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Please support this site!! 06 May 2014 11:03 #431

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You have been great help to me. Contribution made. Please keep up with the great work!

Arrogant consultants 05 May 2014 11:12 #432

  • Caro
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To every arrogant consultant, who 'covers' for other surgeons' botched surgery:

"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane."
Martin Luther King.

It is time that consultants realise that victims of failed eye surgery are not dirt beneath their feet, and that by refusing to help us, with honesty - and the care and support we need, they are causing us great harm and tarnishing their own reputations.

Optical Express Ruined My Life Forum 05 May 2014 09:21 #433

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A lady I spoke to at a demo outside OE's Harley St clinic last year told me that Julian Stevens was extremely arrogant and that she suffered from double vision following refractive eye surgery with him.

Optical Express Ruined My Life Forum 04 May 2014 17:32 #434

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I saw Julian Stevens a few years ago after OE sent me to him after they damaged my eyes.
I thought the guy was so arrogant, he looks down on folk as if it were something he stepped in. Awful man.

Julian Stevens' comment 02 May 2014 13:25 #435

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If Julian Stevens of Moorfields said that he would have to turn away half the people that came to him, (when Debs asked why he had thought she was a good candidate for surgery - and clearly she wasn't), then he should do just that if they are likely to be prone to dry eye!!!

This is a serious condition!

When I saw Julian Stevens, desperate to have my eyesight repaired (thanks to Optimax), I was feeling suicidal. He spent a few moments with me, even though he was aware that I had travelled all the way from Yorkshire to see him, and he then announced that nothing could be done to restore my sight.

Anyone with a drop of compassion might have given my hand a little squeeze or said "I'm sorry", or stayed with me for a moment, but he walked away, completely indifferent to the fact that tears were rolling down my face, and I was in a state of shock.

Pity, because I believe a little kindness can go a long way. Still, laser eye surgery must be a nice little earner for the NHS private trusts.

Problems after surgery?! 30 Apr 2014 17:47 #436

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OE never fail to amuse!

They sent this to one of my clients, directing him to the Optical Express Complex Cases Clinic in Harley Street for a consultation with the recently demoted Dr Jan Venter.

For those with poor vision, this map shows OE's Harley St clinic relocated in Wimpole Street!

Btw, since someone mentioned elsewhere that Jan is not a UK professor, all trace of 'Professor' title has been expunged from OE's UK site, except for teeny weeny writing on his profile photo - which I believe has been reported to the ASA.

I bet Jan can't wait to get out of OE in July and back to his comfort zone in Sth Africa :kiss:

Please support this site!! 28 Apr 2014 22:42 #437

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Please help me to continue with My Beautiful Eyes Campaign and free advisory service!

I don’t get paid for what I do and have so far financed everything personally, which I’m sure you will appreciate has cost me a lot of money over two years.

I am happy to give my time freely but do need help towards the increasing maintenance costs of MBE & OERML websites, phones, travel, business cards, flyers, demos and much more!

If you can make a contribution, no matter how small, it will enable me to continue helping people with information, advice, refunds, etc… for which I don’t ask any payment.

You can contribute here via credit card or Paypal - anonymously if you prefer:

Thank you for your support...

In the press & online 06 Apr 2014 14:07 #438

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Great publicity to highlight these sites B)

"Optical Express loses bid to close laser eye surgery critic’s website"

Support group needed 02 Apr 2014 18:57 #439

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Hi Debs

We all trust what the surgeons tell us I felt a complete idiot after having had RLE surgery 18 mths ago, I was so desperate to be glasses free that I didn't even think of checking out if there were problems with this procedure. I am now having to learn to live with dry eyes, blurred vision and distant vision problems which I didn't have before, this affects driving and when I'm out riding.

The problem I have is that although I need glasses I can't wear them as I have to make sure I look at a certain angle or focus on a part of the lens else verything goes blurred. I also have floaters and glare from the lenses.

I went back to college this year. I am 57 so this was a big step, but my eyes then were ok and I was feeling good, but before I began all the problems started and I have struggled all the way through.

I have now started legal proceedings against them and suggest you do the same thing. It won't bring your sight back but will make you feel a whole lot better.

If you would like to contact me Sasha has my details.

Chin up :S Hazel
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Mr Julian Stevens @ Moorfields 02 Apr 2014 09:19 #440

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Debs wrote: When I asked Mr Stevens why he thought I was a suitable candidate, his response was that if he had said no to me he would have to say no to half of the people who walk through his door!

I think Mr Julian Stevens has clearly and succinctly explained the attitude of most in this industry!
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