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Received refund from Hitachi!!! 26 Sep 2013 12:14 #481

  • Poppy
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Hi Bernie
Sasha has my contact details if you would like to email me so I can give you some details.
Please ask Sasha to give you my email address.
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Received refund from Hitachi!!! 25 Sep 2013 20:37 #482

  • Bernie
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Hi Poppy, i had my eyes lasered in Feb 2012 and i am currently seeking a refund. My mum took out the finance loan for me and i still have a few payments to make. Would you mind advising on how i go about getting the refund from Hitachi? :unsure:

Chris Evans Breakfast Show 25 Sep 2013 20:34 #483

  • Janice parsons
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Five years after surgery and four years after enhancement as first time did not work I am now back to where I started £ 3000 lighter and optical express want to charge me another £ 3000 for lens replacement !!!!!!

GENERAL CHAT - Open to all 23 Sep 2013 14:19 #484

  • Mr Starburst
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Hi K.
You seem to be still contemplating having refractive eye surgery somewhere.
I would still caution you to consider, "Can I cope with the worst case scenario that may occur as a result". The surgery is essentially a 'get it right first time' procedure, because if it isn't right there are many problems that can occur which are difficult, if not impossible, to fix. I also ask you to consider the potential impact there could be on your physical and mental health, as well as your personal and professional life. Please don't underestimate the devastating consequences that you may have to deal with.

GENERAL CHAT - Open to all 23 Sep 2013 13:31 #485

  • K
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I'd like to say thank you for this website - reading it has put me off ever going with Optical Express or any high street chain and that is thanks to you. I'm definitely going to go through with it and need to find the most trustworthy, reputable place around.
Thanks again for your site.

GENERAL CHAT - Open to all 19 Sep 2013 01:12 #486

  • Should Have Gone To Specsavers
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Cannot believe Optical Express are using David Teenan as their Facebook poster boy - sick & an insult to all he's damaged :(

Received refund from Hitachi!!! 17 Sep 2013 13:11 #487

  • Poppy
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Although STILL battling with OE I have received a refund from Hitachi for the interest free loan they provided for the surgery!

Anyone who took advantage of this finance should persevere and pester Hitachi for a refund. If in litigation I suggest you check first with your solicitor that by accepting the refund you don't eopardise your case against OE.

My refund was unprompted and transferred to my bank confirmed simultaneously with an email advising me of their decision and action.

I expect they make so much profit from OE a few refunds won't make a dent!

Chris Evans Breakfast Show 16 Sep 2013 15:57 #488

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Yet another glowing recommendation for the laser eye surgery provided this morning by Francesca Marchetti, self employed optometrist working at a refractive eye surgery clinic - not biased then?!

More details here www.facebook.com/OpticalExpressRuinedMyLife

I recommend you email Chris Evans with the other side of the story!
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Customer satisfaction report 15 Sep 2013 22:02 #489

  • Chris
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I have had MANY appointments and only once was asked to fill in a questionnaire as to how I rated my experience and if I would I recommend Optical Express to my friends and family. The timing was brilliant because my vision was finally coming back after another lasek and I was SO relieved after many weeks of blurry vision and did leave a positive review. However my vision went on to deteriorate again. Always thought this was cleverly timed.

The Times newspaper article today 14 Sep 2013 22:04 #490

  • Poppy
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An article about the safety of laser eye surgery in the Times today states that only 40% of candidates are suitable for surgery.

Professor Sunil Shah was as an expert contributor.

The same Professor Shah who provided my medicolegal report without even examining me. For £1,200 he concluded that I suffered "acceptable complications" following surgery.

In my opinion he is nothing more than a hypocrite and profiteer.

I suggest complaints about the biased reporting should be addressed to the Times and Peter Archer, Managing Editor of Raconteur.net, the company responsible for the article in the supplement
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