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Laser machines on ebay! 24 Feb 2014 09:21 #451

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This is quite sickening. For as little as £48k you can buy a Laser machine on ebay:


Wrong prescription! 14 Feb 2014 18:52 #452

  • Miss. M.
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Extremely bad Customer Service and the staff are not trained at all! They will tell you that you need a new prescription even if you don't just to make a sale.
I went in just to have a look and was talked into having an eye test. They then told me that my vision had changed a lot so I needed new glasses. I told the optician that I had no problem with my old glasses, but she insisted that the eye test showed i needed a new prescription.
I then bought new glasses on that basis.
I could not see at all out of the new glasses and went back to them complaining. In total I'd been back to the store five times - had THREE DIFFERENT WRONG EYE TESTS DONE THERE! I waited in the store for hours and hours, talking to one staff member, waited, talked to another... waited again, while the staff took turns to bully me and tire me out.
They said I was lying, didn't know what I was talking about, giving me looks like I'm crazy, and so on.
The manager and a staff member (both men) intimidated me by having a go at me while they were standing and I was sitting down.
I can't even begin repeat the nasty things they said and ways they behaved.
The staff at Optical Express don't seem to have any training whatsoever - for example they didn't know what an astigmatism is.

I have since found out from a professional opticians that I NEVER NEEDED NEW GLASSES.
I tried and tried to get my money back from the store and by writing to customer service. They don't care and do nothing.

That this place offers eye surgery and is still in business is beyond my comprehension!

Optical Express Ruined My Life Forum 20 Jan 2014 15:42 #453

  • Stephen
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Just spoke to Sasha who informed me the real risks of Laser Eye Surgery. I'm extremely grateful for the work she is doing to help and inform others.

I'm lucky to have found this website before plunging in. I currently have night time glare with large pupils, however have been re-assured that this will NOT get any worse, but I'm unsure this is the case.

I think it's extremely bad that there is not a limit to the number of procedures that can take place in one day as this will obviously increase the liklihood of mistakes/errors happening, considering the majority of professions have time limits imposed.

Thanks again

Glasgow Renfield Street Clinic closing! 18 Jan 2014 09:59 #454

  • Bonnie scotland
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Just to let all know the OE Renfield shop in Glasgow city centre is closing down in 2-4 weeks with more to follow. Will give you more details as soon as I know.

The Register.co.uk 11 Jan 2014 17:00 #455

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Name stolen from The Register Forum :blush:

I agree with Supporter!
I have answered a comment there because the poster was talking complete b***ocks. The article is about this website but some of the posters haven't bothered to look at it & are making comments without information. One person implied that problems are caused by not putting in your eye drops after surgery :angry:

The Register 09 Jan 2014 23:23 #456

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I have just read the comments posted in response to The Register article published two days ago.

The ignorance of some posting there explains why this industry continues to get away with what they are. One post suggests that the comments on this site are not true, whilst another points out more sensibly that Sasha Rodoy would have been sued if they weren't.

A few suggest that this site is simply Ms Rodoy's attempt to blackmail OE into paying her off, claiming that's why she set up Optimaxruinedmylife.co.uk

I can only assume those people haven't bothered with any research otherwise they would be aware that Ms Rodoy was paid compensation for the damage done to her own eyes by Optimax, which included a 'gagging order' - as most out of court settlements expect, which meant she had to take down the Optimax Ruined My Life.co.uk site.

These details are available on the www.optimaxruinedmylife.com/ site as they are on numerous You Tube videos.

Doesn't sound like someone who wants money to me!

Perhaps we are too used to people who will sell their souls for a fat bank account and don't understand that there are still some for whom money is not as important as fighting for a cause they believe in.

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) 05 Jan 2014 21:35 #457

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The Optical Express consent form which covers the surgeon/patient consultation states "all questions answered"! So at the end of the day it's your word against theirs.
But how do you know what to ask when handed this long and complicated consent form and asked to sign it in the middle of the consultation?
So many things can and do happen that are not mentioned - are we meant to know in advance to ask about these things? Or are they considered to be in a rare category so not worth mentioning. This is where a central body should be collating evidence on post op complications as Optical Express will only help patients with problems if they sign a non disclosure clause (gagging order) so no-one gets to hear about the complications which occur apparently more often than this industry would like us us to know!

TV ads 04 Jan 2014 15:02 #458

  • Blinky
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Last night I was enraged to see an advert for Optical Express on ITV (London Channel 3). But then I thought, what's the first thing anyone interested would do?
Google 'Optical Express' of course!! :lol:

GENERAL CHAT - Open to all 30 Dec 2013 08:33 #459

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Hi Chris did you find a solicitor? If you did can you let me know who please.
Many thanks Pat

admin: Response will be forwarded 'off piste' as advertising not allowed.

The clock is ticking... 29 Dec 2013 15:34 #460

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www.itv.com/news/update/2013-12-29/cosme...ave-nowhere-to-hide/ :
"The Government will take "robust action" to clamp down on "cosmetic cowboys" under new plans to register breast implants for operations.

Health Minister Dr Dan Poulter said:
'For too long, the cosmetics industry has been completely unregulated and there are too many tales of women who have been exploited and of lives ruined by rogue cosmetic firms and practitioners.
We will also be outlining rigorous plans to clamp down on irresponsible cosmetics advertising. For the cosmetic cowboys, be it on the high street, or in the operating theatre, there will be nowhere to hide
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