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29 Aug 2014 12:06 #17


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29 Aug 2014 11:45 #16


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My initial surgery was performed by Mr Panagiotis Theoulakis, who mysteriously does not want to associate himself with OE anymore as he has not listed OE as a previous employer - check out his Linkedin page.

Is he hiding from OE patients or just wants nothing to do with OE as Mr Panagiotis Theoulakis now refers to himself as Panos Theoulakis.
Maybe another attempt at disguising himself from any OE references :S

My 'enhancement' - an OE euphemism for what is actually a corrective treatment, was performed by Manek Patel, who still works for OE.

Since having the retreatment I have learnt that many medical professionals disagree with performing LASIK twice as if it's not done properly the first time round a second treatment opens up more risks.

Given the side effects I was having from the first operation was I really safe to have a re-treatment? Could this be why I am still suffering from dry eyes 2 years on?

"Enhancements" to OE patients are common practice it seems, but truth is, they should get it right the first time!
18 Apr 2014 14:15 #15

Should Have Gone to Specsavers

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This YouTube video will crack you up!
Funny though, the 'like' option is disabled, but you CAN leave your comment ;)
admin: Not any more. You should know by now that OE don't allow negative reviews!
05 Nov 2013 18:11 #14


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Stefan Klopper and Professor Jan Venter should both be ashamed. Hope the GMC do their job and stop these people from ruining peoples eyes and lives.
21 Sep 2013 15:18 #13

Mr Starburst

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Why did Francesca Marchetti not mention that she works in the laser eye surgery industry in her interview on the Chris Evans Breakfast show? For her not to mention this is misleading, if not actually dishonest!
19 Sep 2013 22:11 #12


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I think Optometrist Francesca Marchetti the Chair of National Eye Health Week deserves a place here for her promotion of laser eye surgery on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with no warnings to the public of the risks involved