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TOPIC: Royal College of Ophthalmologists

Royal College of Ophthalmologists 06 Jul 2015 15:43 #111

  • Caro
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Good idea Jimmy. I've done mine and it felt good, and thanks for providing Ms Evans' email. Come on folks.......power in numbers!!!!!!

Royal College of Ophthalmologists 06 Jul 2015 15:28 #112

  • Mr C.O.Rupt.
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The AMO (Abbott Medical Optics) name is listed on the Donations sign in the lobby of the RCOphth premises in Stephenson Way, and they are named sponsors of the organisation. They even provide awards to members !
AMO supply Optical Express with refractive eye surgery hardware and products, so if this isn't a conflict of interest, I don't know what is !

Royal College of Ophthalmologists 06 Jul 2015 08:50 #113

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Rather short sighted (no pun intended) of Kathy Evans, why would the Royal College of Ophthalmologists not want a fair and balanced view? it stinks.

They should be careful as Sasha has a lot of clout with the media these days.

Everyone who Sasha has helped, and there are a lot of you, should write to Kathy Evans and complain.
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Royal College of Ophthalmologists 05 Jul 2015 20:16 #114

  • The Truth Fairy
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I must say that on reading the correspondence from the Royal College Of Ophthalmologists, my immediate reaction was that they never intended to have Sasha in their working group, and all this looks like a very desperate and stupid trick to avoid doing something to improve this vile and corrupt industry. In my opinion, this makes the Royal College of Ophthalmologists every bit as corrupt, but they should be careful, because the truth will out!

Royal College should be ashamed! 05 Jul 2015 19:42 #115

  • Dallas fan
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Mc Duff wrote: The excuse Kathy Evans gives is unconvincing and doesn’t add up to a reason why she would not be a constructive member of the group!

But they still want her on the Lay Advisory Group ?
Deffo doesn't add up !

Royal College should be ashamed! 04 Jul 2015 14:25 #116

  • Mc Duff
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admin wrote: 12 May:

You need to look at the bigger picture to understand why the College uninvited Sasha from their Working Group because it is no surprise to me that Dr David Teenan is on and campaigner Sasha Rodoy is off. The excuse Kathy Evans gives is unconvincing and doesn’t add up to a reason why she would not be a constructive member of the group!

David Moulsdale left no stone unturned in Scotland and has courted everyone with his muppets doing his bidding in places he can’t personally reach.
The College President is Prof Carrie McEwen, fellow Scot and Head of Ophthalmology Department at Dundee University. Say no more!

Appointing Sasha to the Working Group was a farcical work of art to pretend the College were behind her, but not a snowballs chance in hell she’d have ever got to the table. She knows too much and is too dangerous to them because the Royal College is a registered charity and their income is generated from membership fees-AND DONATIONS!!

I recommend to Sasha that she should ask the College for disclosure of all donations made to the College. The FOI Act should cover it and I don’t think she’ll be surprised by some of the names of contributors :whistle: Do you really think they would continue to give generously if Sasha was on the panel involved with writing new guidelines??

Sasha was apparently told of her appointment on the 7th April so why was her name not included in the announcement sent to surgeons on the 12th May? And why did they ask her to keep it quiet??? Because sh’d have talked to the press and they had no intention of letting her stay of course.

I expect the ‘yes' man who replaces Sasha on the Working Group can look forward to a few good dinner invitations from David Teenan and an offer of free eye surgery from his boss ;)

The Royal College should be ashamed of this outrage and Prof Carrie McEwen should step down from the Presidency.

In 2010 David Moulsdale donated ophthalmic equipment to Glasgow Caledonian University and employed optometrist Dr Scott Mackie as OE's professional services director. www.opticianonline.net/dr-mackie-joins-optical-express/
OE then got a a nice fat free ad on page 23 in Glasgow Caledonian magazine www.gcu.ac.uk/media/gcalwebv2/alumni/Cal...er%2010%20web_v4.pdf

Wonder what Dundee Uni gets in the future ;)

Royal College of Ophthalmologists - Part 8 03 Jul 2015 15:50 #117

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My reply to Kathy:

To be cont'd... :kiss:
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Royal College of Ophthalmologists - Part 7 03 Jul 2015 15:18 #118

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Away for nine days, on 30 June I returned to the following email from Kathy Evans :kiss:


Royal College of Ophthalmologists - Part 6 03 Jul 2015 15:14 #119

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Time was speeding by but still no announcement of my appointment... so on 19 June I called the RCOphth and was told in confidence that there'd been complaints about me, but they were, "still trying to find a way to give me a voice”!!

I knew immediately what that meant, as I’d been given info from other sources that certain parties were desperately trying to discredit me to keep me off the Working Group.

I told John McDonnell and he wrote to the RCOphth President :kiss:

On 12 Jun 2015, at 14:25, MCDONNELL, John wrote:

"Dear Professor McEwen,

I am sorry I missed your call yesterday and thank you for taking the time to contact me.

My reason for wanting to speak to you was to recommend strongly that Ms Sasha Rodoy becomes a member of the Refractive Surgery Standards Working Group.

As you may know, I have been pressing for the government to address the issue of standards and regulation with regard to refractive eye surgery for some years.

This has been the result of cases that have been brought to my attention by a number of MPs and others where a firm view has emerged that appropriate standards in the promotion and delivery of refractive eye surgery have not been met.

Having examined this issue in some depth and over time I have found Ms Sasha Rodoy’s wide ranging knowledge from the patient’s perspective extremely helpful.

I believe that she has such a depth of experience and understanding in this field she could bring to the working group an invaluable source of information and advice.

I have always found her advice and input in to our discussions on this subject both enlightening and wise.

I will be meeting the new Minister of Health shortly and would like to assure him that the many Members of Parliament that are now engaging themselves on this issue have confidence in the way matters are moving forward. I believe it would greatly increase Members’ confidence that this is indeed happening if Ms Rodoy was a member of the Working group.

Similarly, given the media attention that has been attracted by this issue, I believe that public confidence would be better secured if Ms Rodoy were engaged constructively in this way.

I appreciate the opportunity that you have afforded me to express my opinion on this.

Best wishes,

Royal College of Ophthalmologists Part 5 03 Jul 2015 14:51 #120

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While anxiously waiting for the official announcement to be made, but abiding by the wishes of the RCOphth, OE surgeon David Teenan showed no such restraint as soon as his appointment to the Working Group was confirmed! (See 27 May post)

He wrote, "(I) have recently been appointed to the Royal College of Ophthalmologists Refractive Surgery Standards working group."

NB: According to Kathy Evans, the RCOphth were unaware of this until I told her today!

I was inundated with complaints from people questioning Teenan's appointment, attributing this to the fact that the President of the RCOphth (Prof Carrie MacEwen) is Scottish.

Because I had promised the RCOphth I would keep quiet, I was unable to reassure people they were wrong, that I would be sitting alongside Teenan, so they had no need to worry!