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GENERAL CHAT - Open to all 21 Mar 2013 22:30 #521

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Bit of a standard line that, "there are remnants of your old prescription left" :woohoo:

GENERAL CHAT - Open to all 21 Mar 2013 19:51 #522

  • RhiRhi
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Hi all,

Just thought I'd share my story, I can't tell you how much I wish I'd found this site before having my eyes lasered in July last year...as I'm sure everyone does!

I made the huge decision to have my eyes lasered in July last year after having a few consultations over the years and finally plucking up the courage to go ahead with it. I had read about the halo/starburst issues online and specifically asked about this at my 2nd consultation and I was told that the Elite treatment (most expensive) would definitely not cause these issues and that was one of the main benefits of the Elite treatment - my Mum was in the room when I was told this.

It's fair to say I found the actual procedure horrific and through my first eye I genuinely considered not having the 2nd eye done....after the procedure it was all pretty smooth and even a month later I was happy enough and my eye sight was settling nicely - although I had very dry eyes and was going through eye drops like they were going out of fashion.

Fast forward 2 more months and it all started to go pear shaped. I drive an awful lot for my job (1000 miles per week on average) and I noticed that my eyesight was deteriorating and night time driving was becoming very difficult. I went back to the clinic and found out I had prescription back in both eyes and the clinic gave me glasses as I wasn't safe to be driving without them. This was 3 months after the procedure.

Since then I have been seen monthly and my prescription has got worse and the halos/starbursts are making night time driving very difficult. Their plan of action was to wait until the 6 month point and then retreat me - they said the good news is that I have think corneas so I can easily take another couple of procedures....NOT what I wanted to hear!

And that is when I found My Beautiful Eyes and thankfully the support has been amazing - it's a very stressful and upsetting time but would have been SO much worse without the support network available through My Beautiful Eyes. I can't believe I'm in the situation I'm in and am in a worse position than before the procedure - how the 'Management' of the laser eye companies think this is an acceptable situation is beyond me.

Ross Hall consultants 17 Mar 2013 18:50 #523

  • Nick
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If your consultation is being paid for by your 'laser eye' provider, it can hardly be considered as 'independent'.

GENERAL CHAT - Open to all 14 Mar 2013 20:57 #524

  • hendo82
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Has anyone experanced different pupil size from surgery as my right pupil is slightly larger than wot it was before surgery they said its nothing to do them etc but when I went back to vision express were I used to get my glasses from they noticed it aswell and checked my records before and my pupils were fine

GENERAL CHAT - Open to all 14 Mar 2013 16:17 #525

  • hendo82
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Thanks for that I will try them your the conisour ov eye drops ,

Ill let you know how I get on:)

Ross Hall consultants 14 Mar 2013 10:29 #526

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izzy.7 I am horrified and angry at what this industry has done to your most precious sense. Far too many peoples eyes and lives have been ruined for this scandal (which is of epic proportions) to not be dealt with very soon. Judgement day is approaching fast for these grubby sight ruining businesses.

Ross Hall consultants 13 Mar 2013 21:14 #527

  • izzy.7
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just read some of your stories Be careful as Ross Hall consultants work for Optical Express in Edinburgh clinics at weekends and in Silverburn Clinic. If David Mungall recommended you go to Ross Hall it is because he contacts the surgeons there to get them to say what he wants. If you need some one you can trust go to Professor Daya Center for sight in London. I had to have a corneal transplant after OE left me blind I am also in the process of a court case. Keep up the fight we need to shut them down for good

GENERAL CHAT - Open to all 12 Mar 2013 22:34 #528

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In my opinion after spending a wapping £600.00 pounds in just under 2 years on eye drops have narrowed it down to three:

1/Thealoz Trehalose 3% 10 ml bottle < Preservative free < Excellent

2/HYLO-CARE EYE DROPS -CORNEA CARE - 10ML (comes in blue, green and red) Excellent and the green are in the middle and cheaper than the blue and red! << Also Excellent

3/Carmeleze 0.5% or Carmellose which is beautiful on the eyes and not too expensive :)

Do NOT use Clinitas eye gel, actually do not use anything Clinitas - it is an absolute disaster for people suffering from laser eye surgery. Just get Lacri-Lube Eye Ointment Lubricant for night and place just a small amount above the lid on each eye.

Hope this helps, let me know :)

GENERAL CHAT - Open to all 12 Mar 2013 11:19 #529

  • hendo82
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No I've never used gel before is that the best for night time etc ? Wots the best eye drop you have tried ? Cool I will check that site aswell :)

GENERAL CHAT - Open to all 11 Mar 2013 01:20 #530

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That is good to hear check out the following web link for OPTIMAX patients..


This web page shows much info there. :)

As far as drops go you need to find one that suits you. Do you use gel at night?
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