been informed of all the risks? We thought the so called experts would know what they were doing and we believe, quite wrongly that we have been informed of the risks.

It's a bit like saying "Don't buy a lottery ticket unless it's got the winning numbers on it"

The reason that people have been unaware of the high numbers of complications is because they have had no one to complain to. Surgeons answer to the GMC but the industry answers to no one. People have not had a voice, no one to turn to, or have just given up completely.

Your point to Pinocchio relating to looking at computers all day........... Well let's think about that one for a second. Don't some people have to look at a computer all day to do their jobs?!

As you touched on previously no one has any idea how someones eyes will react to this surgery and I mean no one.

That is what people should be told.

It's based on best guesses and I concede some are lucky and everything woks out, some have their lives turned upside down and inside out.

I have studied a lot of papers relating to clinical studies at great length as a result of the problems I now have, this is not something your average person could do or would have the time to. All the studies are inconclusive, some using animals. Correlations have been observed but that's about as good as it gets.

Before anyone says it..... Yes I wish I'd done that before surgery but you wouldn't know where to begin looking for this information in the beginning.

This industry should be dissolved immediately. Eye surgery should only ever be used to treat cataracts or if ones sight is so bad that there is no alternative. It PERMANENTLY damages your eyes.

Sorry for the extremely long post, I hope some took the time to read it.

The Truth (ex OE employee) 09 Nov 2013 16:22 #42

  • Caro
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Ken, I'm sorry if you don't like the way the victims on this sight feel... we are suffering terrible problems, so you really can't blame us. You said "I have a life", but many of us have had our lives destroyed.

Presenting your concerns to management was not enough; you should then have taken your concerns to the GMC, CQC etc.

If you really do care, then please speak to Sasha Rodoy, and the authorities, but don't play mean games with the victims of this industry.

The Truth (ex OE employee) 09 Nov 2013 15:55 #43

  • Ken
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Caro wrote: Ken, I suspect that you do have a conscience, as you left your job, and have posted here, but I still disagree with what you have to say. However, as a matter of interest, when you say that you and others spoke out, but nobody listened, who did you present your concerns to?

head management within the company.
At the moment, I'm not prepared to go into details. I have already sent my last post on the forum.
Maybe I will contact the owner of this website some day. But not now.

The Truth (ex OE employee) 09 Nov 2013 15:50 #44

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Pinnochio wrote: Ken's gone quiet! I was expecting his next post to say his 'ex' boss David Moulsdale is a very nice man who only wants to help many many people ;)

Terribly sorry. I have a life. Maybe your eyes would improve Pinnochio if you stopped looking at computers all day. They can dry your corneas rather badly.
This will be my last post since people are getting nasty.
Mr X, I will answer you as you seem a reasonable person.
I am guarded and will NOT give more details at the moment, as OE monitors Facebook and Twitter for nasty posts from their employees. People have been fired and worse. This site will be no different-if not worse. I am not safe from litigation, even though, I say once again, I do NOT work for them. But I give too much away, they will know me.
I require no vindication. I have never harmed anyone nor have any of my ex colleagues. As I have already said. I am proud to have treated people and helped them.
My aim on here was to give a voice to people who are being slaughtered through no fault of their own.
Does the person who works in a toilet in a nightclub on a Sat night enjoy their work? No. It's a job.
Same with the surgery staff. They try their best. They don't like it. It is working in an atmosphere of high stress- reserve your anger for the real people who deserve it the higher up ones. The ones who say suitable when there's doubt , or don't tell the risks. This isn't the surgery team.
Have I stories to tell? I could but at the moment, I'm certainly not prepared to after this onslaught.
And unfortunately you are correct Mr X, usually only more surgery can fix starburst and I completely understand anyone's reluctance to get more done after having problems. Also, sometimes, it isn't possible to get more done. I know people aren't told this prior to surgery, that they are a one shot deal. It's not right, everyone should be aware of the risks. If they aren't told they should postpone and find out-Nobody should go into this unaware. But in the right hands this is an amazing treatment.
If there were so many thousands of problems occurring recently this industry wouldn't exist. It would have went a long time ago. Have mistakes been made? Yes, since day one, across the whole board all over the world, long before our Scottish 'friends' got involved.
Should they have been as haphazard with the technology in the early days? No.
Have mistakes been learnt from? Yes. The industry as a whole is much safer now than it was 15 years ago.
Should it be regulated? Yes.
Do I know what I'm talking about, as my friend Pinocchio says? Yes, without a doubt. More than him/her.
I am not defending OE, for the last time. I'm defending a minority who don't deserve it.
I'm truly sorry for all your issues. I know how precious sight is.

The Truth (ex OE employee) 09 Nov 2013 15:07 #45

  • Pinnochio
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Ken's gone quiet! I was expecting his next post to say his 'ex' boss David Moulsdale is a very nice man who only wants to help many many people ;)

The Truth (ex OE employee) 09 Nov 2013 13:04 #46

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You seem very guarded as to not answer many of the questions posted by other users here, I for one would ask why?

As others suggest if your purpose here is not to help uncover the reasons as to why O.E. are continuing to ruin peoples eyes and lives, what is your purpose here?

If you are looking for vindication for yourself and colleagues you will not find it here. This is a place for those who have been hurt, even as far as to say disabled by the actions of O.E.

In my particular case the staff were the ones who really talked me into surgery. I will obviously concede that I was considering it or I wouldn't have been there.

My pupils are large and I was told that only one type of treatment would be suitable, at no time was I told that I am at greater risk of halos, starbursts etc.

I can probably never drive at a time when car headlights or streetlamps are on. This is rather a problem in the UK.

Do you think all these people are imagining their problems?

Like Mr Starburst I am curious as to how this can be fixed? I have been told that further surgery could even make this worse and that is probably the only honest answer I've had from Mr. Hannan.

He also stated that there is around a 1% complication and have treated over 100,000 people. I personally find it quite shocking to think that there are 1000 people in the UK with similar problems to me. I believe that was per year!

Clearly it is no exaggeration to be talking of 1000s with problems. That information came from the top of your Ex Company which further shows the poor level of integration of knowledge within it.

I would also add that the figures are not correct and that staff have not allowed me to complete any more surveys from the 3 month period onwards to the current year. So as far as the stats go I am another happy customer. I wonder what the real numbers are?

Without getting into too much detail I don't think people are really trying to get at you personally Ken but you must accept there is a lot of anger to say the least. Defending O.E. will probably bring that out.

I'm not sure why you found Kali's post so amusing. I thought it made some good points but perhaps my sense of humour isn't what it once was.

The Truth (ex OE employee) 09 Nov 2013 11:18 #47

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If you can fix starbursts like mine I would request that you post as to how this is done, seeing as you are not actually a surgeon.
Also, if it is possible for anyone to get these starbursts, and you can't tell who will and who won't prior to surgery, then the only rational conclusion is that these type of ops should be BANNED !

I have seen many top level surgeons, and my starbursts are INCURABLE !

The Truth (ex OE employee) 09 Nov 2013 11:07 #48

  • Caro
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Ken, everyone can speak freely in this country; you have not answered the question as to where you reported your concerns!
Mr Starburst is correct about the FDA.
As for your stupid comment; "If you knew this, why did you get it done?"

The Truth (ex OE employee) 09 Nov 2013 10:49 #49

  • Pinnochio
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ken wrote: The FDA has the toughest criteria on record for passing things like this, so I have severe doubts on your statement.

Ken, your posts are so self contradictory and defensive I wonder if you actually still work for OE as I find it suspicious that you refuse to say what your role was!

You claim to have seen "many, many thousands of treatments take place" so must have worked at OE for many many years! In which case you MUST be aware of the many many problems they have and the numbers suing them!

Worst of all, you don't really know what you're talking about:

The Truth (ex OE employee) 09 Nov 2013 10:29 #50

  • ken
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Mr Starburst wrote:

Ken wrote: I know things are wrong in this sector and need to be fixed

So how long have you known that things are wrong in this sector, and what, if anything, have you actually tried to do about it, or to expose what's been going on ?
As for saying that this is SURGERY, these are in fact surgeries that should never have been allowed to have been performed by a mass market industry. Of course, lasik in particular was passed originally by the FDA in the USA based on totally false information provided by the manufacturers and users of the equipment involved, which is why ex-FDA regulator Morris Waxler is calling for an outright ban ! The whole damn thing was founded on LIES !

I'm just one person. I can speak freely now, but surgery staff in this sector don't have a voice.
The FDA has the toughest criteria on record for passing things like this, so I have severe doubts on your statement. If the FDA had doubts it will not happen. Believe me.
If you knew this Mr Starburst, why did you get it done? I'm curious? Perhaps you knew someone who has had surgery? Whatever the reason, you have had an unfortunate problem. Many don't but some do. I have helped fix starburst such as yours. Did I cause them? No. But it can occur. We can't predictwho this will happen to before, but as you know pupil size is a big giveaway. But it can occur on anyone. I'm just trying to give an alternate voice on here. It's a forum. Debate is good