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22 Jul 2019 15:44 #147

Mr Starburst

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I've just noticed a BBC News article on breast implant ops including the following comments - 'Women having breast implants should be warned about a condition linked to chronic pain and extreme fatigue, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has said', and also - 'The BBC spoke to one surgeon - who did not wish to be named - who said he did not believe it was a real condition.' I'm not holding my breath for refractive surgeons to call for prospective patients to be warned about the risks of chronic pain nor for the BBC or any other media organisation to report on it even if they did! www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-49033715
22 May 2019 20:50 #146


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I have no complaint whatsoever with the press milking Spice Girls Melanie Brown's recent eye problems, as they've highlighted the fact that she had 'botched laser eye surgery' 20 years ago :kiss:

"The singer, 43, allegedly arrived at London's Moorfields Eye Hospital and told medical staff that she was 'totally blind' and 'couldn't see anything' after losing vision in her right eye, reports The Sun."

However, a trusted source told me that Mel B did not attend the outpatients emergency clinic at Moorfields Eye Hospital (MEH) on Friday, but had she done so, they would not have referred her to Luton and Dunstable Hospital - approx 1.5hrs drive away - or indeed any other hospital!*

And why would they, when Moorfields is without doubt the best equipped eye hospital in the UK, with facilities to cope with every type of eye problem, staffed by some of the most experienced and renowned eye specialists in the country, if not the world!**

In reply to my email, Moorfields CEO David Probert told me on Monday that he was sure I understood that he was unable to confirm or deny any reports in the weekend's press regarding a patient's care.

Although not important enough for me to investigate further, (and I really couldn't care less where she was or wasn't treated) it was amusing to see other publications regurgitate the Daily Mail story, almost word for word, with just an occasional tweak here and there...

And a quick Google search this evening showed Mel's Instagram post yesterday claiming she was diagnosed with iritis in her right eye, and uveitis in her left, calling the press 'stupid', while some publications reported that she had ocular herpes.

True or false, the amount of publicity Mel B has been given over this incident proves what a priceless asset she would be to My Beautiful Eyes campaign for government regulation - if she would only agree to support us!

* Mel did in fact attend Luton & Dunstable hospital, but of course Moorfields more press worthy!
**This doesn't mean that I don't have concerns about Moorfields' modus operandi, because I most certainly do, and will share these with you another time.
08 May 2019 17:58 #145


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Whilst @OERMLuk tweets are quoted in this Daily Express article, you will note that neither Sasha Rodoy nor My Beautiful Eyes Foundation campaign for government regulation are mentioned :kiss:

'[@OERMLuk tweeted to Jeremy Vine On 5] “Contrary to what you claimed on Friday blended vision DOES 'wear off'! @carolvorders had ops in 2012 that lasted only a few years, repeated last month.”
Carol was quick to issue a reply to these claims, aiming to put the record straight about her experience.
She wrote: “Er no... it has been EIGHT years between original and then a tweak... not a ‘few’ years...
“Please don't put words into my mouth... and I have been VERY happy with it both times.”
The mathematics expert then addressed Jeremy as she reassured the presenter: “Ignore comment below please

The Express article didn't include my last tweet to Carol Vorderman - who blocked me after I proved that I was not putting words into her mouth!

22 Apr 2019 22:12 #144


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'Led to deaths... better regulation... a person's mental and physical health... cost to the NHS...' :kiss:

Music to my ears if this BBC News report referred to refractive eye surgery!

In comparison with cosmetic procedures there are AT LEAST three times as many refractive eye surgery operations performed each year in the UK - not abroad! - and the numbers of patients left irreparably damaged heavily outweigh those damaged by 'botched cosmetic procedures’

Published in 2013, a huge amount of time and money was invested (wasted) on the Keogh report, with laser eye surgery condescendingly mentioned once or twice (a sop to My Beautiful Eyes campaign calling for government regulation).

This simply angered me, because refractive eye surgery is NOT cosmetic - ever - no matter that blanket marketing suggests it is, and I have had to correct a few ophthalmic surgeons on this point over the years!

'A campaign to tackle "botched" cosmetic procedures is to be launched by the government in England next month. It follows a rise in people seeking surgeries such as a "Brazilian butt lift" abroad, which has led to deaths.

One expert welcomed the campaign [scheduled to launch in May], but said better regulation was also needed.

[England's Department of Health and Social Care] said it also hoped to tackle the number of "botched" procedures, and the resulting impact on a person's mental and physical health, as well as the cost to the NHS of treatment following such procedures.
09 Apr 2019 17:21 #143


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I've heard his unhappy patients call Dr Dimitris Kazakos many things over the years, but 'a hunk' definitely not one of them :kiss:

Three Degrees singer Sheila Ferguson obviously didn't do much research before she let Dr Dimitris Kazakoff [sic] operate on her eyes, because she describes close runner up to David Teenan on the leaderboard (for highest number of legal claims) as a 'great surgeon' on Good Morning Britain earlier today!

Now that her rose tinted cataracts have gone, and if she's one of the lucky ones, perhaps Sheila will be able to see Dimitri Kazakos more clearly!

Listen @ 1:16 mins:
07 Apr 2019 14:09 #142


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Posted on my Facebook pages yesterday :kiss:

cont'd: June has suffered from macular degeneration, an age-related condition... The soap legend had an operation in 2017 to fit extra lenses [Eyemax Mono] on her eyes, but it wasn't as effective as she wanted[/i].’

'The soap stalwart has previously spoke[sic] about her macular degeneration diagnosis and in 2017 shared details about her pioneering 60 second operation, she was one of the first people to undergo the Eyemax Mono procedure.' [At no cost to June Brown, and I’m guessing LEH Pharma also paid her pocket money to promote the procedure as she did.]

I added my own scathing comment under the Mail article, amazingly approved given how much that publication values my opinion!

I added my own scathing comment under the Mail article, but not much chance of it being approved as we know how much that publication values my opinion.*

This is a more obvious advertorial for the Amazon Alexa, probably another freebie + 'pocket money' www.mirror.co.uk/tv/eastenders-june-brow...veals-agony-14241216

*Update: Amazing - my comment approved!

Mail on Sunday today: