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Optical Express Ruined My Life - Discuss...

TOPIC: Dr Kanackal Alex George

High Court Ireland 23 Jan 2018 21:51 #1

  • Duck Hunter
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Dr Kanackal Alex George 21 Jan 2018 17:47 #2

  • Chase Watkin-Jones
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Alex George wrote:
Do your research and only come forward for it if you understand your responsibilities that you have a 50% role in making it a success.

Dr Alex George, how can a patient be 50% responsible for making an operation a success? If you have a heart transplant or knee replacement then the patient must of course follow the doctors orders for taking it easy or physiotherapy exercises. But ONLY the surgeon is 100 % responsible for advising the suitability of the patient for any operation, giving fully detailed informed consent, and performing the op. You DEMAND that Sasha Rodoy provides you with an Optimax consent form that has ZERO relevance to you, but you have not denied her claim that you are being sued by many more of your patients.

Please tell us how many of your patients have complained of poor results after surgery (do OE even tell you?)?

Alex George wrote:
I had agreed to meet Hazel’s family but Sasha Rodoy first needed to apologise and make amends for her libellous propagation of lies against me. My one month grace period given to her is over now I shall now commence civil proceedings. Her web site is a travesty, jeopardising the results of my surgery and her political patrons need to be made aware of the detriment she and her web site poses to the public.

Incredibly you say you refuse to meet with Hazel Jones’ family unless Sasha apologises to you! What does Sasha Rodoy have to do with the fact that Hazel died after a massive stroke caused by the stress she suffered because you damaged her eyes & life?

Dr Kanackal Alex George 20 Jan 2018 15:12 #3

  • Alex George
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Sasha Rodoy, you haven’t posted my comment of 18th Jan denying that I was Al Gorge. Hopefully you are busy looking for an honest job?

BTW, what happened to your Optimax LVC Consent form - Chicken eh ?

Bang ! Bang!

Dr Kanackal Alex George 17 Jan 2018 21:34 #4

  • Alex George
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Not that I am bothered what you, Sasha, or anyone else surmises, Al Gorge is not me. It’s probably one of the benighted subscribers to your TOXIC web-site.
Another scrap to keep you excited for a few days!

aka Al Gorge 17 Jan 2018 15:22 #5

He gave me 2 stars last time :kiss:

Reported again...


Al Gorge aka Dr Kanackal Alex George has retaliated by challenging Trustpilot...

Those of you who've ever attempted to leave a negative review on Optical Express' Trustpilot page will appreciate the irony of Dr Duck's review!

On a serious note, how can Optical Express continue to allow this seemingly unstable surgeon to operate on trusting patients?!

Let's hope they google "Dr Alex George"!

Dr Kanackal Alex George 15 Jan 2018 16:56 #6

  • Al Gorge
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I must say this website does seem to have a lot of biased views.*
It would be more interesting to see the other side of the story and have a more balanced point of view.**

There seem to be a lot of doom and gloom, yet there's many reviews and feedback on the internet from people that have had good results.*** All seems a very irresponsible website tbh.

Trustpilot says that I haven't used your service which I hope this has now proven that I have.****Apparently I haven't purchased anything either but I can't see you selling anything. Not sure if this website should really be listed on Trustpilot if you're not providing a valuable service :unsure:
admin: Dr Kanackal Alex George aka Dr Duck aka Al Gorge, I thought David Moulsdale had warned you to stop posting on OERML forum?

* Not biased - true!
** I suspect that by 'more interesting' you mean 'less damaging' to OE's reputation, and of course your own! Which reminds me, I haven't yet heard from your professed libel lawyer. If I were you I'd want to know why it's taking them so long to contact me.
*** I suggest that you visit Optical Express sites if you want to read bullsh*t and fake reviews.
**** My 'service' provides (extremely valuable and honest) information to people considering undergoing refractive eye surgery - at OE and elsewhere - and help to those left damaged as a result of these risky and unregulated procedures, like so many of your own unfortunate patients!

You don't fit the above criteria in any way, and are therefore NOT using my 'service'.
I tolerate your posts for entertainment value :kiss:
His review now removed by Trustpilot, hence Dr Duck's frustration!



Dr Kanackal Alex George 11 Jan 2018 16:00 #7

  • Truth Fairy
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Oh dear Alex!

Whatever is the matter? Could it be you fear Optical Express and Optimax will be taking legal action against you because of those comments that YOU made? You DID make them, and what with you being an ophthalmologist with all those letters behind your name, you should know what you are talking about, and all who read your negative comments about these companies, will no doubt believe every word.

Hell, I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes. But hey, at least your eyes have not been F*cked up!

Retraction from Alex George 09 Jan 2018 16:01 #8

  • Alex George
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Alex George wrote:
Dr Kanackal Alex George
Self-employed Refractive Eye Surgeon
GMC Specialist Registration 3633782

Refractive surgery companies like Optimax and Optical Express have many failings in the way they conduct their business and deal with their patients...

Alex George

To whomsoever it may Concern

In early January 2018, I published a letter in which I referred to Optical Express and Optimax in two sentences which, I now recognise, do not accurately reflect my opinion of the quality of the clinical procedures and services provided by these two companies. These are respectively the primary and secondary providers of Laser and Intra-ocular refractive surgery in the UK. In my 12 years of working in this speciality, I have not had any concern at the quality of clinical care and focus on improvement of the facilities provided by Optical Express to their patients.

In any case, the sentences I wrote are redundant and superfluous to the sentiments and issues I wished to raise in my letter. I, therefore retract those two sentences, which I re-affirm, do not accurately represent my view on the subject.

Alex George

Dr Alex George email address 07 Jan 2018 05:17 #9

Following requests for Dr Alex George’s personal email address, for various reasons I’m not prepared to publish it, not least because he is then likely to delete his a/c.

I am however happy to forward your emails to him :kiss:

Send to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: For the attention of Dr Duck!

Dr Kanackal Alex George 05 Jan 2018 17:38 #10

  • Jennifer
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Wow!! I came across yuor site just before I was going to pay for surgery after what was a fantastic sales pitch!! All lies after reading all the terrible problems people have with this company!! They didn’t tell me about any of this and said there was nothing to worry about!!

Thank you Sasha for taking the trouble in warning people like me because I cant imagine what it must be like living with eye problems for the rest of your life when you dint have to.

Probably a bit odd but I should thank Dr George as well because it was some of his quacks that told me more than I was told at my consultation at Optical Express!! If they told me some of what he says I would never have gone further than the consultation!! Doesn’t bear thinking about what might have happened If I’d let the operate on me!! :S

I will warn other people and wish you all the best with what you are doing.

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