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Just another day... 08 Sep 2017 19:33 #111

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On Tuesday I woke with severe pain and blurred vision in my right eye :kiss:

Although the pain had dulled a little by Wednesday I was worried that it might be another BRVO, so I called Moorfields and asked if they could bring my October appt forward, but they advised it would be better for me to attend A&E.

Way too busy for that... until yesterday morning, when making breakfast with one eye closed I imagined how it would be if this caused me to lose my sight.

So off I went...

After the usual battery of eye tests I finally met with the specialist, Francesco Matarazzo - wearing glasses.

It was the first time we'd met, and he told me he might consider laser surgery in the future - but when he saw I wasn't in the least bit amused he quickly reassured me that he was joking!

Although obviously relieved to be told that I hadn't had another occlusion, I was shocked when Francesco told me the pain was caused by number of corneal erosions on my right eye, a result of Dry Eye Disease, which gets worse when you sleep because there's no lubrication.

The ‘good’ news is that they're not recurrent erosions, but I've lost count of the side effects and problems I suffer and worry what's next?

While the government continue to ignore this scandal, and deny that there is a major problem with this unregulated industry, I also wonder how much my visits to Moorfields have cost the NHS so far this year!

When I first arrived at the emergency dept I'd sat down next to a man wearing dark glasses, who then pointed at my OERML Tshirt and asked what it was about.

I gave him a brief summary, and he told me he'd had laser surgery six months ago, at Optical Express!

In his early thirties, he'd suffered a sudden onset of severe light sensitivity, and my immediate presumption was that it was likely to be photophobia.

Happily I was wrong as he was diagnosed with an ocular migraine, but he took my card and said he'd check out OERML.

And today, on my way back home from a meeting near Harley Street, I had to walk past the Optical Express clinic. As I did so a woman wearing glasses passed me, and gut instinct made me turn around - sure enough she stopped outside OE, obviously checking she had the right address.

I caught up with her, and when she confirmed that she was indeed going to OE, I explained what I do, about OERML, and the thousands of damaged patients I represent. She was very concerned and took my card.

I told her that if she mentioned to OE staff that she’d just met me they would do their best to convince her to ignore anything I'd said, so I recommended that she google OERML and make up her own mind.

She told me it’d taken her a long time to get to the consultation stage (with optom and sales person that is), but armed with the info I gave her, and further research, I trust she will decide its not a good idea!

I also advised her that once inside their doors she would be heavily pressured to pay a deposit, which she absolutely should not do!

If you’re reading this - and I so hope you are - sore, red, itchy eyes for the rest of your life are not as attractive as the pretty pink specs you were wearing!

£50 market research opportunity 02 Sep 2017 23:14 #112

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Incentive: £50 :kiss:

Online open to the whole of the UK
Age Group 21-80

We are looking for people who have been diagnosed with Dry Eye Disease, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction and/or Blepharitis for this online project

This will be an online questionnaire which should take you around 40 minutes to complete

The link to this will be available from w/c 11th September

Please pass on to friends and family who may qualify to take part

If you would like to register your interest in this project please refer to PROJECT EYE DISEASE PATIENTS in your email subject box and email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with ALL of the following information

Full Name:
Contact Tel:
If you were not born in the UK how long have you been living here?

1. Which of the following medical issues have you been diagnosed with?
a. Dry eye disease
b. Melbomian gland dysfunction
c. Blepharitis
d. Rosacea/Ocular rosacea
e. Sjogren’s Syndrome
f. Other, please specify

2. How long ago were you diagnosed with.......
Dry Eye Disease
Melbomian gland dysfunction

3. How would you rate your Dry Eye Disease/ Melbomian gland dysfunction/ Blepharitis?

4. How long ago was your last eye exam by an eye doctor for your eye disease as listed above?

5. Please let us know if any of the following apply to you:-
a. I wear contact lenses on a regular basis
b. I have had a punctual occlusion procedure in the past 60 days
c. I have had either cataract surgery or laser eye surgery for refractive errors (near sightedness, far sightedness, astigmatism)
d. I have had an eye injury
e. I have experienced a change in systemic medication in the past 30 days
f. None of the above

6. What medical procedures have you done/routinely do or what medication are you currently using for your eye condition?
Procedures and Medication:-

7. What class of medication e.g. artificial tears, steroids, anti-inflammatories or type of medical procedures are you currently using for your Dry Eye Disease/ Melbomian gland dysfunction/ Blepharitis eye condition ?
Class of medication:-

8. All applications will be passed on to our client who will go through a short questionnaire with you if you fit the criteria they are looking for. Do we have your permission to pass on your application?

Lasik eye surgery - Any advice!! 30 Aug 2017 04:07 #113

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Hi!! A few months back, I was not able to look at the sky or see distant objects without seeing floaters. I was worried about the situation. I thought this may lead to complete vision loss. I’m just 24 years old and this was something I could not accept. I researched a lot and saw that this is a common problem and will get used to it.
I was not happy with the result so I consulted a laser eye surgeon in my locality to know if I could get rid of this floaters. The surgeon Dr Sheldon suggested getting lasik eye surgery asap. He said that even after the surgery, I will experience flashes in my eyes but it will go after few weeks. I told him that I’m worried about the surgery and he assured me not to worry as the procedure is not very complicated. I’m scheduled for the surgery on 8th Sept from a clinic in Toronto. Has anyone here had a similar situation? Can I completely get rid of floaters? As the date is so near, I feel jittery. Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanks!!
admin: Firstly 'Helen', if a person is seeing floaters they would be visible wherever you looked. And secondly, I've never heard of lasik getting rid of floaters - to the contrary!

Dr Sheldon Herzig in Toronto, you must be desperate for victims to try and advertise on my forum, but as you can see I've removed your hyperlink!
Nice try :kiss:

Lack of informed consent 28 Aug 2017 22:32 #114

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As I've previously mentioned, last month I had surgery at an NHS hospital...

From start to finish, my options were explained to me by the consultant surgeon, my options were explained to me by the consultant surgeon, not a nurse, or even one of the registrars.

And not in a shopping mall or on the high street, where invasive and risky surgery is sold like a used car or new hair style - in fact I've seen hairdressers give more info about a change of hair colour to their clients than do high street surgeons to their patients.

Having been first examined by the consultant before he considered offering me surgery, I then underwent extensive tests, which included ECG, bloods etc… to make sure I was healthy enough to undergo an anaesthetic.

On the morning of the operation I was visited by my consultant, who personally went through the consent form with me, point by point, ensuring that I fully understood the risks, describing each possible complication - with honest statistics!

Not a lot of choice unless I wanted to spend the rest of my life in pain, with restricted use of my arm, but should any of the risks have occurred I could not say that I was not informed pre surgery.

Then the anaesthetist also visited me and similarly discussed risks with me.

I was fully informed :kiss:

Happily all went well... and post op both the anaesthetist and consultant visited me to explain what had been done.

In my opinion, other than the general anaesthetic, refractive eye surgery is far more serious than the procedure I had.

And just In case my consultant or his colleagues are reading this, I do not mean that an ophthalmologist is better skilled, but to lose my eyesight would be of more concern to me than living with pain or limited use of a limb!

Given that the informed consent for general surgery is so extensive, and verbally detailed by the operating surgeon in person, then why should it be any less stringent for eye surgery?

And the idea that my surgeon would even consider engaging in a pre surgery consultation via phone or Skype is simply horrifying!

Yet this is what OE and other providers are doing, with no objection from the GMC, CQC, RCOphth, organisations the government claim are improving/regulating this industry!

No matter what their skills, all UK surgeons are members of the Royal College of Surgeons, governed by the same standards/guidelines.

Following my surgery I attended my consultant's outpatient clinic, seen by his registrar - not a nurse or receptionist.

And although I will be discharged after 3 months, should there be any problems in the future then my GP will refer me back to the consultant - without time limitation.

Food for thought methinks...

Moorfields visit 5 August 2017 06 Aug 2017 17:26 #115

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Earlier this year some of you may remember that I suffered a Branch retinal vein occlusion (BRVO), described in layman terms as a heart attack in the eye. (Details posted 8 February.)

Moorfields asked my GP to refer me to NHS specialists for numerous medical checks (cardiac etc…), after which I was back to Moorfields in March for a battery of eye tests with a retinal specialist.

I was put on medication and warned that the cause of the BRVO was likely due to my stress levels, that I need to stay calm to keep my blood pressure down.

I tried, but with my blood pressure competing with Lewis Hamilton for acceleration speed when I get angry, it’s a real challenge!

At my last Moorfields consult in May I thought I was doing fine, blockage not gone, but no more occlusions.

I was therefore totally shocked when the scans at today’s consult showed I'd had another occlusion - bigger than the last one!

Scary thing is that I had no idea it’d happened, whereas the first one arrived with a big sludgy floater and flashing lights!

The lovely retinal consultant, whose name I forgot to note down, again warned me that this is a result of stress and that I must take it seriously - easier said than done.

Playing to my weakness, she added that I won’t be in a fit state to help anyone otherwise.

Point taken, but here I am, back in my office, snowed under with work, and who will do it if not me? Certainly not the GMC or CQC, and as for the RCOphth, more to come about where their allegiance lies very soon!

24 July 2017, I underwent shoulder repair surgery that resulted from a fall at Glastonbury Festival in 2015, when I also cracked a number of ribs. I fell because I was unable to see in low light and tripped on the uneven ground - and I can assure you that crawling in and out of a tent with cracked ribs is no fun at all! (I had to wait for this op because of a more urgently needed procedure in 2016 - not eye related.)

Also, three weeks ago I was in pain with two blocked meibomian glands full of pus, and if not for my dry eye specialist providing me with (v painful) debridement treatment (£120 + antibiotics) then I'd have had to turn to the NHS for this too!

I am not telling you this for your sympathy, but to point out how much treatment I am having at cost to the NHS, to treat problems entirely caused by laser eye surgery provided by a negligent private company allowed to operate without government regulation.

And I am one of untold thousands, many who need far more extensive and expensive treatment than I do!

A bilateral lens explant costs approx £11,000 privately, and in January this year I wrote to Moorfields MD, Declan Flanagan, who promised to find out the cost to the NHS.

On 6 February, in reply to my chaser email, he wrote, 'I am still trying to pin down the cost for you.'

Still waiting, so last week Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell also wrote to Declan, asked him to provide these details in time for our meeting on 27 July.

As yet John has had no reply :kiss:

No wonder the NHS is in crisis if Moorfields’ MD is unable to lay his hands on this info within 6 months!

Also odd that Declan stopped replying to my subsequent phone calls and emails, because at approx 6.00am on 3 August he replied to an email I'd sent less than eight hrs earlier, copied to John.

Perhaps because the subject discussed is likely to be highly embarrassing for Moorfields, and a matter that the government will HAVE to investigate.

Watch this space!

And while the government continue to pretend there is no problem with this unregulated industry, totally supportive of corrupt businessmen - writing off 10s x £1,000000 in unpaid tax - and although they don’t give a flying f*ck about anyone’s eyes being damaged, ignoring the fact that people are being blinded (I have new evidence that will be disclosed in due course), when they finally stop avoiding meeting with me, then they will be forced to address the issue of the huge financial cost to the NHS as a result of this massive scandal - whether they want to or not!

And that people, is the answer to why three successive health ministers have postponed/cancelled a number of scheduled meetings with me since April 2014 - not forgetting Jeremy Hunt, who is simply not fit for purpose, sending letters telling people that the CQC/GMC/RCO have everything under control!

Tick tock... 04 Aug 2017 23:03 #116

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Tick tock... :kiss:

Thanks to the OE v Daily Mail £21.5 million legal claim scaring off the press, it’s been a while!

That’s over now - and my next instalment of NMMNG will explain why the 12 June trial was cancelled, detailing all I know about OE's financial settlement with Associated Newspapers Ltd.

Meanwhile, a little amuse bouche for you while the clock ticks...

In late 2014, OE’s very own Wee Shugster (Hugh Kerr) flew to Dublin, where approximately forty OE employees had been summoned from all corners of Ireland to meet with him.

After being fed sandwiches and beverages, the team were ordered to type ‘Optical Express’ into search engines (via their phones/iPads) - repeatedly for two hours!!

The aim was to push OERML down Google's rankings, because at that time the link was listed immediately under OE’s own, on the very first page when you googled 'Optical Express’.

But the joke was on the Wee Shugster, because apparently few employees in Ireland were aware of OERML at that time, whereas I’m assured that now most of OE’s work force are avid fans, but unable to like/comment on my Facebook pages for obvious reasons!

PS: This forum allows aliases if any OE employees want to speak out anonymously - or email me with any info you think might help me!

Optical Express Shared Venture Partnership 01 Aug 2017 20:20 #117

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Well lookie here, a franchise opportunity with Optical Express, enticingly described as a ‘new shared venture partnership business model’. [SVP]

My personal interpretation of this SVP is more along the lines of, ‘need to get some money in because we’re in deep sh*t business model

SVP brochure:

"Optical Express SVP is a type of franchise, although we do not ask you to pay an upfront licensing fee, nor do we limit you to a short-term lease. Franchises in the UK have very low failures rates. In 2006, 93% of franchisees reported a profit – and these are overall figures, not just those for big brands and key players.

Curious that OE quote statistics from a 2006 BFA franchise survey, what about something more recent?

OE also offered franchises in 2005, although I am unaware of any who took up this offer. (If I’m wrong please let me know.)

Nor was I aware of this fact :kiss:

"Moulsdale, who opened a Specsavers franchise in Livingston in 1990* before launching Optical Express a year later, said the key ingredients for joint venture partnership success were 'having owners and managers in place at a local level driving the sales performance of a store'. He said franchisees tended to be 'more commercially focused** with a keen interest in building long-term relationships with patients.***"

*Interesting, because in 2014 I was corresponding with Specsavers owner Mary Perkins, concerning details (yet to be published) of an alleged financial deal between Specsavers and Optegra, while some of their locum optoms were also working at Optimax and taking commission for referring Specsavers customers for surgery consults - one of whom became an MBE client in June 2013 and ended up in litigation.
**And if franchisees are even 'more commercially focused' than OE themselves, then what hope for customers (not considered patients in business model)!
***And of course the ‘long term relationship’ no doubt refers to the unarguable fact that so many of their customers have to keep returning to OE when left with irreparable post op problems - perhaps why OE have recently refused to provide aftercare beyond 12 months, to make an investment more palatable for potential franchisees!

Points to consider:
• As when you sell a house, is it similarly required that OE fully disclose details of problems/complaints/legal claims (incl past present and pending) to intended franchisee?
• Who will be Defendant in future claims by damaged OE customers, franchisee or OE?
• Will OE tell franchisees about OERML? Although any potential investor would have to be brainless or blind if they hadn’t already found details when googling "Optical Express"!

Optical Express deception 25 Jul 2017 15:50 #118

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admin wrote: Optical Express rebranding programme cont'd...

As I've mentioned, the lowlife employee who offered me info in exchange for payment (presumably now ex-employee) told me that OE's marketing team do nothing more than post spam on social media sites.

This likelihood is supported by the content on the LinkedIn page for Jack Maddix, one of Steven Taylor’s Manchester based marketing team, with Jack's listed experience including, ”Digital/Social - Social media management: strategy & content Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram CRM: email/SMS”

I initially contacted the ASA on 13 June 2017, pointing out that Jack Maddix is one of OE’s marketing team...

17 July: ASA Complaints Executive Sophie Marchant replied,
'On receiving your complaint, we contacted Optical Express for more information. They confirmed that, though Jack Maddix is a current Optical Express employee, he had eye surgery with Optical Express six years ago (funded by himself) and it is coincidental that he then decided to work for Optical Express. The advertiser confirmed that none of the other participants are or ever have been employees of Optical Express, and received no other payment other than nominal travel expenses. Therefore, as we consider that all stories are genuine and are not likely to mislead people, we will not be taking further action on this case.'

I immediately phoned Sophie to explain why I disagreed with the ASA decision.

Yesterday I received this response from Sophie,
'As discussed on our telephone call earlier this month, after speaking to yourself and my colleagues, I considered that the webpage did need to make clear that Jack Maddix was an Optical Express employee. I can see from the “Patient Stories” webpage that Optical Express have now updated this and made his position sufficiently clear.'

It's not much, but every little bit helps :kiss:

In memory of Hazel Jones 22 Jul 2017 19:18 #119

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In memory of Hazel Jones, who died yesterday :kiss:

Please share - details of the cause of her tragic and untimely death need to go viral!

Hazel was in regular contact with Veronica Luby-Hoey, another OE patient left damaged after lens exchange in Ireland - both operated on by the same surgeon, Dr Kanackal Alex George.

In their most recent conversation, Hazel expressed her anger at the continuing rapid deterioration of her vision... dreading the prospect of not being able to drive in the future, and very depressed with the overall reduction of her quality of life, entirely a result of the lens exchange surgery she was pressured to buy in 2012!

I last spoke with Hazel on 5 July, when I advised her that I needed to speak with her solicitor. I didn’t tell her why, as it concerning shocking information that I had been given concerning Alex George, and I wanted to discuss this with her legal team first.

I am so glad that I didn’t tell her at that time, because it would simply have added even more stress to Hazel Jones' last few weeks alive.

Be assured that this info will be publicised in due course!


OE ‘giving away £1million of laser eye surgery’ 19 Jul 2017 18:30 #120

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This is scary and of great concern :kiss:


Sickening, because OE’s desperate advertising team are obviously alluding to terrorist attacks, purporting to be rewarding the emergency services involved!

Given the number of post op problems suffered by their customers, OE might as well be working with Isis/Daesh!

It is of course another advertising scam, circumventing the ICO ruling in 2014, because those targeted who respond to the ads are thereby inviting contact from OE!


How OE will decide who is unlucky enough to be selected for free surgery needs to be questioned. And, where will we find the evidence that they are in fact ‘giving away £1million of laser eye surgery’?

I guarantee that many of these applicants will be told they’re unsuitable for laser and pressured to pay for lens exchange instead… and it’s only a matter of time before some of them (laser or lens) will be contacting OERML!

The ad also says, ‘Each month we’ll select a number of people to have a consultation to establish if they are a suitable candidate.’

How many people each month? Five, ten, a hundred? Because this ‘£million’ giveaway could run for years - if OE last that long of course!

The targeted Emergency Service workers are integral to the UK’s health and safety infrastructure, and if damaged by OE, they will not only lose their jobs, but the country will lose their valuable skills!

I already represent clients from all these emergency services, and hope that if reading this, they will share OERML wherever possible to stop others in their profession putting their healthy eyes at risk!

Sadly ironic that so many of OE’s damaged patients are forced to rely on the NHS for aftercare and OE are now targeting these very people!

I’m meeting with Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell next week and sent him this info earlier today, because the government need to stop pretending the problems with this industry don't exist and address the scandal as a matter of urgency.

PLEASE PLEASE share this post - via email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter - especially if you work in any of these services, or know someone who does!!
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