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Mark Wevill & CLARIVU MPlus lens 06 Apr 2022 14:52 #1

  • Caroline
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HI, I wanted to say thank you for your post which has made me decide against Optegra which I'd been considering for cataract removal. I'm so sorry for your experiences and hope very much your situation has improved. You have been such a help to me.

All the very best

OPTEGRA SOLD 26 Nov 2020 09:41 #2

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‪Optegra chain sold to yet another faceless company putting profit before people :kiss:



H2 Equity Partners (“H2”) is pleased to announce it has exchanged contracts to acquire Optegra International Limited (“Optegra”). Completion of the acquisition will occur following satisfaction of certain regulatory conditions and is expected to take place early in 2021.

Optegra is a leading pan-European ophthalmology group with 23 eye hospitals across the United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Poland. Optegra provides a range of critical eye-care services including cataract surgeries and AMD as well as leading innovative vision correction procedures. The business provides leading eye-care to publicly funded national healthcare systems such as the NHS as well as to self-pay patients. The group holds top-3 market positions in each of the countries in which it operates. Optegra has an exceptional management team, leading surgeons and clinical teams, and well invested facilities with ample capacity to support future growth.

Following H2’s investment, management, led by CEO Dr Peter Byloos, will work closely with H2 to deliver Optegra’s ambitious growth strategy and ensure it continues to provide excellent care and service to its patients.

For further information on Optegra please refer to www.optegra.com About H2 Equity Partners

H2 Equity Partners is a leading independent investment firm founded in 1991, making investments in medium-sized companies with significant growth or improvement potential. The H2 team has built an exceptional track record of acquiring, strengthening and growing fundamentally attractive businesses. H2 invests in companies across all sectors, that have strong market positions and competitive advantages, which can benefit from the extensive international operating experience of the H2 team.

H2 Equity Partners Fund V was launched in February 2017 and makes investments in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Benelux. Optegra represents Fund V’s ninth investment.

For more information about H2 Equity Partners please visit: www.h2ep.co.uk

Suicide victim 20 Sep 2020 17:51 #3

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Posted 17 July: 'A few days ago I was contacted by the family of yet another person irreparably damaged by refractive eye surgery.
Tragically they couldn’t go on

More details and names of all parties will be published nearer the time of the inquest, scheduled later this year, but for the purpose of this post I am anonymising with pseudonyms:
• Deceased patient: Tristan
• Partner: Martha
• Operating consultant surgeon: Dr Salmon
• 2nd consultant surgeon: Dr Weasel

In December 2019, considering refractive lens exchange, after what he thought was enough extensive research, Tristan decided on Optegra Eye Hospital, not only because of their advertising as a hospital (remember Bobby Qureshi/London Eye Hospital?), but having also seen TV ads and YouTube videos over the years in which Ruth Langsford gushed unrestrained praise for #Clarivu (Optegra’s brand name for refractive lens exchange).

Ruth Langsford was paid lots of money to tell people ‘Do it, do it, do it’ (see below) but husband Eamonn Holmes took no notice and sensibly stuck to his reading specs!

Tristan met with Dr Salmon at Optegra in January 2020, and given no information about possible serious risks he was subsequently fitted with trifocal ZEISS Vision Care lenses.

Within weeks he was experiencing post op problems - incl haloes, which an optom assured him would improve with time! - but by April Tristan’s problems were worsening, with no sign of improvement.

He was advised that he could have an explant, the trifocal lens removed and replaced with a monofocal lens, but that he would then have to wear glasses.

Tristan was happy to accept this option.

He had called Optegra many times over the months for help and advice, pleaded to see Dr Salmon, who I understand has not worked at Optegra Eye Hospital since lockdown, and finally, toward the end of June, he was given an appointment with Dr Weasel.

Prior to this appointment, to better understand his options, Tristan carried out plentiful research, reading numerous medical articles.

Arrogantly - and tragically, Dr Weasel unsympathetically dismissed his colleagues' clinical opinions, and Tristan’s own research, insisting that the only real option was YAG laser, with scary and negative reasons not to have an explant (guessing he is not a specialist in this field, or was trying to save Optegra ££).

Dr Weasel destroyed any hope Tristan held for the recovery of his vision, and he left the consultation in utter despair.

Tristan wrote a number of letters to close family members, and asked Martha to tell people why he had done this in a detailed blog on his phone - written right up until the moment he hanged himself.

Whilst the GMC and lawyers will have to decide whether Dr Salmon was at fault in any way, Martha lays the blame for Tristan’s desperate last act firmly at Dr Weasel’s door.

In response to Martha’s Subject Access Request, it took three attempts before Optegra's lawyers finally disclosed Tristan’s medical records and notes in an acceptable format.

All about ££££££!

PRESS ENQUIRIES: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :kiss:


Optegra selling (sold?) 15 Aug 2020 15:01 #4

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Update 14 August: Good to see Optegra paying attention! Only 41 surgeons now listed on their site since I posted below - though how many are available is questionable!

'As part of the deal, practices will receive a fixed free from Optegra.'

Typo by Optician editor should read 'fixed FEE' - there is nothing free in this industry :kiss:


The referral fee includes refractive surgery too!

Last month I gave information about the Optegra chain being up for sale to a journalist, who emailed the company on 15 July...

I'm a freelance journalist with an interest in the refractive surgery industry.

I understand that Optegra is up for sale and has parted company with all surgeons it had been using on a freelance basis.

Can you tell me whether the business is up for sale as a result of a downturn in business caused by Covid-19, as a result of legal actions relating to the use of Oculentis lenses and poor outcomes for patients, or simply because now is seen as a good time to get out of the industry?

Happy to discuss this on the phone if that suits

Arti Patel, Optegra's Head of Marketing, called the journalist, followed up by an email on 17 July...

As I stated on our call, I don’t have any comments as this is pure speculation.

If you have further questions please drop me an email

On 30 July, the journalist emailed Arti again...

'Subject: Re: Optegra up for sale

Dear Arti,

Thanks for offering to forward this to your PR team.

I note what you say about this being speculation, but it is informed speculation from good sources who have had close connections to Optegra for many years and have now been told they won't be getting any more work from your firm.

It is also the case that when speculation is wrong or untrue, the source of speculation tends to start off with that assertion rather than by saying they're not going to comment on speculation

30 July 2020, Alexandra Martin [@Golin.com] to journalist...

'Subject: RE: Optegra up for sale

Replying to this email, after being forwarded over to Golin, Optegra’s PR agency.

There is no comment from Optegra.


2 August 2020, Sasha Rodoy to Peter Byloos, Optegra's CEO...

'Hi Peter

However reluctant Optegra is to admit to the fact, and though I don't know what stage the negotiations have reached, I do know that the company is in process of being sold.

1. Will you please therefore advise (i) who will be responsible for providing patients with their 12 months aftercare? (ii) where this leaves patients fitted with recalled Oculentis lenses, assured that Optegra would perform any necessary explants in the future - as Niall Patton personally told one of my MBEF clients?

2. And with Rory Passmore gone from the company, please tell me if there is an acting MD?

3. I recently spoke with two (disgruntled) consultants who were told last month that there will be no more work for them, yet they are still listed on Optegra's ‘World Class Surgeons’ website page.*

As only a handful of these consultants are providing surgery to Optegra customers, who apparently include, Alex Shortt, Amir Hamid, Jonathan Aboshiha, and James Ball (all of whom I understand have a contract with Optegra), would you not agree that this is misleading advertising?

I look forward to your earliest response.

No reply from Dr Byloos!

* Most of the 100 named on Optegra’s website are ‘jobbing’ consultants, called in when needed, but the lengthy list makes the company look more impressive to potential customers.

Another complaint for the ASA - but as Optegra unlikely to exist by the end of this year, probably not worth the time!

Optegra for sale 12 Jun 2020 14:28 #5

  • Bob
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Hi. I used to work for Optegra and a former colleague who has been let go by the company has told me that the ongoing restructuring is in preparation for it being sold this year. I hope this info is of some interest to you. Regards.
admin: Anyone with more information about this can email me anonymously. I do not disclose my sources :kiss:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

OPTEGRA 18 Feb 2020 16:47 #6

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Happening today @ 6.30pm :kiss:

Yet another example of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists impotence and outright refusal to castigate fee paying members who breach their unenforceable 'Professional Standards for Refractive Surgery', as Optegra Eye Hospital part time jobbing doctor Sumith Perera engages in this Facebook promo alongside snooker player Judd Trump.

Note for Dr Sumith Perera - read point 52:
'You must not use promotional tactics in ways that could encourage people to make an ill-considered decision.'

And whilst Optegra Eye Hospital regularly offer discounted and 'time-limited deals', and their caim tht they are responsible for his victory, I trust that they and Judd Trump will be honest and disclose their financial relationship before he answers questions this evening!

'9.2 Celebrity endorsements are discouraged and, in the event these are used, a written declaration clarifying any financial relationship, including reduced cost treatment, between the clinic and the celebrity should appear alongside the endorsement.'

OPTEGRA 07 Jan 2020 03:25 #7

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And we kick off the ‘2020’ advertising frenzy amongst refractive eye surgery providers with Optegra first out of the traps!

Bad enough that Optegra resort to the cockroach level of Optical Express and Optimax/Ultralase by spamming people with unsolicited emails offering discounts, contrary to GMC and RCOphth guidelines, but to spam seriously damaged Accuvision patient Greg Brady of all people is beneath contempt!

I trust that when this comes to the attention of Rory Passmore (Optegra MD) he will offer Greg an unreserved apology, and I’ll be happy to publish it :kiss:

Optegra’s lies 26 Dec 2018 15:23 #8

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As I predicted would be the case a few years ago, I am now regularly contacted by increasing numbers of Optegra damaged patients, many who underwent lens exchange surgery, previously marketed as ‘Clarivu’ and promoted by lucratively paid Ruth Langsford, who is not my biggest fan after I upset her sales pitch in March 2015 - read previous posts for the full story :kiss:

My complaint to the ASA referred to a billboard posted at a busy London railway station, spotted by a refractive surgeon who sent me the image.

Every little bit helps, and you too can make reports like this to the ASA, no matter which company it concerns.

You’d be amazed at how much info I receive from ophthalmic surgeons with small practices, all hoping I’ll discredit the bigger providers (Optical Express, Optimax, Ultralase, and Optegra) and therefore lessen the competition.

And when I find time to write my next NMMNG post, I’ll tell you how Optimax owner Russell Ambrose provided me with info about OE and David Moulsdale, before he realised to his dismay that I was working against him, not with him, as he’d so arrogantly convinced himself that I was - as if!

Which reminds me, I hope to publish news concerning my treatment that will put Optimax in the spotlight by late January or early February.

Watch this space!

Faulty TOPCON lens [OCULENTIS] 28 Dec 2017 23:59 #9

  • Sue
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I had Topcon [Oculentis] multi focal lenses fitted six years ago at Optegra. I have had problems with blurred vision for the last couple of years and had YAG laser a few weeks ago with no improvement in vision.
Apparently the problem is that some batches of these Topcon lenses are faulty and are clouding and discoloring and for me it’s like looking through a haze of Vaseline. The retinal surgeon I saw yesterday said it’s difficult to get them out and then not enough support to keep new lenses in place , even more so now the back of the eye had been weakened by YAG lazer. He feels a mono focal lens on the front of the cornea is my only and best option now which is a big op under general anaesthetic and then I’ll poss need glasses to read. So fed up !!!
admin: Sadly, it is not being explained to patients that once they have YAG laser after lens exchange/replacement it is extremely difficult to explant the lens, and the responsible surgeons are unarguably negligent by not informing their patients of this fact!
Who was your surgeon?
Pls send your phone number :kiss:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mark Wevill & CLARIVU MPlus lens 28 Nov 2017 17:05 #10

  • SueA
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Clarivu monofocal lens replacement performed by Mark Wevill at Optegra eye hospital, Birmingham.

In June 2016 I visited Optegra for an initial consultation with Mark Wevill to discuss Clarivu replacement lenses. I was given the option of mono focal lenses (one long sight and one short sight) or multifocal lenses. Mr Wevill explained that some patients experience excessive halos with the multi focal lenses and that these patients go on to have these lenses removed and exchanged for mono focal lenses. He then put glasses on me with the mono focal lenses in and asked if I could see distance and close up. I could, so he said my brain would cope ok with these lenses.

I decided to go away and think about it and after seeing the advert with Ruth Langsford I decided to go ahead.

In November 2016 I attended Optegra for the first operation. Right eye short-sight mono focal lens. I was given three lots of eye drops one of which was Maxidex (steroid), 1 drop 4 times a day for 4 weeks. In December 2016 I had the second eye operation. Left eye long-sight mono focal lens and an eye test on the first eye. Again, I was given the same eye drops.

In January 2017 I attended Optegra for the check-up and I had problems with my eyes focusing. Mr Wevill said I had an allergic reaction to the drops and I was told to stop taking them. I pointed out that the instructions for the Maxidex specifically said “NOT TO BE TAKEN FOR LONGER THAN 10 DAYS” yet I had been prsecribed these or four weeks. I expressed concern that Maxidex was a steroid and that these promoted growth and healing.

In February 2017 I attended Optegra as my eyesight had not improved. Mr Wevill said I needed YAG laser on both eyes and he was surprised it had to be done so soon. So was I, convinced it was caused by the Maxidex. The YAG was done straight away with no explanation as to the consequences of this.

In March 2017 I attended Optegra and saw Mr Wevill as my eye-sight was still blurred, and a shadow down the side of my right eye had appeared. I also had halos. I was told this would improve and if it didn’t I may need laser treatment.

In April 2017 I attended Optegra and saw Mr Wevill. My eye-sight was still blurred, the shadow was still in my right eye and I still had halos. My husband also expressed concern as I could not focus when it was dusk and I was no longer able to drive at night. Mr Wevill said I should have laser in the right eye. I was under the impression this was just a tweaking to correct the prescription. It became clear this was a more major procedure when Mr Wevill said I would need to wear a contact lens for two weeks. My husband asked Mr Wevill what my eye-sight would be like after the laser and asked if it was possible to be shown the outcome. Mr Wevill put glasses on me to show me and it then became clear he was going to laser my short sighted lens and make it long sighted. This would mean no short sight at all.

I left Optegra in tears with a prescription for glasses!

I could not believe I had been so stupid and was totally distraught at what I had done. It has taken me a while to come to terms with the fact I am now worse off than I was originally, and my life has had to change as I cannot drive at all at night.

In October 2017 I attended my local opticians to ask them about the shadow. They thought I may be seeing the corner of the lens and it needed further investigation. I was also told I had astigmatism in both eyes and that I needed varifocal glasses.

I am now left with the following problems:
• Cannot focus
• Astigmatism
• Shadow down right side of right eye
• Unable to drive at night
• Unable to see when it is dusk
• Severe headaches.

If anyone is considering this operation, think long and hard. For me, it was the biggest mistake of my life and I am left to suffer the consequences.
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