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Reply: Ex OE employee: ask me a question!


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02 Nov 2016 19:29 #44


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I am working with a researcher (can’t say more at this point) who would appreciate speaking with any Optical Express employees - past or present - willing to talk about their experiences, and/or corroborate information already provided by other employees.

NB: Optimax/Ultralase employees welcome too!

Thanks to those who have helped with info... and to those who haven’t - you know how many people's eyes are damaged by this company on a regular basis, so PLEASE listen to your conscience!

(I was sickened when a sales person at OE Harley Street clinic told me last year that she knew what was going on but she had a mortgage to pay!!)

Please be aware that at this preliminary stage all conversations are confidential, will not be recorded, and anonymity is totally guaranteed. This will be put in writing on request.

This is open to anyone who has worked at OE; telesales, refractive technicians/counsellors, optoms, nurses, surgeons, etc...

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :kiss:
14 Jun 2016 05:27 #43

Gary Brownlow

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Having spent the last few years outside of this company, I would like to share my story 'within the walls' of this company.

Firstly, I am happy to post evidence if required to prove I worked there, and deem this story to be the whole truth, and nothing but.

My title was a laser 'councillor' - in fact, I was taught how to sell the surgery, to 'see it as a product' and nothing more. I myself was unsuitable for laser surgery, but had to wear contact lenses to 'play the game'.

Sale Practices
Daily we were called by our regional managers and asked how many people I had booked for surgery. The biggest issue was 1- Credit to pay for surgery, 2- Available dates.

On numerous occasions I was asked to 'fake' or 'fluff' credit checks and agreements so people could get credit from a 3rd party source.

2-If surgery was unavailable on certain days, I was asked to FAKE a date, take the persons deposit and call them AFTER the deposit was no longer available for refund to tell the patient "sorry, the surgeon has had to change the date of surgery..."

I witnessed at first hand a surgery day - a surgeon would do 15-20 surgeries a day. Anyone that has had this done will know how they were ushered around like sheep.

Optometrists (not surgeons) perform your aftercare. On many occasions you are double or triple booked, so expect delays.

Once managing a store, an electrician arrived to turn off the electricity - DURING business hours, with a full clinic. After a few emergency calls, I averted this happening - the electrician showing me a bill for over 1,500,000GBP (yes, one point five million pounds) that the company had not paid.

Hugh Kerr, who is already deemed an unpleasant human being with a quick Google search, forced me out of the company. In his words 'you need to empty old ladies purses' into the tills.

Upon leaving, I only found out in the next financial year that they had not paid my final pay's tax to the taxman. Meaning I was left with the bill.

This company is screwing the general public over. They don't care about your surgery. It buys Mr Moulsdale an extra hooker and his trips to LA to keep up the tan.
09 Mar 2015 22:30 #42


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"The worst customer service experience possible for patients due to the restrictions to the diaries and the unofficial company policy of 'once we have your money we're not interested anymore'"

18 Jul 2014 22:49 #41


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You will find him at 200 SVS.
26 Apr 2014 13:13 #40


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Can anyone tell me if I'd find Hugh Kerr hiding at 200 St Vincent Street or 5 Deerdykes Road?
26 Mar 2014 11:02 #39

ex employee free

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Annoyed wrote: I also asked how you can levy criticism at the commentator who obviously knows far more about OE than you do as you have never worked there?

Whether he worked for OE or not Eyedoc makes money off people having corrective eye surgery so why would he want the truth to be told when it affects the whole refractive industry?

He is responding with eyes on his wallet